March 16.10: Where will F-Mart be Opening Day?

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. When the topic was Fernando Martinez on Monday, GM Omar Minaya said the young centerfielder would not be on the Opening Day roster, specifying the importance of consistent at-bats in the minor leagues over sporadic playing time as the fourth outfielder in the major leagues.

However, when posed with the same question, Jerry Manuel said Martinez could be the Opening Day center fielder.

It’s not the first time these two haven’t been on the same page. There’s been different sentiments on Jenrry Mejia, also.

There doesn’t always seem to be a united front with the general manager and manager, and that can’t be described as a good thing.

Angel Pagan deserves the opportunity and with Gary Matthews, there’s a capable back-up. And, it should stay that way until Carlos Beltran returns, presumably in May.

18 thoughts on “March 16.10: Where will F-Mart be Opening Day?

  1. Perhaps their comments aren’t the same because their job descriptions are different? Manuel’s job to is to manage players, which includes pumping them up and giving them positive endorsements in the press, while Omar’s job centers around the evaluation and assembly of personnel. Taken in this context, it’s not hard to see why the would say different things to the media.

    More specifically, though, what did you want Manuel to say — that he believes Martinez should be in the minors, after the hot spring he’s had and the tenuous nature of Manuel’s own status? What did you want Omar to say — that he’s currently looking to deal Angel Pagan and, once that was accomplished, Martinez would be the starter?

    People around here like to criticize Jerry for throwing his players under the bus; here, he was doing the opposite, but it’s still enough to warrant the criticism.

  2. Tiffany: Actually, yes…Manuel should be saying that F-Mart should start the season in the minors, and let him get more seasoning. If Manuel, who can’t keep his yap shut, wants to express his strong opinion, then he should be doing this behind closed doors. And maybe in case you don’t remember, Minaya is Manuel’s boss, not the other way around.

  3. He also shouldn’t be ruining Mejia who alot of scouts peg as a top of the rotation starter. Especially when the plan allegedly was to stretch him out so he can start at AA

  4. It doesn’t help for Jerry that he is 100% wrong about what should be done, Omar is 100% right that both Mejia and F Mart should be STARTING in AAA.

  5. Omar has it right. Wow…

    If they are saying different things they need to talk more.


    1) They haven’t talked enough and so have different takes on things.
    2) They disagree and this is our incompentent managers way of rebelling.

    Both players and Ike should be in the minors getting better without the glare of NY media hounding them every day about what color underwear they have on.

  6. And yes. Mejia needs to be working on whatever pitchers work on in preperation for being an every 5 day starting pitcher.

    He should not be working on being an 8th inning guy. If he is as good as they say he is, why would you want to throw away a top 10 pitcher for a closer? I rather have a dominating, lights out starter than a closer.

    As our front office may have noticed we have Johan and the janitors.

  7. But Jerry has to walk the fine line between telegraphing the organization’s plans for Martinez and harming the young player’s psyche.

    I think the confusion most likely lies in Omar’s comment, as the GM is most likely posturing while trying to maximize Pagan’s trade value. To be sure, if Martinez is ready to slug the way he has this spring, there’s no need to hold onto Pagan.

    As for Mejia, being a set-up man in the bigs now doesn’t preclude him for being a starter in the future. He’s got some growing to do, but it’s arguable whether his time is better spent as a regular contributor to a bullpen in the bigs or as a starter in the minors.

    Finally, in regard to “Johan and the Janitors,” maybe putting Martinez and Mejia on the Opening Day roster would allow the Mets to offer a package consisting of Pagan, Maine and Parnell for a starting pitcher?

  8. Wow Tiffany, I can not disagree with you more. With Mejia you are wasting valuable grooming time if you bounce him around from reliever to starter. If he is going to be a starter in the Mets plans, that’s what he needs to be doing. Working on his pitches where there is certainly going to be alot less pressure on him. You have to watch out for spring training numbers because he could be getting alot more single A ballplayers out instead of major leaguers, especially at the beginning of the year. Same with F-Mart…is he hitting well off top competition? Or has he been hitting well against the low minor league pitchers? He needs to go down to AAA in my opinion, and let him have a ton of success. I don’t think a one month call up and then sending him back is any good for him. Pagan’s trade value is what it is…he’s a 4th OF, nothing more, nothing less. There is nothing you can do to enhance or hurt his value. And the package that you are proposing isn’t one that’s going to get you much. Are you going to trade a good pitcher for a 4th OF and two question marks?

