Feb. 26.10: Loose threads.

Sorry, but my internet was down until recently. Let me catch you up on some of what’s going in spring training.

* Not pleased with their bullpen and not wanting to burn out Pedro Feliciano, the Mets are searching for another lefty reliever. Toward that end, the Mets made an offer to free-agent Joe Beimel, the former Dodger. Beimel will take some of the load off Feliciano and give more depth to the pen.

* Jennry Mejia was wild during batting practice. The scouting reports on him are that he’s got a strong arm and throws hard, but doesn’t always know where it’s going. Mejia is a prospect worth watching – on the minor league level this season. They would be rushing him if they kept him on the major league level this season.

* The Mets will hold an intrasquad game Monday at Tradition Field. Nelson Figueroa will get the start against the Braves Tuesday when the exhibition schedule begins.

4 thoughts on “Feb. 26.10: Loose threads.

  1. Burn out Feliciano? 78 games in ’07, 86 games in ’08, and 88 games in ’09. They didn’t worry for 3 years. why now?

  2. jd

    I figured the snow did you in.

    I am glad they are trying to upgrade the pen. There are many things they need to improve.

    I have read that about Jenrry too. Nothing new here, but I guess he is new to many fans. He needs to stay in AA or whereever they will put him.

    1. Harry –

    Because now he is more important to them. He is arguably the second most important man in the pen this year.

  3. I would be pretty happy with picking up Beimel on a low cost deal during ST, that would be a nice upgrade for the pen that would give us a bit more depth.

    Our pen is going to be quite different this year with the new faces of Iggy, Takawhatever, Escobar, and Beimel.