March 6.10: What about Kunz?

Mike Pelfrey is pitching this afternoon for the Mets, but I’m more interested today in Eddie Kunz, the guy who was supposed to be the Mets closer after Billy Wagner.

With the bullpen in shambles in 2008, Kunz got a look-see and disappointed. Kunz, 24 next month, also pitched poorly early this week against the Braves, walking three and retiring only one of the six batters he faced. He gave up four runs, and while one outing won’t determine his fate, it has been awhile since we’ve seen something positive from Kunz other than the scouting reports.

“He’s got great stuff,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “His ball moves. It’s powerful sink.’’

Yes, the scouting report reads the same as it did when he came out of Oregon State, but the results haven’t been there, and the Mets, a team in need of a bullpen, are moving on without him.

Names are bandied about, and Jenrry Mejia is the flavor of the month, but nobody talks about Kunz anymore.

Spring training is for new beginnings, and for Kunz it could be about last chances.

9 thoughts on “March 6.10: What about Kunz?

  1. yes.

    I read recently where he still has some of the best stuff in the mets minors.

    but he is a dropping prospect

  2. just was scanning mets 2010 salaries.

    Ollie is #3 at 12 million. what a terrible signing. the 3rd highest paid player on your team goes to a a player who lost more than he won and who is notorious for lacking focus and is highly inconsistent. yes he has great stuff, but sports are strewn with players who have great talent and have no clue.

    that said. there are many rumors of how he has a new dedication and focus.

    I hope so for our team.

  3. I did hear that Kunz has come to camp in better shape than the last 2 years.
    Not sure if that really means much but,
    you never know he could steal Green’s spot on the roster.

    That of course would make almost everyone that posts here very happy.

    As far as Mejia goes since he is not even on the 40 man roster he has no chance of making the opening day roster.
    All the talk about Mejia is just because the media needs something new to talk about the first week of spring training.
    The moment he has a bad outing the Mets will be slammed for over hyping their prospects again.

  4. Scott, the same, then, would hold true for Kiko Calero, Elmer Dessens, Mike Jacobs and Frank Catalanno, all of whom are not on the 40-man roster but could vie for a spot on the big team, nonetheless.

    Indeed, I would think the roster spots currently occupied by Everts, Figueroa and Marshall are negotiable at best, while guys like Sean Green and Chris Coste would be additional candidates for removal, if needed. And that’s not even counting the DL, where Beltran and Escobar figure to start the season.

  5. What about him? Kunz didn’t impress when he was called up in ’08 and seems like Jennry Mejia has passed him on the depth chart and with Kiko Calero and Ryota Igarashi signed, maybe the best thing that could happen is that he’s showcased and then traded for someone of value.

  6. Ah dave, the new attitude story. The same story that circulates thru beat writers’ lap tops in 30 parks in 30 spring parks. All they have to do is change the name and write the same story. Easy!!
    Tiffany, What about my favorite roster hog Anderson Hernandez? Did you make him a lock to make the team!

  7. Harry — I think Anderson Hernandez is AAA filler, with Tejada likely eclipsing him on the depth chart. I believe that if they needed someone to fill in at second or short for a month or more this season, Tejada would be the front runner.

    The big issue with the non-roster prospects like Tejada, Davis and Mejia is when the Mets want to start the countdown to arbitration. All could probably help this year.

  8. I like Tejada. I saw him play for Binghamton a few times last year. He has a good glove and showed good instincts. And his singles went further than Castillo’s.

  9. i thought tejeda is a ss who they are trying to convert to 2b? ie a player who needs time.