March 5.10: Mets still interested in Beimel.

Obviously, signing Kiko Calero doesn’t quite cure all that ails the Mets’ bullpen ills, which is why they remain interested in free-agent lefty Joe Beimel.

The Mets have on the table a one-year, deal for less than $2 million, and considering we’re already into spring training with the first week of games it doesn’t appear the phone will be ringing anytime soon.

Beimel would be a good addition as it would take some of the pressure off Pedro Feliciano. You can’t go wrong with two lefties in the pen.

18 thoughts on “March 5.10: Mets still interested in Beimel.

  1. Interesting that for less than Molina the Mets could end up with 3 players on the opening day roster. Barajas, Calero and Beimel.
    If anyone but Omar did this it would be called inspired and smart baseball.
    Most Met fans will just say big deal he still overpaid for Cora.

  2. Yessssss….that would take care of Part 2 of my master plan! And to Harry in the other thread…i’m doing my best to pray Green out of here ASAP!!!!

  3. To Pelham: You can get 10 players for 4 million but then you’d lose 100 plus games a year. Signing guys on the cheap doesn’t make you a good GM. The day Met fans re-remember that the team is not located in Omaha is the day this team will begin to have a chance at being more than a second class team in its own city.
    Really, since your main concern is saving money for the Wilpons then you really aren’t a fan of a team, because fans of team care about winning, not the owners pocketbook.

  4. But Harry you can certainly make a good argument that the signing of Barajas, Calero, and possibly Beimel will improve the club. And the fact that they cost less than the cost of one player lets say, is still something to look at no matter where you play.

  5. Scott: No matter what Omar does, the Cora deal is still awful. Especially considering that Felipe Lopez signed for a million dollars less and is a much better ballplayer.

  6. They need to sign Biemel — just keep him out of the Manhattan bar scene, so he won’t gut his pitching hand on a glass (wink, wink) as he did just before the ’06 NLDS.

  7. Gil: I know that you are happy with the Calero signing. If they get Beimel you might actually have to apologize to Omar. LOL

  8. O: The signing of virtually any catcher would have improved the team. The question that needs to be answered is did Omar improve the catching as much as he could have? Omar lovers like Pelham will hail this catcher as the second coming of Yogi. He’s a mediocre player who is better than the minor leaguer who was holding the position beofore. He doesn’t seem overall any better than the last bum Omar brought in to catch (Schneider). More HRS but horrid OBP. As for Calero if the Rangers signed him you’d have told us proudly that the Mets were only one of 29 teams to pass on the Isn’t this right? So why did 29 teams pass on a guy with such a low ERA last year? LOL…. So before all you small market Metlovers annoint Omar, lets see what his small market mentality actually brought to the table. His first small market reliever can’t even throw the ball. That was his 8th inning solution if you remember.

  9. Harry: Hey wait a minute. Escobar wasn’t MY 8th inning solution. He was just another product of assinine thinking by Omar. I don’t think Scott would think that, but I always thought that Schneider’s defense was overrated. Barajas just by giving you better power and better defense improves it over B Schneid. What they should have done is be more aggressive and trade for a guy like Kelly Shoppach.

  10. Harry
    I must be getting old and losing my memory.
    I don’t remember making any such comment about Barajas. I am not even sure he is better than Santos. The best part of signing Barajas is that they will not need to rush Thole.
    Why is it so hard for you to give Omar credit when he actually makes a good move to improve the team.

  11. And by the way Harry, according to MLB.Com, 8 teams offered Calero minor league deals. So…right back atya!

  12. O: Schneider was a horrible player for the Mets. I thought the deal was good at the time but Schneider was either very overrated with the Nats or he was one of those players who just age very fast.
    I do agree with you that they should have gone harder after Shoppach.
    As far as signing Escobar is it any different than signing Wang or Sheets.
    Maybe Calero will be the 8th inning guy or why not just give the job to Parnell.
    In March of 2006 no one had any idea Bradford, Oliver or Feliciano would perform so well that season.
    At times I wonder if it really matters who is coming out of the pen since Jerry will only screw it up.

  13. Scott: regarding Escobar, Omar counted on him to be the 8th inning set up man. Only Omar could hand a guy who has missed two full seasons just about such an integral part of your pitching staff. I think if Wang and Sheets went in, I’m not sure they would be as counted upon as Escobar was.

  14. Ok, O, that still leaves over 20 that passed LOL! Calero was indeed a good minor league sign. The happiness of lesser fans whose only concern is the teams’ payroll is pathetic and set me off.
    As for Escobar, I will give you that, you probably were opposed to his “outrageous” salary!
    As for signing Escobar vs Wang Pelham, the problem is not the sign, the problem is with a horrible GM that signs him for a key role on the team, not as a possible guy to give the team added depth if things work out. That’s why Omar doesn’t get credit. He shouldn”t have to be scurrying around in Mar for his 8th inning guy. You’ll never get it tho becuase your concern is the economic well being of rich old boys like Fred Wilpon, and not with the team getting as much talent as possible.
    O;if the Mets signed Wang/Sheets, Omar would have annointed him the immediate # 2 guy in the rotation.

  15. Harry
    You of all people should be happy with the moves Omar is making. No long term commitments to second rate players.
    Unless you think Bay is a second rate player.
    This means the new GM next season will only have the bad contracts of Castillo and Perez to dump both of which will be in their last year.
    Omar is making it easier for the next guy to spend money if Jeff will allow it.

    It also may be possible the Wilpons are using the Mets money to help save their real estate empire.

  16. Ah changing the nature of your bad psot. You bragged that Omar got guys cheap. you didn’t brag that he got guys with some talnet, you didn’t brag that he got guys who made the team better, you didn’tbrag that he gotguys for one year deals. You can’t defend your post which applauds Omar for not spending the Wilpons’ money so you tellme what I should be happy about? Thanks, but I’ll pick things out wit my own mind and not the brinwashing baloney that you eat up from the Mets organization.