March 17.10: Pelfrey needs luck of the Irish.

Mike Pelfrey gets his third start of the spring this afternoon against Boston at Ft. Myers. Three starts in, and we should be seeing signs of progress from Pelfrey. So far, we haven’t. In his previous two starts, Pelfrey was hit with a big inning, which isn’t a good sign.

Pelfrey entered camp as the Mets’ No. 2 starter, and we need to see signs of that today. A big inning, and three runs counts in that regard, is an indication of not being able to put hitters away and limit the damage. That was indicative last year when he got into trouble and it is surfacing again.

There is no doubt, out of necessity, Pelfrey has been rushed by the Mets. But, what is done is done, and he’s had enough time where we should be seeing signs of development. It would be nice to see some of that today.

11 thoughts on “March 17.10: Pelfrey needs luck of the Irish.

  1. One thing Pelfrey should have taught you by now is that his spring outings have no correlation to real games. Remember how much he showed in ’07 until he was told he made the team? Why Delcos do youy suddenly think that one spring outing in ’10 has any relevance?
    O: He’s throwing 91 per NESN gun.

  2. BAD NEWS TIFFANY: Our man, Anderson Hernandez is an Indian. This is the worst thing to happen to the Mets since…… well maybe ever!

  3. Harry,

    My condolences go out to you and your loved ones during this trying time.

    As you know, Anderson Hernandez was a prized member of the Mets community and his loss will be felt by those all around him.

    Please try to stay strong and, above all, remember the good times and joy Anderson Hernandez brought to us all during his brief time with the Mets. And, remember how blessed we are to have known him.

  4. I give F-Mart some props..a big homer against a legit major league reliever. A nice inning by Mejia, but it doesn’t change my mind about him coming north. He should be throwing at least 2 innings, maybe 3 at this point in time to stretch his arm out so he can be where he rightfully belongs..a starter in the minors. Even Barajas said he needs help with his secondary pitches. And yes, so sad about A-Hern. It probably means that Tejada is going to make the club. Hopefully as a starting SS

  5. And for those Jerry bashers out there, let us for a moment consider the embarrassment known as Ron Washington.

  6. Help, why do they test the managers for drugs if the penalty is merely having to say your sorry?

  7. so apparently pelf pitched well today.

    the good news is that he was using something other than his sinker.

    the bad news for the mejia fans out there is he only has a fastball. bobby parnell anyone?

    i am sad to see andy go. i am sure the indians claimed him so they can get a better player back midseason.