March 11.10: A plan for Mejia.

Contrary to how they handled Bobby Parnell last season, the Mets seem to have a definitive plan for Jenrry Mejia.

He has been working as a reliever this spring, and that’s what he’ll do for the remainder of camp and in the minor leagues.

Manager Jerry Manuel sees that Mariano Rivera-like movement on his cutter and envisions dominance coming out of the bullpen.

Last year, Parnell was bounced around from being a starter in the minors, to a reliever for the Mets, then a starter and finally back to the pen. After the season he admitted being confused and his confidence shaken.

Mejia is 20 and has been scintillating in his role. It is easy to see how Manuel could be thinking about 94-mph fastball coming out of the bullpen, perhaps as soon as this year. In 5 1/3 scoreless innings he has given up two hits and struck out five with no walks.

It’s that no walks that’s importance. The reviews have been good but the presumption is he’ll open the season in the minor leagues, likely the Class AA level.

That’s the plan now, here’s hoping they stick with it.

20 thoughts on “March 11.10: A plan for Mejia.

  1. Delcos: Disagree with you. Having a 20 year old top propect pitch releif in the minors is a mistake. If you start the kid you stretch his innings, you give him more experience and you have the option of making him a starter or reliever when he hits the big time. If you put him in rleif he gets 60-70 innings and if the next regime decides his future is as a starter you have wasted a year. It is also a lot harder to find good starters so to make this decision at such a young age is bad baseball.
    Parnell was not 20 when they put him in the pen, and I beleive he spent the whole year in NY. He had already proven himself to be a mediocre starter. The mitake with him was to suddenly tell him to start without starter stuff.

  2. Man JD you are so far off on this one it’s amazing that you aren’t managing the team. Harry we are both on the same page. It’s amazing how little control Minaya has over this team. He has said on more than one occasion that the plan for Mejia was to start at AA as a Starter. But Jerry the genius obviously has his own plans, and whoever is allegedly in charge is letting him get away with. It just makes me wanna rip what is left of my hair out of my head. Nothing like wasting a potential #1 starter in the pen and rushing him thru the system.

  3. And JD enough of Parnell already. He is a one pitch pitcher for the umpteenth time who was not even good in the minor leagues.

  4. Manuel has soft lips and industrial strength kneepads.

    or the camera/sight finder that was used in WANTED. where he can see through and around walls and take a snapshot 50 miles away 😉

    probably has access to the spy satelite networks and just has everything on everyone.

  5. And for some more depressing news:

    “Minaya stressed that there is no medication to treat Reyes’ ailment. Greenberg says it will likely take 2-8 weeks for the levels to stabilize, but that the doctors said this was the best possible diagnosis because it’s a very treatable issue.”

    So at the very worst, which for the Mets is pretty sure to be guaranteed, we probably won’t see Jose until July. Terriffic.

  6. Still like their medical staff?

    By Mayo Clinic staff

    Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) is a condition in which your thyroid gland produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. Hyperthyroidism can significantly accelerate your body’s metabolism, causing sudden weight loss, a rapid or irregular heartbeat, sweating, and nervousness or irritability.

    Several treatment options are available if you have hyperthyroidism. Doctors use anti-thyroid medications and radioactive iodine to slow the production of thyroid hormones. Sometimes, treatment of hyperthyroidism involves surgery to remove part of your thyroid gland. Although hyperthyroidism can be serious if you ignore it, most people respond well once hyperthyroidism is diagnosed and treated.

  7. once again./ jedi master Minaya waves his hand.. Reyes is fine he needs no treatment.

  8. Steve C: This has nothing to do with the medical staff misdiagnosing anything. I just don’t understand why everyone in the free world except for Jose Reyes can be treated for this and still go about their normal everyday routine.

  9. Why do you defend them then wonder why reyes isnt being treated. because they are spinning it and keeping the issue a secret.
    face it.. they are clueless or lying to us. I take back my apology and ask one be given to me. I was right and will continue to be so. This Met Organization will never be truthful about the health of the players.

  10. Do you really think its the medical department covering up anything? Come on now, you are smarter than that. If there is a coverup, the ones who are doing it are Omar and Jeffy.

  11. but you agree they cover it up. Kevin B. just said the diagnosis came back worse then they first thought..
    its treatable with rest and diet? That isnt what the Mayo clinic says.

