March 7.10: Easy, easy ….

Mike Pelfrey gave up three runs in the second yesterday, and Oliver Perez gave up three runs in the first today. Jerry Manuel said he was pleased with Pelfrey yesterday, citing how he recovered.

I wonder what he’ll say about Perez today?

After all that hard work Perez put in over the winter, it would have been nice for his fragile mindset to get off to a good start this afternoon. This is a guy who more than anybody else on the staff feeds on emotion, both positive and negative.

I can’t bury him, because after all, it is his first start, but it would have been nice to have something positive come out of the day. Maybe if he finishes strong as Pelfrey did yesterday, that will be enough.

Gotta keep a positive thought.

7 thoughts on “March 7.10: Easy, easy ….

  1. Yes, he’ll bury him, but without a word about Jason Marquis was equally bad, if not worse.

  2. i saw part of the outing on sny.

    ollie didnt seem to pitch badly. it is round one…

  3. I caught most of the game. I missed the in the park grand slam. The game was played well. I saw a lot of hustle but its early.

  4. what i dont get. the double Wright hit.. looked like a homer than bounced back in . did it hit the wall or did it bounce off a seat and back in..