Feb. 19.10: Liking the attitude.

Of course it is early in spring training, but one has to like the initial attitude coming from the team’s leaders, that being David Wright and Johan Santana. On the day after Wright said the team’s goal is to win the World Series, Santana echoed that sentiment.

SANTANA: Liking his attitude.

SANTANA: Liking his attitude.

Said Santana: “My plan is to definitely win the World Series. That’s what we want to do… Whatever they want to say, that’s fine for us. We’re just going to play and have fun at the same time. That’s what baseball is all about.”

Ok, maybe they don’t see the criticism, or maybe they are ignoring it, but either way winning begins with attitude.

Part of Santana’s attitude is coming from the fact he said he arm feels good and he has full extension. Quite honestly, it’s all about pitching and that starts with him.

7 thoughts on “Feb. 19.10: Liking the attitude.

  1. They say that stuff every year. From “Tell Jimmy Rollins that we are the team to beat,” to just about every preseason proclomation since 2006. It’s all about the results. Make the playoffs first, and then you can talk all you want about winning a championship.

  2. (2) You know how some of us fans are JD…Damned if you do..damned if you don’t. LOL :-)

  3. Damn, JD, I like it when you take your realistic — not negative, as some argue — tone.
    You should see and read the Mets propaganda machine, aka Metsblog, which declares Kelvim Escobar to be in “great shape.” Yeah, so great that, as Adam Rubin reports in the Daily News, Escobar said he “thinks” he’ll be ready by Opening Day and won’t pick up a baseball until being checked out by one of the trainers. Hmmm…that seems to contradict Johan Santana, who said he played catch with Escobar just the other day.
    And as far as “attitude”?
    Come on. Everybody’s positive the first few days of Spring Training.
    And Steve O, I’m with ya, buddy. It’s all about results. So how about the Mets get back to .500 first before yapping about their plan to win championships?

  4. JD
    Your comment at the end of the post puts Santana’s comments in perfect context.

    Santana feels good, thus he is positive.

    That’s great news on February 19 considering the alternative.

    If results are what matters than why get worked up about anything the players do until April 5.

    Bash the front office, Fred, Jeff, the medical staff or Mr Met for all I care they never get an off season.

    Spring training for players has always been about new beginnings, a clean slate, a rebirth so to speak.

    This is what makes baseball special.

    If nothing else at least enjoy it until the first exhibition game is played.