Feb. 23.10: Escobar taking it slowly.

The Mets’ first immediate injury concern is reliever Kelvim Escobar, who is projected as a possible eighth-inning set-up reliever to Francisco Rodriguez. If Escobar gets the eighth inning it stands to reason Bobby Parnell would get the seventh, where theoretically, there is less pressure.

Escobar is bothered with weakness – not pain – in his shoulder. There won’t be timetable for his return until he starts long tossing.

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  1. Back to Koufax. He gave these guys advice… Nobody says anything about Danny boy being on the same page. So are they being given two different sets of advice or one? That’s more important than worrying about a guy who is always injured being always injured. Escobar should be thought of as a possible bonus, a guy you get lucky with not a guy who is in a key spot.

  2. I think the more interesting angle here is that Mejia is throwing batting practice as a reliever.

  3. (3) Which is absolutely assinine IMO.

    (1) Right on about Escobar…the low risk high reward guys should never ever never ever be counted upon as a cog. Unfortunately, Jeffy doesn’t feel that way.

    The Mets should be reaching out to both Joe Beimel and Kiko Calero and signing both of them. They would be perfect in the pen.

  4. Tiffany (3): Mejia is so raw, that to throw him in the mix now would be crazy. They yanked around Parnell last year to where he didn’t know which end was up. I can envision the same thing here. I had a post this winter where a scout said he had a long way to go. That hasn’t changed.-JD

  5. (4) Arguably, it might be easier to develop/master secondary pitches in a bullpen setting. Moreover, the Mets might think someone like Henry Blanco might be a better tutor than anyone Mejia would run into in the minors.

  6. (5) I don’t think Parnell and Mejia are comparable in terms of talent. Maybe in terms of development, but not talent.

  7. (8) They might think that the type of finishing needed might be best available at the ML level, whether that’s an endorsement of Warthen or an indictment of the instruction in the minors. This might be a Joba-like situation.

  8. Let’s see—we’ve got K-Rod, Pedro, the new Japanese RP, Green, Dessens (who was more effective vs LH hitters than any other RHRP on our staff), Figgy, and whichever of the competitors for the #5 SP job don’t win it.

    Unless a situation develops in ST where we absolutely need him here in the pen, I’d rather see Parnell at Buffalo working on secondary pitches and becoming a SP again.

  9. Tiffany (6): I’m not so sure that’s right. When you’re coming in to face one or two batters, or at most work one inning, you go with your primary pitchers. … You’re right that Parnell and Mejia are different in terms of talent. The potential is greater for Mejia. … BTW. Thanks for introducing Mejia as a topic.-JD

  10. Bill (10): I’m not opposed to that idea. The reason he failed last season as a starter, other than Manuel destroying his confidence, is the lack of secondary pitches. I don’t know why a year at Triple-A developing those pitches is such a bad idea.-JD

  11. (12) JD: Manuel gave Parnell every opportunity as both a reliever and a starter to prove himself. The problem that some Met fans seem to not realize, is that Parnell sucks.

  12. bobby p at one time last year was one of our more effective pitchers. he lost his way or maybe just got tired. i think he has talent and should be in the minors. he needs to work on his stuff and have time to get better. i dont know if he will ever be a valued member of the mets, but with all our great offseason pickups i dont see why he or mejia should have to endure jerry this year.

  13. Steve (13): I thought Parnell deserved a longer rope in the rotation last season. Afterall, the year was lost. Why not give him more time? The worst thing they did was bounce him around from role to role.-JD

  14. (15) JD: It’s because he was getting shelled as a starter for the most part!!! Do you want to know what kills a pitchers confidence? Let him continue to start and continue to get shelled.

  15. 4. Agree with your Mejia.
    6. Don’t buy it. Years ago I would, but if he’s gonna be a starter in the age of innings count, pitch count etc. he’s spends a year in the pen and the move him to starter you have the Joba crap all over again, excpet its here. which you mentioned in another post. That wasn’t big league baseball. It was a joke that the Yanks got away with because they were coasting. It would be a real mess in a close race.
    13. Don’t agree about the starter chance. The team was out of it. He should have started until the bitter end. You may be very right about him sucking however. He’s just a fast ball. Plenty of those around with nothing else.
    2. Delcos you hope so……

  16. Parnell’s stats as a starter:

    8 Games Started, 1 and 5, 7.93 ERA, BAA .304, WHIP 1.899

    Take away his one excellent start against the Cubs in which he threw 7 shutout innings, his ERA as a starter was 9.83!!!!

    He was a medicore pitcher in the minors, he isn’t good in the majors. He only has one pitch. He isn’t a major leaguer at this point in his career.

  17. (13) Harry: I disagree as usual with you. LOL. Except for the part where you agreed with me of course! lol. But seriously, I think the biggest way to screw up someones confidence is by continually giving the guy chances only to see him fail time and time again.

  18. My bullpen plan for the Mets:

    If you think Parnell is a starter, send him to AAA to start.

