March 4.10: Mejia on Tap for Today.

Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey gets the start today against St. Louis, and Jason Bay, David Wright and Jeff Francoeur will make their spring training debuts, but arguably the most interesting moment of the day could be the appearance of 20-year-old prospect Jennry Mejia, whom manager Jerry Manuel admits is raw, but is also making noises about using him as a reliever.

And, in a comment that will do nothing but add pressure and expectations, Darryl Strawberry said his cutter reminded him of Mariano Rivera. Easy Darryl, easy Darryl.

Mejia has electric stuff, the kind scouts drool over and makes one wonder about future dominance as a starter. Mejia doesn’t have the command or pitch variety to be a starter now, but he could be a one-trick pony out of the pen. However, command is still command, and that’s important in any role and right now he’s more a thrower than a pitcher.

I saw how the Mets rushed Eddie Kunz – who is still struggling – and Bobby Parnell and I don’t want the same thing to happen to Mejia. If Mejia is to make the major league roster, he needs a defined role and a manager with the patience not to yank him out of a role with the first sign of struggle.

It’s easy to get seduced by a high-90s fastball, but most scouts say Mejia is not ready for prime time. Sure, it would be nice to fast forward a year or two, but that’s not realistic.

NOTE: No word yet as to why, but Jose Reyes was scratched from today’s line-up.

6 thoughts on “March 4.10: Mejia on Tap for Today.

  1. I can see the Mejia future now. Too much hype, pushed too fast, and ultimately can do nothing other than dissapoint Mets fans. It started with Gregg “the next Pete Rose” and it hasn’t ended yet.

  2. Talk about overhype. The Nays station MASN is advertiseing how they’re broadcating the spring training debut of Strasborg. If he’s not Clemens/Koufax/ by May 1 he’s gonna be branded a failure! Maybe it was better when I was a kid. You’d read the one article in the Post/Mirror/News/Trib, whatever, about the day in florida and that was all there was.

  3. Harry, so I guess Wright and Reyes didn’t live up to any of their potential then?

    I think your second post is a bit more accurate, I think it has a lot less to do with overhype and much more to do with over coverage. There are literally thousands of avenues of information on baseball (or any other topic) today and they all fill up with information like this in a rabid feeding frenzy.

    What really is news to me today is the Reyes out of the lineup bit. Apparently he is out for bloodwork or something, but this has the giant foreboding DUN DUN DUN effect on me. Our season is over if Reyes is lost to this team already.

  4. James: I think Reyes and Wright were fortunate that they came up when they did. The Mets sucked, and NYC had much more important things on its mind than baseball after 9.11. But even Jose, I remember reading lots of stuff that the Mets should trade him for Sorianoor someone like him because he’s always hurt. Kind of like Martinez today. And how many times is he blasted in blogs for each mistake he makes. And people wanting to get rid of him because he “doesn’t meet their mystical expectations”?

  5. Harry(2)

    Also Strassburg is getting 50 mil or whatever to save the franchise. Back then I bet the kids didn’t get much.

    So for the $$ thrown at him they will demand production this year.

    It will make money for the team. Come out and see our new guy.

    vs our tag of come out and support the team we hope is competitive.

  6. Strasberg is not getting 50 million dave. He signed a 4 year contract for about 16-17 million. Yes, he’s the savior of the franchise and you actually reminded of the very first Met kid savior, and I therefore retract my statement that things were different. Because the very first Met savior was EDDIE KRANEPOOL. How could I forget Lindsay Nelson and Bob Murphy reminding us daily that Eddie hit more HRs at James Monrow HS than the great Hank Greenberg hit!!!! Thanks for bringing me back to reality dave. The Mets have never changed lol!