  12. I said IF there was a coverup. No one has answered our question yet. If they sound like Ralph Kramden when they answer, then we’ll know there is a good coverup possibility. And the funniest thing to come out of the conference call:

    “Minaya says that when Reyes returns to camp, he will need to be built up again, “as far as running and those types of things,” coming off his injury. He said that this is why he went out and re-signed Alex Cora this offseason.”

    Yeah Omar, so you went out and resigned maybe one of the worst offensive and defensive back up middle infielders because you knew that Reyes was going to have thyroid problems.

    FIRE OMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. welcome aboard Steve-O nice to have ya. 😉
    The Mayo clinic says there’s only 3 types of treatments. medication,radiative iodine. or surgery in the bad cases. If we believe it isnt that bad then its 1 of the 2 lesser. The sit at home and REST is because of the side effects of the treatment not the treatment.

    Reyes is done and its a cryin shame.

  14. O. You stated things correctly in your original post. Omar is no longer the GM. He is there because he is on payroll and Jeff doesn’t want to pay 2 GMs so he is GM behind the scenes. The team makes the mistake of making medical pronouncements themselves instead of having medical people announce the diagnosis themselves. We’ll see when the dust settles what is or isn’t being done to Reyes. If they give Tejada a chance to play you’ll like his glove. His bat is probably not major league ready, but he can out play Cora and Anderson Hernandez on the field with his eyes closed.
    Might as well play him everyday, play Davis everyday, trade Murphy before his value declines even more, give Niese the # 5 job, put Fmart in CF and play him everyday, etc. Forced rebuilding much better than seeing Sullivans’, and Figgy’s playing all the time.
    Steve C. You are not only a jerk but also a hypocrite. Youy pan Omar for playing doctor and then you have the nerve and the arrogance to do the same. Shame on you fraud.

  15. Harry, I never claimed to be a doctor I left that up to the doctors themselves. The staff of the mayo clinic explained the condition and the treatment.
    From now on leave my name off your posts, so far you have called me a fraud, moron, jerk and a hypcorite. what have i ever called you?
    Dude, just leave me alone dont answer my posts I wont answer your posts. by honestly enough… you dont know me and thanlfully I dont know you.

  16. Chiti: I would love to see the Mets give Tejada a shot. With Cora and Castillo, Pelfrey is going to balk and talk to himself almost all game. No pitcher deserves such awful defense up the middle. I like giving it to Tejada because it would be temporary. Same goes with giving F-Mart CF until Beltran gets back.

  17. I agree with Harry about Mejia.

    SteveC is right about this disease. many ppl have it. there are well known treatments to deal with this. i am sure it will cause jose issues from time to time. no treatment? i think that statement is made by the same people who diagnosed church and said he should fly the day after the concussion.

  18. Steve C… Your baby routine needs a new kick to to it. You can’t take any criticsm, why do you make comments that open yourself up to them. Yiu state you aren’t a doctor then why did you write the Reyes is done? As for your demands, screw you.

  19. Harry you have proven yourself to be the biggest child on the board. No one is allowed to disagree with you. When they due or have an opposing position , you deem they clueless etc.
    This shows you are one of those people that cannot discuss anything without it getting personal, if anyone is a baby it is you. as for your vulgarity towards me, class shows and obviously you have none.
    May you never ever have need of my services, oh thats right you hide behind a pseudonym.
    Have a wonderful day because it appears a lonely person such as yourself needs it.
    Good luck to you on your graduation from High School.

  20. Hmm SteveC. I thought you were ignoring me. I knew it was too good to be true. Another lie or was it just another of your false and worthless statements. No substance is what you do best. But lets be seriousfor just one minute. You have made some very very serious assaults on me. (of course while claiming that only the late Chityi does that) Accusing me of being a Yankee fan and wishing me good luck at my HS graduation. So C, who would never stoop as low as that to make the most hideos of personal attacks. Did you think those infantile statements up all by yourself C? Did you spend endless hours at your keyboard dreaming up these terrible things to say? Or did you go down the street to daycare and listen to the barbs of the three year olds and repeat them as your own.
    Look in the mirror C. Everything you accuse me of doing you have done the same. A Yenkee fan. Because of you C I haven’t slept in day from that one. LoL. But, I must admit C. I am a fool. Wasting my time with someone with very limited mentality is a nasty thing to do, so I apologize for that!