March 15.10: Not pleased with Maine.

Not at all pleased with John Maine’s explanation for his horrendous performance yesterday afternoon. Maine gave up five runs on three hits and three walks while facing only eight Marlins.

“My mechanics felt fine. I just I wasn’t into it,’’ Maine told reporters.


“The feeling that it wasn’t my game as a starter – that was the hardest thing. It’s a waste of a day… I was up, down, I can’t put my finger on exactly what was wrong. My delivery was fine. I was rushing a little. But that’s normal when you haven’t pitched in a while.’’

It might not have been his day as a starter, but it was his day as a Mets pitcher and there can never be any excuse for going through the motions. Never.

There was too much of that last year and if this spring is about starting fresh, there can’t be that kind of attitude.

The Mets’ pitching is suspect enough as it is and they can’t afford to have pitchers throw away their games even if it isn’t in the role they desire.

Maine is supposed to be one of the pitchers the team is looking up to and he has to come up bigger than this.

NOTEBOOK: Francisco Rodriguez, out with pink eye, will make his debut today. … The following were sent to the minor league camp: R.A. Dickey, Josh Fogg, Josh Thole and Eric Neissen.

Here’s today’s line-up vs. St. Louis:

Luis Castillo, 2B
Ruben Tejada, SS
David Wright, 3B
Mike Jacobs, 1B
Jason Bay, LF
Fernando Martinez, CF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Rod Barajas, C
Fernando Nieve, RP

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8 thoughts on “March 15.10: Not pleased with Maine.

  1. why cant we have another day like the 9-1 victory? 😉
    and believe it or not Ollie picthed.. 😮

    Not sure what is happening .. but we need to see more cohesion. spring training is for knocking the rust off. but if its the only thing holding the team in place then there’s nothing left.. :-(

  2. kinda like the closer who can’t pitch when the team is behind, or has to come in for a two inning save. They are creatures of habit. For better or for worse.

  3. jd

    good to see you taking them to task.

    I agree. Pitch your role and the team cant be picky. they flat out sucked last year. maine is still learning to pitch. he needs to use his time to get better.

  4. dave, John Maine will be 29 in May. The learning part of his career should have been over with long ago. This guy needs to be dumped, released whatever if you are correct about still learning.

    C: You shouldn’t be drinking so early in the day. No wonder you find it so easy to make fun of millions of people in a single post. By the way jerkmouth, there is nothing wrong with not being a HS grad and there is nothing wrong with being a lonely person, and there’s nothing wrong with being a Yankee fan. But there is something seriously wrong woth a sick-o like you are who can insult maybe a billion people with one stroke of your fingers.

  5. Harry: Some fun news for you…

    According to Marty Noble of, “Omar Minaya said Monday Fernando Martinez will not be on the Opening Day roster.”

    However, Noble adds, “Jerry Manuel clearly indicated Monday Martinez could be the Opening Day center fielder.”

    LOL!!!! Who is really in control? Guess we’ll find out if Mejia and F-Mart come North. You can also assume that Omar is alot more comfortable than Jerry is.

  6. It would be nice to see FMart actually play a full season someplace before he comes to the bigs and gets exposed.

    it would be nice for mejia to actually play a few games in AA before they bring him up to get hammered.


    i didnt know johnny was that old. however, he has been injured so its not like he has a lot of experience.

  7. Harry, what is the C: in response to? I don’t see anything on this thread that deserved that rant. I am assuming something got deleted?

    Maine REALLY REALLY P’d me off with his BS comment to the press. I honestly said to my iPhone that was playing the game at the time (love the new MLB At Bat app btw), that he should be released on the spot for BS like that. Now I don’t really want him released, but that should not be tolerated at all, especially from a pitcher coming off the last two years he has had.