Feb. 21.10: Catching up on the weekend.

WILPON: Distancing himself from Omar?

WILPON: Distancing himself from Omar?

Fred Wilpon held court today, and his words gave the impression of separating himself from his baseball people – Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel.

It’s his money, but they make the decisions, Wilpon said.

“I understand from the fan’s point of view, because I am one myself, and I’m very, very sensitive to what their feelings are, and I understand some of it,’’ Wilpon said of the fans’ angst, but added, “I think that we have to be guided by our baseball people, and our baseball people evaluated, for example, some of our pitchers as good or better than what was on the market.

“Our baseball people evaluated other positions and we went by what they did. Jeff (Wilpon) followed them. Jeff and I don’t pick the baseball players. So that’s what they wanted to do.’’

In addition:

* If Jose Reyes does bat third, Manuel said it is possible Gary Matthews Jr., could lead off if he wins the center field job until Carlos Beltran returns. Again, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, and Reyes is one of the game’s best leadoff hitters.

* Manuel also said prospect Jennry Mejia could compete for the eighth-inning set-up role, which indicates two things, 1) a concern about Kelvim Escobar, and 2) and doubts about Bobby Parnell.

* Jon Niese appears the leading candidate for the fifth starter spot. Kind of expected that all along. That Manuel would suggest that suggests good news on his hamstring.

* Rod Barajas was finally signed, which gives Josh Thole a chance to develop his game at Triple-A. Not good news for Omir Santos.

4 thoughts on “Feb. 21.10: Catching up on the weekend.

  1. i am glad they got barajas. they probably could have done it a month ago.

    who is mathews and why when you have one of the most dynamic leadoff hitters in the game do u move him? is it the same reason he played second early in his career?

    mejia is described as the best prospect on the mets. he has no control and doesnt know how to pitch, but they are thinking of having him sit on the bench rather than pitch every 5 days.

    is it too late to fire these guys?

  2. delgado had surgery again.

    this means the mets will sign him to a one year 6 million dollar contract plus incentives to start at first.

  3. As Joel Sherman notes, it is the Wilpon’s who hired the baseball people. The Mets have for the last 20 years have always promoted people from within. So Fred and Jeff should have an idea about how smart these guys are.

    This is starting to remind me of 20 years ago as the joy of 1986 receded, Wilpon and Doubleday use to issue statements on how the Mets have won more games than any franchise over the last 4 year, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years. Ended up in 1993 with the worst record of any established team in an expansion year and who knows how many off the field embarrassments.