    Sign Beimel and Calero to go along with Igarashi, Feliciano, Escobar, Nieve/Dessens as the longman. Boot Sean SchoenGREENweis to the curb or to some other sucker. K Rod to close. Done

  19. 19 OK. But you agree with me first. But I don’t agree about screwing someone up.. The biggest way to screw a guy up is to mess with his mind, They moved him., there was absolutely nothing at stake. And you can’t take away the start that he was good in. That’s baloney. If we take away the last 17 games of ’07 and ’08 the Mets are in the playoffs…But they weren’t. You count it all. The whole point doesn’t matter because you are right he sucks. But the manager was still wrong. He made those moves for nothing.

  20. No, he didn’t make them “for nothing”. When the kid struggled in one role, he tried him in another to see if it worked.

    Yes, if he were successful in the first role, like Joba with the Yankees, it makes no sense to juggle him.

    What’s the sense in sending him out to get bashed in start after start, when there’s a chance he’d find a niche throwing an inning at a time?

  21. (22) The idea of sending him out there only makes sense if he improves; if not, then you’re actually exposing him in a way you might not as a one-inning reliever.

    I never saw Parnell pitch in the minors, but I did read somewhere that his problems as a starter there tended to be on the second time through the lineup, which would be consistent with a limited repertoire.

    At this point, I don’t think it’s likely that Parnell develops a three-pitch arsenal that would allow him to start in the bigs; as such, I’d be interested in seeing him develop a consistent second pitch and seeing if he can hold down an eighth-inning role at some time in the future.

  22. 22. Reading your logic Glavine would never have made it as a starter since he SUCKED for a full year, and same with Smoltz as he was almost as bad as parnell when he came up. You would have dumped both if the them and made them 6th inning guys because they sucked for some starts. You guys act like baseball is the NFL with a 16 game season. You probably like to talk about FMARTS failures after a whole 100 ABs. Guess what baseball is the long haul. \

    What’s the sense of letting him get bashed?? what the hell was the difference? What was the sense of lying and telling everyone he’s a starter the rest of the year. So Jerry deemed him a double failure. Boy you and Jerry sure know stuff about people.

  23. 23. You are probably right, but once you took this cold out of the pen and demed him a starter the rest of the year, you’d have no reason to back out given the fact that the team sucked and was toast. Of course the moron didn’t know that as he kept playing Tatis and Sullivan over Murphy Evans. so I see his point. We gotta play the old crap because we doon’t want the kids to lelarn anything. Yup…. Manuel the lesser in Queens why the guy that acts like a dope knows how to get his players to play for him every second.

  24. (11) I disagree. I think the one-time-through-the-order appearance is the perfect opportunity to introduce a new offering, especially when said pitch hasn’t been mastered and is still under construction.

  25. 25. You keep saying the same thing about Tatis playing over Murphy, as if repeating it will make it true. I gave you the link showing that Murphy played 1B in all but a handful of games in Sept/Oct, and 4 of those in which Tatis plsyed were in the final 8 games.

    As for Evans, I’ve been a big fan of his, and a year ago I felt he’d turn out to be better than Murphy. But when a guy hit under .200 at AAA and was demoted to AA before getting another AAA shot; hit .211 overall at AAA and .231 combined at AA/AAA, how do you claim he should’ve been used more at the ML level?

    He’ll get another shot in ST and (most likely) at Buffalo this year, and if he EARNS a promotion I’ll be rooting for him to get one.

    As for your Glavine comparison, I prefer to use Rick Aguilera for my example. He began as a SP, and did well for 3 seasons, then had a disastrous season. Converted to relief, he became one of the top closers of his generation.

    And then there’s a certain closer in the Bronx who came up as a SP, had an ERA over 5 in his 1st ML season, went to the pen, and became the greatest closer in ML history.

    With Parnell, as with Evans, it’s “put up or shut up”. This is MLB, not Little League!

  26. 2. If you think thatMurphy not playing every game wa ok then you must like losing. Of course the lefty played more than thhe righty. I don;t need your link to know that. Until such time as there are more lefty starters than righties of course Murphy would have more starts. Wow.. The point for the last time is that a mangaer who wasn’t a jerk, would have played the kid EVEERY GAME. He was so dumb he didn’t know that his team was out for the race. Why is it so hard for you to uindrestand that.
    As for Evans, if he didn’t deserve to play the Mets should NOT HAVE GIVEN HIM A CALLUP. You call up a kid when you are out of it, you play him, not a Cory Sullivan. Root for Evans. You mean you root against other Mets. What a surprise. So does the lesser. You can use whatever comparison you want. We all can pick guys to prove our own point. Its not little league. Hey, when your team is out of the race it is spring training in September. but you and your hero jerry the lesser manuel don’t knwo that. Unfortunately Met fans are punshed for this horrible manager. Sorry you don’t get it. PS If you don’t want another explanation to repeeat then don’t defend the undefendable.

  27. (28) It was a joke not to play Evans when he came up. But unfortunately he is more like the righty version of Murphy. But it still would have been nice to see him at least play a bit.

    (27) Aggie had a bad season in 1988 due to injuries, and when he was pretty dominant as a reliever in the NLCS in 88, the Mets tried him as a set up man the next year. If you also recall, he was lights out as a setup guy before he was traded to the Twins in the Viola deal.