March 11.10: Reyes out 2 to 8 weeks.

The injury news keeps on coming for the Mets. And, it isn’t good. But, it sounds familiar.

Jose Reyes’ overative thyroid has gone from he’ll be fine to being out two to eight weeks. Where have we heard that before? And, with Reyes, too.

The test results are in and GM Omar Minaya said: `“It doesn’t look good right now. We will have to prepare for that.”

Reyes will shut it down completely and remain at home. He’ll join Carlos Beltran on the disabled list at the start of the season.

Reyes’ agent , Peter Greenberg, said:  “Jose is obviously a little bit disappointed that it’s going to be a matter of weeks as opposed to days, but it’s a completely, treatable, curable situation. I think we all view it as good news.”

Minaya said there was no medication for this and he will be treated with diet and exercise. That seems odd, isn’t there a medication for everything? And, another thing I don’t understand, if rest and diet reduce his numbers to normal levels then what happens when he gets his heart rate up again.

I’m amazed there is no treatment. That’s not what I read.

15 thoughts on “March 11.10: Reyes out 2 to 8 weeks.

  1. JD: I pasted what the MAYO clinic says.
    This is what I mean Jedi Master and Doctor Laureate Minaya seems to know more than the MAYO CLINIC!
    I hate to say this but maybe reyes is done. Gone the way of No VAUGHN.
    He’s young but with being out so long???

    oh well.

  2. Come on!! Can this be starting all over again? John, I guess Omar’s not as handy with a computer as you are. How long did it take you to find that? A minute? I know I’ll get criticized for saying this but I just get the feeling the Omar is not very bright.

  3. For once I agree with you Pelham. Tejada is a fine young prospect. Good range, good instincts, good hustle. Saw him several game slast year. Too bad the idiot parade thatfollowed could just scream and yell because afterall Omar did cause the thyroid problem Jose has. To the moron who claims Omar has no replacements, look at Tejada with intellignece vice your normal hatred of Omar and coem back and intelligently make that statement. You can’t. The only question with Tejada is can he handle the bigs with his bat yet. His glove his fine.

  4. JD: Not that it isn’t going to be 6 to 8 weeks, but the conference call clearly stated TWO to 8 weeks. Chiti: Unfortunately, Omar is bragging about what a soothsayer he was in knowing to resign the great intangible Alex Cora as a back up plan.

  5. And Tejada’s bat is coming along very nicely. Last year, when he was 19, he played at AA, where he was very young for his league. He posted a .351 OBP, based on a .289 BA. Translation: He can hit for average _and_ draw walks. There are not a lot of teenagers getting on base 35% of the time in AA.

    You can easily understand why the Blue Jays reportedly asked for Tejada in the Halladay talks last year.

  6. JD: Quite honestly, I thought he would be back next week from all I read the past few days.

  7. Well, if there’s anything we all have learned from last season and this spring. We cannot trust what M&M say. we need to wait to hear from the doctor or the player or anyone that isnt looking to sugar coat it.
    I was impressed with Beltran last year when he stood before the reporters and said. I dont feel 100% and I wont play hurt , it isnt good for the team.

  8. Steve C.
    Reyes told ESPN Deportes the other day he has no thyroid problem.

    Health privacy laws (HIPAA) would prevent Omar from revealing the exact extent to what Reyes’s true condition really is. This is the law and this is not a baseball injury.

    Unless Reyes and his doctor are willing to have a press conference to discuss this situation at length and I hope this will happen.
    The fact is Mets by law are not allowed to release details without Reyes consent.

  9. see my post on the other thread about the diagnosis from the doctors who let church fly.

  10. Well, I know it is easy to bash Mets management, but the link clearly says that the drugs are for severe and specific forms of the Thyroidism and it clearly gives the impression that the first and best way to handle it is the way that Reyes is doing it. It looks like that information implies that the drugs should only be used when rest and diet changes don’t work.

    Overall, just 100% depressing news. This team can win without Beltran for a while, this team is a sub-500 team without Reyes, he makes the Mets what they are. If this is going to be the norm for him then we will need to build a new core.

    Hard not to take this news hard.

  11. FYI –
    HIPAA pretty much only applies to the medical industry. So if Reyes tells his manager and he has an agreement with management that they are allowed to disclose his health (like buying a house that has had flood damage) Then Omar can certainly say what the issue is with Reyes.

    Regardless, none of us know exactly how severe his case is and I hope that rest and diet will help. As Dave has said, we saw how well they handled Church and others.
    Beltran, so far,has been the only pro-active player when it came to injuries.
    It’s a combination of the management and players on how their treatment is handled. When it comes to my health I dont play games.
    Here’s a link to the HIPAA rules so we all can get better understanding… these are the experts ..

    Hope this helps.