March 12.10: Have to wonder about Reyes.

Let’s do the math. Two weeks from today puts us a week before spring training. Then Reyes has to start over, because they aren’t going to push him and certainly don’t want to rush him considering his hamstring. That puts us at the middle of April. And, since nothing with the Mets ever goes as planned, and there is no such thing as a best-case scenario, we’re not going to see Reyes before May.

Is anybody to blame for this or is it simply just another case of bad luck for the Mets?

Just because Reyes can’t eat seafood doesn’t automatically mean his overactive thyroid resulted by diet. Is it diet, heredity or some other external factor that caused the spike in Reyes’ thyroid levels?

The elephant in the room is HGH.

Reyes was treated Dr. Anthony Galea, who is under investigation after being charged with attempting to HGH into the United States. Reyes denies taking the stuff, that he only had the blood-spinning treatment. Who knows? Maybe it was the blood-spinning treatment that’s the cause.

Even so, MLB doesn’t test for HGH and since there is a correlation between HGH and thyroid levels (an excellent article this week in the Daily News), we can’t dismiss it out of hand. Would you really be surprised?

Maybe we’ll never know the cause. Hopefully, his levels will stabilize and this won’t be an issue again. But, for now there is speculation.

What is known is that the Mets are again a team with its core on the sideline. Don’t count on seeing Reyes or Beltran in April, and if the pitching doesn’t come around they could be in serious trouble before either returns.

The Mets spent the offseason counting on their injured returning and their pitching would improve. Well, half of that wish hasn’t been answered. It remains to be seen about the other half.

10 thoughts on “March 12.10: Have to wonder about Reyes.

  1. Health will always be up in the air. I agree we may never know or be told what caused his condition.
    Management is at fault for not having proper contingency plans. Ike maybe doing well now, but will he do well in regular season. Will Cora wind up like petering out or excel?
    With the track record after 3 seasons of Mets baseball and the injuries, relying on the injured getting better was a HUGE mistake.
    Only time will tell. And steady line-up not changing every week just because . If Manuel gets lucky and finds a lineup that is successful, game after game, you dont change it. I am truly tired of that formula.

  2. Blame Omar or Reyes if that makes you feel better. Blame is for fans, sports talk,newspapers and blogs. While Reyes is important, the Mets have to move forward.

    This spring training has shown the Mets actually have a farm system.
    While Ruben Tejada may never be a star he has the potential to be a legit ML SS.

    While the Phillies may be out of reach, the Mets still have a realistic chance for the wild card.

    Remember the old and very tired baseball cliche. “Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint.”

  3. scott: “Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint.”

    agreed 100% – remember it aint over until its over!

    when it is there’s always next year! :-)

  4. Joe & Evan on WFAN had an endocrinologist on today.
    According to what’s been released, it appears to her that Reyes has thyroiditis, which is a self-limiting condition normally caused by a virus. It goes away on its own, generally within a — guess what! — one-two month period. She said it would be unusual for it to go away in a week’s time; three-four weeks is typical, but it can take as long as two months for it to normalize. Thyroiditis happens when a virus causes your thyroid to release all of its hormones into the bloodstream all at once, causing the imbalance. Since it only happens once, and the hormones have all been released, medication doesn’t help and you just have to wait for it to run its course and normalize. This contrasts with chronic hyperthyroidism, which is caused by a chronic medical condition which causes the thyroid to consistently make too much hormone — that’s when medication, radiation or surgery is indicated. But that’s apparently not what Reyes has (unless the Mets doctors are all idiot and got it wrong, not that this would be the first time). A normal person probably wouldn’t have to alter their activities at all — exercise does not cause the hormone levels to spike. But the hormone being in the bloodstream does cause the heart to work harder, so if the condition is ignored, you could risk palpitations, arrhythmea or (worst case scenario, but highly unlikely in a young man) a heart attack. Otoh, however, some people have symptoms and some don’t, and often, with thyroiditis, which comes and goes on its own, normal people wouldn’t even know they had it unless they happened to go to a doctor during the episode.

    She also said it was highly unlikely that diet played a role. She said the last time diet kicked off thyroiditis was like 100 years ago, when iodine was put into hamburger meat (is that weird, or what!). She also said, when Joe asked, that HGH would not cause this.

    I know that given the issues baseball has had with steroids and the like over the past years, people are quick to look to that as a reason when a player becomes ill, or breaks down or whatever.
    But it is still shoddy journalism on the part of the News and others to keep trumpeting that, in the face of information like this.

    They play up the “well, he might have, because this person said it could happen” and downplay the evidence to the contrary.

    It is a shame that it has come to this. And I feel bad for Reyes that he has to read and hear this type of stuff. I wish he would stand up and say “I have not taken HGH”.

    Wait a second, he already did.

    But all players are liars right?

  5. The blame game is ok when blame is warranted. Blame the Mets for Jose being sick..Only a fool…. How about thanking the Mets for having the problem caught. Blame the Mets for not having a contingency plan for losing Reyes… Only a fool would think its even possible over the Winter. You have two possible alternatives, a crappy free agent who is a sub and hopes for playing time due to injury, and/or a kid who may or may not be ready to fill in for several weeks. Lo and behold all the fools don’t see the Mets have this kid. Enjoy your blindness. I guess these same people remember how well the Yanees managed with their contingency plan for AROD. You don’t have a backup for a star over the winter. You don’t sign stars or near stars to be backups. Duh, they go somewhere else to play. There ain’t one amonsgst who can tell us a better plan Omar could have had for losing Jose when it ain’t trade deadline time. He might have had a sub better than Cora but the guy would still only have been a sub. He actually has choices and as much as I blame him for many things, he didn’t screw this one up.
    And Delcos you join the shoddy journalism club on this. Its easy to say what about HGH after all Jose went to a doc in Canada. But its journalism to find out some real info and present it.
    Ed and O thanks for the info. Its too bad the Mets didn’t get permission to have the doc speak publicly on the situation. Maybe they tried but were vetoed. so other people are allowed to specualate.

  6. I didnt know hgh is linked to the thyroid.

    as for the cause and how this all came about, who knows? reyes appears less than transparent about his condition. He is out and at home and the team says he has a particular issue after he said he feels great earlier this month.

    The team’s history of injuries, diagnosis and treatment is disasterous. I do not trust the team at all, not withstanding little jeffy’s pronouncement last year on how he will clear up any medical diagnosis and communication.

    speaking of which where is he on this issue?

    When i see jose on the field and happy i will be good. until then i doubt anything that comes out of the mets. they have been lying to us for years. why is this any different.

    the boy who cried wolf..

  7. Anderson Hernandez should be the shortstop. (I just want to read a Harry rant on this subject.)

  8. Thank you for the opportunity Tiffany. But if the choice is Alex the cheerleader or Anderson the horrible, I agree with you!