  9. Mejia needs to learn to pitch.

    Learning to pitch a whole game, going through a lineup a few times takes experience you wont get coming in for one batter. he will learn that having one pitch will not always work.

    as for the proposed package. i am fine with trading them, what am i getting in return? i think in todays market getting a quality pitcher means doing that through the draft. you can always get one past his prime for a lot of money and players, but can you fill a rotation that way?

  10. STO: Do you know for sure that developing these secondary pitches is going to be easier in the minors than in a big-league bullpen? There could be a variety of reasons that make it a bullpen job in the bigs preferable.

    I agree with you re spring training numbers — but, in both cases, the players have been drawing raves from all. I don’t think we’re reliving the glory of Dan Norman and Butch Huskey here. What’s more, Omar brought Martinez up last year, so it’s not like the GM has doubts as to whether this young outfielder is ready. And, if he were to succeed during his one-month tryout in centerfield, I don’t think he’d be demoted; rather, I think he’d start to take some ABs away from Frenchy. Frenchy is a great clubhouse guy — rah rah rah — but his days are numbered once Martinez figures it out.

    As for Pagan, he produced very well last year, particularly in terms of slugging, which was enhanced by all his CitiField triples. Perhaps even more important, he’s cheap — and that makes him appealing to smaller market clubs like KC and Cincy, both of which have been rumored to be interested in him.

    Dave: Do you fill a rotation with past-their-prime starters? Ask Omar, circa 2006. That said, someone like Bronson Arroyo for Pagan, Maine and Parnell might make sense for both teams.

  11. Tiffany is right, and for once Manuel is right. He looks at all the mediocrity around him that Omar has brought forth and he sees young blood with talent and he wantsa it with him not in Niagara Falls. It is baloney that a guy gets ruined if he comes up too soon. He gets ruined if he comes and rots on the bench. If he plays and then goes down he learned something. Martinez obviously learned from his 100 ABs in the bigs as he has excelled like he didn’t last Spring. Gary Mathews and Pagan and Green aren’t winning any pennants ever. Guys like Mejia and Martinez can. As can Tejada and Davis…. Go get em Manuel. Just make sure you play em. They ain’t Nick Evans.

  12. Tiffany

    How many young in their prime pitchers have we brought to Queens in the past 5 years? You could make the argument that Johan has seen better days.


    I don’t like how Jerry treats his players. I would rather Ike/FMart/Jennry stay as far away from him as possible so they can refine their game someplace else. He will ruin all of them. Esp the 20 year old pitcher and the OF who still needs to learn all facets of the game.

  13. dave; You make a valid point about Jerry. He is definitely very bad at handling humanoids. However, in the minors the major league organizations pretty much directs the usage of prospects so you don’t really know if the guy will be mishandled and mis trained in the minors either. If the guy plays in Queens regualarly then the development can actually be sped up as the player learns how to adjust to the best, not the worst. Dp you learn more from whiffing at a Lincecum braking ball or from creaming a Redding breaking ball?
    The only kid I muight have a problem with is Mejia, but if the Mets have made a decision that he is gonna be a closer than an inning in Queens or Buffalo doesn’t matter either.

  14. “WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE…THE SEQUEL…a.k.a Tiffany and Chiti agree” The world has definitely turned on its axis. :-)

    I totally disagree now with both of you! lol.

  15. O: I would certainly expect your disagreement!!!!! I have a friend who got along spledidly with all women. He did this because his philosophy which Tiffany would agree with is that the dumbest woman in the world is smarter than the smartest guy. Therefore, when I agree with Tiffany I know I am correct!

  16. Harry

    I agree that the competition in the majors would be good.

    I don’t trust the manager who did not handle the players well last year, who now is fighting for his job.

    All 3 may be ready. Perhaps not for getting jerked around by this guy tho.

    I still rather see all of them in the minors. I think all have things they could learn down there.

  17. I was listening to ryan Howard on mlb the other day dave. He’s a guy who can hit them farer and as often as anyone. He did it in the bigs and the minors. He was talking about a Philly outfieder prospect (who will probably replace Werth next year). Howard said no matter how well he hit in the minors he didn’t feel ready until he was in the bigs and popped one off a veteran quality big league pitcher. Of course he also has a better Manuel as his manager than our kids have so he might change his mind if he played for Jerry ….lol

  18. I agree that they need to see mlb opponents to measure themselves. I saw something yesterday where it was proposed that fmart stay up so they can see how he does for a month. that way they can decide if they want to trade beltran.

    that is an interesting point. in general i agree with you. i would first rather get rid of the manager as i have no faith in him and how he handles our players.