Feb. 22.10: Wright cut right.

David Wright spent a lot of time this offseason working out to get himself ready for the season, and that included eating right. Jeff Francoeur said Wright is chiseled.

The new-and-improved Wright brought some criticism, with some suggesting why he didn’t do this earlier in his career. I can’t see that. Wright has always been one of the hardest working Mets, and to suggest he hadn’t put the effort in previously is unfair. I’ve always known Wright to come to camp early and as one of the team’s hardest working players.

Last year was a bad one for him, both mentally and physically. That he recognized that and stepped up his program is to commended, not second guessed. Wright has always taken a leadership role with this team, but until last season he’s lead a charmed life. To work harder after adversity only affirms his leadership responsibilities.

I see a big year for Wright, with him again reaching his career norms in power and run production. And, with Carlos Beltran out early and Carlos Delgado gone, it will truly be his locker room and his team.

8 thoughts on “Feb. 22.10: Wright cut right.

  1. If he doesn’t continue to bail out on pitches he’ll be fine. But if he continues to be scared, houston..we’ve got a problem.

  2. Steve (1): You got that right. That he worked so hard is a good sign. But, you’re right. He did a lot of bailing after the beaning. I suppose that is natural, and hopefully it is something correctable.-JD

  3. People who criticize players like Wright for not working hard enough are totally clueless. They think its easy to practice for hours a day, watch everything you eat and work out like a fiend. They should try it themselves.

    I think Wright should stop trying to hit the ball to right field. He was built to pull the ball and jack it over the left field wall. He waits so long on everything that he’s always swinging late. He has to get aggressive and hit the ball out front of the plate. Once he starts crushing the ball he’ll get plenty of walks because the pitchers won’t throw him strikes.

  4. 1/2… Its stil the same old story….. Go to any team’s sites and you will see how manny moe and jack worked so hard this winter, got in great shape blah blah blah,,,,,,,,

  5. Agreed, I don’t get the criticism. Its not as if Wright came to camp looking like David Wells every other year. We’ve always heard about how hard he works.

    I thought the more interesting part of the Post article was Francoeur and Jerry talking about trying to get Wright to relax a bit and not be so obsessive. David seems like a guy that could benefit from chilling out a bit. Granted, I’m pretty sure that was talked about going into last season as well, and we all know how that turned out, but hopefully he can do so this yr. Francoeur seems like a great clubhouse guy… I just hope he can continue to hit like he did for the Mets last yr.

  6. 3. What you are saying is poor baseball player has to workout and eat well. Oh poor little athlete has to do such hard work and if he’s good get paid millions for all that suffering. That is really pathetic and I’m just glad a ballplayer wasn’t stupid enough to make that comment. Professional athletes are some of the luckiest people in the world. To try and tell someone who works his freakin butt off for 10 bucks an hour and has to have 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet about how hard the poor ballplayer has it is really insulting to every hard working person in the world. Get a life. Most people can’to it because they have to work for a living. Try that.