March 1.10: A new look.

How do you like it? As you can see the site has a new look. I mentioned doing new things with the blog and this is just part of it. Joe McDonald originally got me off the ground and we are working together again and this is what we came up with.

Part of a new look will also include more content. I will try, expenses permitting, to get to Citi Field more often this summer. I’ve talked with several of you about adding new things and that is the intent. I hope you enjoy the new look and your comments are greatly appreciated.



12 thoughts on “March 1.10: A new look.

  1. Only flaw I see is that there is no number by the post, so if there’s more than one post nobody will know which post is being responded to.

  2. This is such a change.

    I like many things about this. The pictures with each post is a nice touch. They are vibrant.

    Your page header is slicker too. Like the name in script. I noticed you were able to work in the traditional orange and blue without getting garish.

    I see you have ads! Very cool.

    I would prefer the recent comments to be under the postings like before.

    Very nice job John.

    I hope it works out between you and Joe. Last time was not cool.

  3. Please add ‘recent comments’ in the individual conversation are. It helps to see what is going on.

    I see you have different tabs. I don’t see much difference yet in the content, but it is good that you are creating categories.

    Please create a columns category.

    I would also like to see a Yankees tab LOL.

  4. did you get someone to design this? I see some legal copyright stuff at the end of the page.

  5. JD- new site, very different…but change can be a great thing..looks good

    will be here to comment much more when the boys of summer travel up to flushing
    i am realistic yet hopeful for this season…i just cant wait to watch the metsies

  6. Looks phenomenal, JD. Your blog has grown up! Congrats on the new look — and on the new advertising, too. If only the team we cheer for can be as improved this season…

  7. I think the biggest thing you need to do is make the navigation better.

    After posting you have to slide the window right and down to see what new posts there are. Also I do not see links to current stories.

    I like the new site. I just think it needs a few tweaks.