Feb. 20.10: Believe it when I see it.

Jerry Manuel is saying Daniel Murphy will be the starter at first base. Not only that, but it could be less of a platoon than anybody thought, with Murphy also batting against left handers. If true, the the operative word there is IF, then I’m all for it.

How else is Murphy going to develop if he doesn’t get to face all kinds of pitching? The upside for him is greater than that of Fernando Tatis.

But, announcements like that have been made before. I’ll believe it when I see it.

13 thoughts on “Feb. 20.10: Believe it when I see it.

  1. IMO it all depends on Murphy. If he shows in ST that he can hit LHPs, he’ll earn a longer leash at the everyday job. If not, we’ll see more of Tatis.

    One of the reasons I wanted Tatis back is that unlike someone like Garko he gives versatility and can get ABs at other positions if not needed for a 1B platoon.

  2. Daniel Murphy is my regualr left fielder….JM Spring 2009
    Daniel Murphy is my regular first baseman…JM Spring 2010.
    Daniel Murphy is my regular XYZ… JM Spring 2011. etc.

  3. 2 Harry
    I doubt Jerry will be around next year to make that statement, but if he is, you nailed it.

  4. Murphy WAS the regular ’09 LFer until Delgado went down.

    Murphy IS the ’10 1Bman in ’10. unless he blows it.

    Jerry has a better chance of being here in ’10 than Murphy. Daniel can only play one position (1B), and in all probability Ike Davis will get the job.

    Mark my words—Murphy will be traded (most likely to an AL team) for pitching help next Winter (if not this July).

  5. As I said in the previous thread and as Harry repeated above, I expect Murphy to be re-introduced to his buddy Mr. Pine.

  6. Mets sign Rod Barajas. Magic number is 163.

    Minor league prospects are the equivalent of back-up quarterbacks: the most popular players on a mediocre team.

  7. Did I miss something or has Daniel Murphy done anything to justify the first-base position either now or in the future?

  8. #7 Ed Kranepool is too old, even for Omar Minaya. Plus the Mets could say he hit .291 in August and September once he got established at first and $itifield. But let’s face it, it always comes down to money and how much the Wilpons have is a big question mark.

  9. 6. Barajas. It is hard to believe, the guy actually improves the team. Now, will we hear tears for the poor AAAA player who gets DFA’d for big Rod? A-Hern? The Fig? We hardly got to know your name Coste? What excitement in Metsland now. Take that Girardi you only have A-Rod, but we have big-Rod!!!!
    4. Hate to break your regualar bubble but Murphy had lost the regualr tag the day the over aged and damaged Sheffield pronounced he could play the field and the “genius” put him out there. Way before Delgado vanished.

  10. Murphy’s first game at first was May 20. Sheffield started 8 games in left field before that. Murphy was only moved to fists when the “genius” got pissed at Reed for making a bad play, of course it was irrelavant that Reed hadn’t played first for a long timne. The “genius” put him in the Jerry house and of course he never got out. Murphy then eventually became a part time first baseman as the young prospoect Tatis was given several September starts to see what kind of prospect he was. It became obvious that “genius” fave Murph had stasrted his downward spiral into the “genius house”.I’d count the starts but you can do it for the both us. When the “genius” figures out how to justify giving the first base job entirely to Jacobs and or Tatis, Murphy will rot until the end of the season or until Minaya gets him a new home. You don’t turn off the “genius”.

  11. Where are you getting your info from, Harry? Tatis started THREE games at 1B in Sept until the 26th, after which he started 4 of the last 8 games of the season.

    Meanwhile, Murphy started 24 games there in Sept/Oct, including the final 2 games of the season.

    Yeah, he was really on Jerry’s “S-list”.