Feb. 22.10: Koufax eyeing Perez.

Sandy Koufax is back in camp, taking a special look at Oliver Perez today. There’s something about Koufax. He’s worked with other Mets, and other players, before, and it has translated well. Perhaps it is his demeanor and touch.

Not all great athletes can teach, but Koufax has been able to impart something to others. Well, others have tried with Perez, from Pedro Martinez to Johan Santana, but nothing has stuck. Maybe this time will be different. At least, let’s hope so.

Word is Perez is healthy and in shape after working out at a sports institute in Arizona in the offseason. He’s won 15 games before, so the potential and history is there, but he’s also shown an aptitude for wildness and disaster. Perez is a wild card for the Mets. He does well and the team can be competitive; he does poorly and he can take the Mets down with him.

12 thoughts on “Feb. 22.10: Koufax eyeing Perez.

  1. Are you talking about Koufax’s “demeanor and touch” now? I thought that was strictly Page Six material, no?

  2. Are you trying to insinuate that he’s gay? Anyway about Perez, its just emotional. He gets anxious and it screws with his delivery. There’s no great mystery to it. Ollie just needs to get off to a good start.

  3. 2. Maybe you should be the pitching coach. Wait; never mind, we already had a guy who could fix guys in fifteen minutes. We saw how well that worked out already.

  4. (2) I didn’t insinuate it — Page Six did. Delcos is just reinforcing that perception with his word choice.

  5. 5. Agree… The Jeffy show picked the wrong fall guy. The current clown hasn’t fixed anyone. Maine, OP, Feliciano, Bradford, Oliver, Glavine, I’m sure I forogt some, all did fine under the jacket.

  6. I didn’t say I could fix him in 15 minutes. Wait you sounded so sure let me check my comment again. Nope, didn’t say it. I said that what Ollie needs is to be comfortable. Anxiety is what screws with pitcher’s control. He doesn’t need someone to analyze his mechanics to death. He knows how to throw the ball and he needs to relax and throw it and forget about mechanics. I didn’t say it was easy to make him comfortable. Im just saying that all this about this guy working with him and that guy working with him is all beside the point. If he gets off to a good start and he’ll relax and he won’t be so anxious and he won’t lose his control. How to make that happen is the question. I don’t really know.

  7. 7. It is true…. People who are not followers of our small market team in the big apple, claim correctly that little metsies have absolutely no sense of humor. Thanks for proving them right!

  8. Some positive Beltran news:

    Adam Rubin of the Daily News says Carlos Beltran was riding a bike with no pain the day after surgery, but due to stability issues in the quadricep and hamstring, he is not yet ready to do any running.

    In addition, Beltran said his surgeon “couldn’t believe” he was able to play on his ailing knee, considering how many little pieces were floating around in the joint.

    Beltran says there is now no pain when he bends and moves his knee, and he is positive and happy with the outcome of the surgery.

    Well it doesn’t say the timetable for his return, but it’s good to see that he is pain free so far.

  9. (9) I think Delcos is secretly auditioning as a gossip columnist for the Post. I can see it now: “Around the Town with John Delcos…”

  10. 10. So lets see now, Beltran played with a knee that was so bad his doctor that finally decided to open it up said was unplayable on, the leg that was so bad the Mets called him day to day, and Beltran came back within days after the horrible collision he had a few years ago. Yet many say he is soft!!!!!!!! Thanks for Beltran medical report not from the Jeffy lie machine!
    11. y not… Better money than being a beat reporter. If he gets good at he he can someday be a big shot at the National Enquirer and then….. then he will forget this site!