March 10.10: Reyes update/line-ups.

Jose Reyes has a case of hyperthyroidism, said his agent, Peter Greenberg said. “We’re waiting for the final results tomorrow,’’ Greenberg told the Times. “But, all indications are that it’s the most minimal case of hyperthyroidism possible. The doctor is very pleased and so is Jose.’’

Reyes later told reporters that his thyroid is fine. I don’t believe this is two different stories as much as it is Reyes getting positive news and downplaying things.

Reyes could resume working out in a few days.

For the all the criticism the Mets have received about injuries, they did well here. Reyes was pulled immediately at the suspicion of something wrong and were forthright in giving information.

Positive news on Francisco Rodriguez. Threw in the bullpen this morning and will throw BP Friday. If all goes well look for him Monday.

Jon Niese, who has the leg up on the fifth starter position, starts today against the Braves in Orlando.

Here’s the line-up:

Jason Pridie, CF

Ruben Tejada, 2B

Daniel Murphy, 1B

Mike Hessman, 3B

Chris Carter, DH

Omir Santos, C

Kirk Nieuwenhuis, RF

Jolbert Cabrera, LF

Russ Adams, SS

Working out of the pen will be Fernando Nieve, Nelson Figueroa, Bobby Parnell, Eddie Kunz and Eric Niesen.

16 thoughts on “March 10.10: Reyes update/line-ups.

  1. I love it when I actually read good news. Steve C…you owe an apology to the Met Medical Staff. Just cause there is smoke, doesn’t mean there is fire.

  2. Steve – O

    Actually the little I saw of the young guys I liked. I assume they are not ready, but they didnt flounder in the 5 secs I saw them.

    I am surprised at Jennry as well as Ike.

    I would like both to be in the minors to start the season. It looks certain that Ike will be in Queens sometime this year. I hope Mejia goes to the minors and works on his stuff. If they keep him by summer I expect him to get shelled. I am happy about him tho. I havent seen him, but all the reporters are drooling so there must be something to him.

    I notice no one is talking FMart which is a good thing. It means that this year the talent the Mets have been talking about for 1/2 a decade now may be ready to make an impact.

  3. So I read that Escobar may be done. 1.5 million for an 8th inning guy with an history of injuries who may never play for the mets.

    for all the nice things i said about omar above, this is just another in a long line of bad signings by the gm. not just this one, but all the met gm’s in the past decade. zambrano for kazmir. not that kazmir became the next cy young, but we traded our best prospect for an injured elbow. we paid an admittedly small price for the 8th inning guy we need who is injured. just bad planning all around by this gm.

    we got one guy – bay – in the offseason. the rest was a throw a million dollars at someone close your eyes, turn around 3 times and click your heels together.

    did any pan out?

    that is the plan by our gm. pretty sad.

  4. dave: Disagree…. Taking a chance is what puts you over the top. It was declaring him the 8th inning guy and not having another 8th inning guy to rely on that was the mistake.
    As for the bad trades made by him and all the GMs before him you make it sound like there was never a good move made in Met history. Name me the GM with a perfect history. O, this is really bad when these guys make me defend Omar.
    C… Once again, abad write up. Vaughn a bad move… how about Piazza, Ventura, Hampton…. All bad I guess. We don’t want to remember or even admit to any ogood move made by Phillips do we? Oh, you’re blaming Omar for movews made when he wasn’t GM just like you blame Manuel for bd moves made by other managers. Well at least you are consistent in your lack of knowledge, fairness, and intellegence.

  5. I find it increasingly difficult to render an opinion on any Met GM in the post-Doubleday era, as it’s never clear what the edict is and how much of a role Jeffie plays in the ultimate decision-making process.

    If, for example, you hire a GM on a one-year deal with an edict to win now, you can’t be bothered when he ignores (or even trades) the farm and focuses on over-30, win-now players. I’d argue that you have to go back about 15 years, to the days of Generation K, to find the last time the organization was committed to anything but a win-now philosophy.

  6. Yeah giving Ventura away was the best move in the universe.
    Hampton was an @ss and not worthy of MVP.

  7. We’re screwed. SNY says Jose Reyes is out for eight weeks. No baseball activity or ANY physical exertion for eight weeks. So add a whole new time for getting himself into playing shape and a rehab assignment and we’re looking at June as far as his return.
    Is this team cursed, or what?
    No Reyes and no Carlos Beltran until June?

  8. Gil its called poor management and medical staff. Omar tried to spin these issues and make them go away. and now without picking up an interrum guy. we are hosed. Cora who is good utility as discussed By Ronnie/Kiner/Kevin B. will be stuck doing it all and may suffer the fate of Endy Chavez …

  9. harry,

    it is not rolling the dice on occasion that i am against. i beat the drum for wang or sheets or someone on a low cost flyer for later this year next year.

    it may have been you or someone else who stated that taking chances is fine. taking chances on critical roles is just stupid.

    omar has made some good moves. i think bay was fine, santana, pedro was good for what it was. ollie/castillo/alou were not.


    i do not know how much control the gm has. however i will not cut the gm slack for fear of offending them because they do not have control. a self respecting man or woman would quit if they are not allowed to do their job.