Feb. 27.10: Mets batting order.

As of now, the question in the Mets’ batting order is at 4-5, where Jerry Manuel needs to decide how to slot David Wright and Jason Bay.

Jose Reyes, unfortunately, is still ticketed to bat third, with Angel Pagan and Luis Castillo hitting one-two. Then comes Wright-Bay  followed by Daniel Murphy, Jeff Francoeur, Rod Barajas and the pitcher.

With Carlos Beltran out, Wright is the Mets’ best hitter and should be third, with Reyes leading off. However, since that won’t be the case, I think he should bat fifth with Bay at clean-up. When the Mets’ batting order was its most potent in 2006, it had Beltran-Carlos Delgado-Wright.

With Reyes third, and presumably on base, Bay should get more fastballs and Wright would offer protection in the order. I like Murphy sixth because it should afford him more RBI opportunities.

7 thoughts on “Feb. 27.10: Mets batting order.

  1. i still like jose first.

    they can figure out what to do with pagan later.

    has luis learned to hit the ball past the pitcher yet?

  2. 1. Luis has done pretty well in his career for a guy who never hit the ball far. What do you want him to do. Lift and power up so he hits 6 HRs and lowers OBP to 325?
    Yes, Delcos, Reyes is the best leadoff hitter so therefore a horrid manager will bat a much lesser skilled player first. Bay is the biggest bopper so of course he needs to bat Wright 4th so that Bay will bat lower and get walked more often for Murphy or Francouer to hit into more DPs.

  3. i dont want him hitting hrs. that is not who he is.

    i would like him to hit so the OF’s arent standing on the dirt.

  4. The spot in the order determines the value of the player. Castillo’s main job is to get on base, which he did at a .380+ rate last year.His lack of power makes him useless anywhere from #3 to 8, just as batting Wright or Bay at leadoff would be a waste.

    As long as he and Pagan produce as they did last season, I’ve got no problem with Jose at #3 until Carlos returns.

  5. Castillo made a good second to Jose’s 1st, because he knows how to move the runner.
    when there is no one to move its a sacrifice with no one on to move 😉
    or take a page out of atlanta? bat pitcher 8th.. that would be different for the mets thats for sure.

  6. A guy who is getting on 38% of the time is not a “sacrifice with no one on”. He is getting on 38% of the time for Reyes-Wright-Bay to bring him home that will help us win games. And lets not forget he can still run a little bit and grab 20 bases.

    I can see where Jerry is going with this and I am not dead set against Reyes in the third slot as his .800 OPS will be able to drive in some runs. Why I think it is a terrible idea for this year is that this is going to be a temporary thing which means we will be moving Reyes around again during the season and we just need Reyes to be Reyes without him worrying about changing up his game.

    In 2008 this move was intriguing, in 2010 this is just plain dumb.

  7. Agree James. 38%. How many guys get on base 38% of the time?.
    Good at bats by Davis yesterday. Are the drums in NYC beating loudly yet for him to be the starter in April?