March 7.10: Looking at the day.

PEREZ: Not a good day.

The good news was obvious, the X-Ray on Mike Pelfrey’s right knee was negative and pitcher Hisanori Takahashi struck out six in three innings.

Based on today’s appearance, Jerry Manuel said they’d have to find a spot for him among the 12 pitchers he’d take north. But, that’s based on today.

Today’s real story line was really about Oliver Perez. Manuel has been raving about how he’s been throwing this spring. There were two positive signs in today’s ugly performance, beginning with no pain in his elbow. He gave up five runs on seven hits and a walk in three innings. But, he was around the plate, throwing 33 of 49 pitches for strikes. That’s a positive.

I’ve been critical of Perez, and he does drive you crazy, but I wrote earlier in spring that I would look at the good from him as a bonus.

I suppose another way of saying that is I don’t expect much. That way I can’t be disappointed.

8 thoughts on “March 7.10: Looking at the day.

  1. 1. I’m glad Jerry continues his thought that the baseball season is 16 games long not 162, and that he always makes his decisiuon (almost always bad based on the smallest of performances).
    2. If Pelfrey needed an X-Ray then why the heck was he left in an exhibition games. Same old brown stuff. The New York Mets.

  2. they were saying takahashi has 3 pitches and a good change.

    they need to keep these pitchers that can possibly pitch for june. we are bound to need them.

  3. It doesn’t matter how you start , it matters how you finish. If Ollie is still giving up 7 runs in his last few starts, then we have a problem.

  4. Ollie will always be one of those pitchers. a coin flip like 2 face from batman.
    will he suck or will he deliver..

    it would be ok if he actually listened to the people that tried to help.
    during spring training Sandy Koufax tried to school him. if you get teh attention of koufax and you dont walk away with anything. you should just walk away.

  5. i am just going on what i see.

    only saw a little of him, but he seemed to keep the ball around the plate.

    his first start. not going to complain.

    i know his history tho.

  6. Harry, I dislike Jerry as much as anyone, but what else was he going to say after that performance. This guy does look like he is one of their top 12 pitchers and will be a useful addition to the pen. Of course, it could be that that will he his only bright spot, but it seems like his first 3 innings he did nothing but the exact thing he has done in his sessions so that is a good thing.

    100% agree with the Pelfrey comment, how &%*&$ backwards is that.

  7. Jerry will say Hisa is a pathetic excuse for a ballplayer like he says about everyone who is not an established vet.

    He will of course excuse the vets when they do something stupid repeatedly.

  8. Unless I see manuel do as he promised when he got the job, I will dislike him and wish an end to M&M.
    For the short time faults Willie wasnt this bad. was he?
    it’s all relative.. Willie was let go for FAAAR less..
    thos emust be great photos or manuel has soft lips..