Feb. 23.10: Reports good on Reyes.

The early reports have been good on Jose Reyes and his oft-discussed hamstring. Reyes has been doing a variety of running drills designed to test his explosiveness and well as strengthen his legs.

I wrote several days ago that of all the position players, the Mets need a healthy Reyes most of all as he is the key to their offensive ignition.

That being said, I still don’t like him hitting third. Manager Jerry Manuel wants him there until Carlos Beltran returns and said the move, in part, would be to take his focus off running. But why? If Reyes is healthy, running is what he does best.

11 thoughts on “Feb. 23.10: Reports good on Reyes.

  1. I thought it was a good idea to save his legs but changed my mind when Jerry said it was a good idea. Jerry hasn’t had a good idea ever.

  2. Oh also, it seems the lesser manuel, known affectioanltely as jerry the jerk, threw Beltran under the bus and Bay too for that matter. Good move Jerry. Forget the little guys, go after your stars. Suppress everyone as soon as possible.

  3. I didn’t like the idea at first, but it’s looking better and better to me after giving it more thought.

    Of course, Angel and Juis have to be as productive as last season, but if Jose comes up with them on base and Wright/Bay behind him, those 2Bs and 3Bs will drive in a ton of runs. Both of them are far more valuable at the top of the order than anywhere else.

    And if Jose is on 1B whoever bats clean-up will get a TON of fastballs to tear into. We expect Carlos back in May, so if things aren’t working (or maybe even if they are) we can go back to Jose leading off.

  4. i want jose leading off. i dont want him thinking he is a hr hitter.


    what did jerry say this time?

  5. The flaw here is that Angel Pagan is not a very good hitter or baserunner.
    You weaken the lineup having him hit first and Jose 3rd.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Jerry talked about moving Jose to 3rd in the order last spring as well. Never happened.
    And never will.

  6. (4) “NY Post: Jerry Manuel is confident Fernando Martinez can develop into a center fielder now that LF has a steady resident.”

    Guess he forgot about Beltran still being here for two more years.

  7. Another blurb from Jerry:

    “Regarding Jason Bay, Manuel believes he fits the model of a player the team needs for Citi Field, but if other players had performed better and/or were healthy, they might have considered bringing in a player with more speed.”

    Harry is right. The guy is just mean spirited

  8. Shoulda realized it when he said he would “cut” Reyes if he showed him up again…should have realized it when he sold Church down the river after he missed 3rd base and questioned his makeup after the concussions. Now I realize it. In addition to being an awful manager, he is mean spirited as well. By the way his quote today when asked about if he thinks the Mets will pitch a no hitter this year? I’m paraphrasing….” I’ll probably be somewhere in California when that happens.” So, he either figures he’ll be fired soon, or that none of his pitchers have the capability to throw a no hitter. Moron.