Feb. 24.10: Wrapping up the day.

The following is an accumulation of news and notes from spring training today:

* Rod Barajas reported to camp and will wear Carlos Delgado’s No. 21.

* Japanese pitchers Ryota Igarashi and Hisanori Takahashi threw live batting practice.

* Sean Green is working on a submarine delivery. In theory it should produce a sharper sinker conducive for getting the double-play grounder.

* Pedro Feliciano is working on a cutter. The more pitches the better.

* Jerry Manuel said Fernando Nieve is versatile enough to work as a long-man, eighth-inning set-up man or starter. That’s another way of saying he has no idea on how to use him. If Jon Niese steps up, Nieve would likely be the long man.

* Good reports so far on Angel Pagan’s confidence. Pagan has no doubt he can hold center field until Carlos Beltran’s return in mid-May.

8 thoughts on “Feb. 24.10: Wrapping up the day.

  1. Earlier today, Metsblog had a 21-second video clip of Barajas catching Elmer Dessens. Nothing short of riveting in both its drama and cinematography.

  2. Don’t you think that Barajas wearing 21 is a sophomoric slap at Beltran? Maybe this is SOP for a late arriving player but surely there were other options. Meanwhile Beltran reads about this online or sees it on TV and what message does that send him? It just seems all very small minded to me.

  3. They probably Barajas “21” because in baseball you give numbers below 40 to regulars
    or semi regulars. Anything over “50” is considered an insult unless it’s requested by a flake like Turk Wendell.

  4. 2. The bashing of Beltran will be a regular thing from the New York Mets organization for a long time, well past the time he is bashing the ball for somebody else. Afterall, how dare he have muvh needed surgery when the Mets wanted him to rest forever.

  5. 5 Ed
    Good point because I am also confused how this is a slap at Beltran.

    As far as I am concerned 21 still belongs to Cleon Jones.

  6. Lol folks. I think that was a few cocktails talking. My eyes saw Delgado but my brain saw Beltran. Vodka wins again.