March 8.10: Reyes tested again today.

Jose Reyes will be examined by doctors in New York today. Reyes has been sidelined with an overactive thyroid condition. There will undoubtedly be speculation the condition is related to being treated by Canadian Dr. Anthony Galea, who is being investigated for the distribution of performance enhancing drugs.

WFAN’s Craig Carton speculated at length about that this morning.

Both Reyes and Carlos Beltran were treated by Galea, but neither have been accused of any wrong doing.

Also reported in camp this morning:

* Still complaining of weakness in his shoulder, reliever Kelvim Escobar has shut it down and it is doubtful he’ll be ready for the start of the season.

* Mike Pelfrey, who was struck on his right knee Saturday, will throw in the bullpen today. There are no indications Pelfrey’s next start or work program will be impacted.

* Francisco Rodriguez, who has been out with pink eye, has been cleared to resume work outs and is back in camp. His condition will prevent him from wearing contact lenses, so it is back to the goggles look he had with the Angels.

* Fernando Tatis is day-to-day with a sore left knee. Nick Evans will be out at least a week with a strained forearm.

* John Maine will start today’s exhibition. More on Maine this morning.

11 thoughts on “March 8.10: Reyes tested again today.

  1. Let’s say this one more time with feeling.
    The Met’s management and team of doctors need to be replaced. Our team appears to be riddled with mystery issues that do not get resolved. for people making/paying multi-millions of dollars you would think they would have an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

  2. And Steve The Original talked about it at length this past Friday. Obviously Carton must lurk here. :-)

  3. Steve C: In all fairness this isn’t a broken bone we’re talking about. In this case the medical staff is doing their due diligence. Not going to blame them on this one.

  4. I understand its good to be fair. But this kid has been DL-ed for how long? and then treated by a suspected juice-fixer?!
    due dilligence is fine but is it too little to late. is reyes damaged goods now?
    Just seems that our team is nothing but the walking injured… :-(

  5. good point about the doctor.

    it seems the player/team can find a top doctor that is not linked to cheating.

  6. The Mets are not the only team that has players that have went to Galea. See Rodriguez, Alex New York Yankees. And also see Woods, Tiger Golfer and Sex Addict.

  7. Agreed, but the Mets have done the jedi mind trick way too often about the health of a player.
    when a yankee is injured he gets fixed.
    So far the only Met that realized the doctors were a joke was beltran who refuses to play injured when he knows he is off.
    This is all I am saying.. it shows.. in the pays and the spin.
    we shall see. the season hasnt started. maybe this will be a surprise for us all.

  8. How can you blame the Mets medical team for finding Reyes’ problem. They reviewed his blood tests and found a problem and told him to come back for further work. Thet did exactly what anyone would want from a doctor. Criticizing them for this one is totally unfair.

  9. Harry, they have yet to get this guy healthy and now it may be that the previous doctor may have caused this issue.
    The blame is on the handling of the medical issues in general , yeah they found it but how long has he had it or did the the last doctor cause it cause of his special cocktail?

    I don’t know too many other ways of explaining myself on this issue.

  10. Harry and Steve the O agree. Subtitled…”When Worlds Collide!” :-)