March 4.10: Notebook: Reyes update.

* Jose Reyes was scratched from today’s game for additional bloodwork. Reyes has subsequently cleared to play and will take batting practice later today. The Mets said scratch had nothing to do with his hamstring injury.

The Mets are home to St. Louis tomorrow and Reyes is expected in the line-up.

* Closer Francisco Rodriguez is still bothered by a case of pink eye and has not been cleared. Considering relievers need far less time to get ready for the season there is no worry Rodriguez will be set back to where there is a concern.

* The Mets have set their rotation through Tuesday. Jon Niese will start tomorrow against the Cardinals, followed by Mike Pelfrey, Saturday against Washington at Viera; Oliver Perez, Sunday against Washington at Port St. Lucie; John Maine, Monday against Florida at Jupiter; and Johan Santana, Tuesday against Houston at Port St. Lucie.

11 thoughts on “March 4.10: Notebook: Reyes update.

  1. First off, nice layout JD on the site. I’m liking it. And yes Tiffany, Kiko Calero indeed. That was actually part one of my bullpen solution. Did my part two, Joe Beimel, sign with anyone yet to your knowledge?

  2. so i turn on the tv and sny is showing the game.

    david hits a 2r hr the other way

  3. So Steve O, since you seem to be mystically controlling the bullpen roster can you find a way to get Green off the team!!!!

  4. so ike hits a grand salami.

    he will start at first because jerry wants his job.

    of course by may, jerry will have called him out as a terrible player who doesnt know how to play the game and will bench him for the rest of the season.

  5. I just want to understand this. Reyes gets pulled for “follow-up testing” related to his physical, which, presumably, took place weeks ago — yet, this testing comes on the heels of a visit from the feds conducting an HGH investigation, and no one is raising an eyebrow?

  6. The eyebrow should be raised even further. He was scratched again due to his bloodwork coming back showing a potential Thyroid Imbalance. By the way, you can easily have that happen to you if you are a user of steroids.