Feb. 17.10: Wright speaks in PSL.

David Wright held court this afternoon in Port St. Lucie, and among other things said the Mets’ expectations are to win the NL East and the World Series. Well, I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Wright.

Wright said offensively, he hopes to find something comfortable and stick with it, which translated should mean more home runs. Wright was in a mind funk all last season and only hit 10 homers.

Of all the things he said, I like this best: “I hope its not the underdog role that gets guys fired up, I hope its the embarrassment of last year.”

Embarrassment can be a powerful motivator.

15 thoughts on “Feb. 17.10: Wright speaks in PSL.

  1. Ha! Anyone see that ALREADY Kelvim Escobar, the sore-armed reliever that Omar Minaya anointed before this season as the new setup man, is complaining of shoulder discomfort and has been held out of action.
    Way to go, Omar!

  2. It is good to see someone from the Mets has their expectations right. It would be good if the GM/Coach and owners believed it.


    Yeah. Read that too. It is just one more in a long line of items about injured players with this team. I don’t know anything about the guy so I have no expectations.

    I don’t understand why green is still with the team. i know he has great movement, but he cant control it and is as liable to wild pitch a runner in as to strike someone out.

  3. The “team” was embarrassed? What does that mean? Was the “team” not trying to do their best? A bunch of scrubs and an underperforming 3rd baseman. I would guess the scrubs were trying as hard as they could. They just didn’t have talent. They have nothing to be embarrassed about. Now Wright, if you are embarrassed about hitting less HRs than Murphy or Sheffield, say so, if you are embarrassed because you talk your power woes to the field say so, but don’t speak for a bunch of backups and minor leaguers doing the best they could.
    2. green is on the team dave because he wasn’t arbitration eligible so he stays cheap and they didn’t get anybody better to replace him.

  4. (3) The “embarassment” part can also come from……

    dropping easy popups
    not knowing which base to throw to
    not backing up another player in the field
    taking wrong routes to fly balls
    not touching 3rd base
    not arguing at all and throwing the baserunner who missed 3rd base under the bus
    poor managing
    poor gm’ing

  5. (1) More great news surrounding Escobar:

    A source tells Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports that right-hander Kelvim Escobar (shoulder) is unable to grip a baseball.

    Not good. We’ve already heard that Escobar has experienced shoulder soreness and will be limited as camp begins, but there are increasing indications that his condition is more serious. Escobar, who turns 34 in April, has made only one major league appearance over the last two seasons due to a torn labrum in his right shoulder. The Mets signed him to a one-year, $1.25 million contract this winter.

    Great job by Omar…counting on this guy to be the 8th inning set up man? Whatta GM. I’m off the bandwagon. FIRE OMAR!!!!!!! LOL (but not really)

    Kiko Calero and Joe Beimel are still available. If Omar doesn’t reach out to one of these pitchers, then he is truly an idiot.

  6. (2) Green’s ERA over the second half of the season was a respectable 3.23. He was like lighter fluid during the first half, but was a very effective arm thereafter.

  7. (6). You should be glad O. The Mets, whom you are always worried are spending too much money, most likely won’t have to pay for his incentive bonus money which kicks in at about 10 innings.
    (7) Anybody named Green whose, first name is anything close to Shaun/Sean/Shawn/Shawon and wears a Mets jersey sucks.

  8. (7) Relievers ERA’s are not the best way to measure their effectiveness. I don’t know where you can find the stat, but more important is how many inherited runners he allowed to score/advance, etc.

  9. (9) Green allowed 15 of 34 inherited runners to score in 2009. K-Rod, incidentally, allowed only 3 of 17 inherited runners to score; for Feliciano, it was 10 of 54.

    That said, inherited runners isn’t that great of a stat because all situations aren’t equal. For example, the stat sees no difference between coming in with a runner on first and two outs, and coming in with a runner on third and no outs. What’s more, it’s hard to fault to a reliever for how his manager uses him.

    Suffice to say, if Green continues pitching the way he did over the second half of 2009, he’ll be fine.

  10. 7/10

    like the second half of the year had any meaning.

    when he was put on the spot so he had to deliver he lost more than won

  11. 6

    good that we had a wise use for 1.25 mil

    y would a pitcher need to grip a ball anyway?

    that is an overrated skill

  12. 10. Inherited runners allowed to score is an irrelevant stat for closers because they rarely come into pitch except at the beginning of an inning. This is borne out by your stat showing KROD only inherited 17 runners all season. I agree with what you say in general about other releivers. As for Green we can argue whatever we want but I still say, no matter anyone’s stats, I believe him to just suck.
    12. I have no problem with the signing of Kelvim. Its the non signing of anyone else that is the problem. There is no fall back for the risk, as usual with these Jeffy run Metsies.

  13. 13

    my problem with all these little signings is that they are a quantity not quality thing.

    we sign a bunch of hopefuls. hasnt played in 2 years, just came off surgery, is injured, etc. then when they get hurt we say hey who wudda thunk they all got injured at the same time.

    we got lucky in 06. in other years some players like tatis panned out. but rather than have a real plan and work it we do this garbage.

    i dont mind flyers now and then, but an inordinate number of players are damaged in one way or the other.

    our minors seem to be getting better, but it seems that after all these years we refuse to draft players that others say they would like to have. for many we do draft we dont sign because we dont want to spend. we focus on the latin talent that is 12 years old and then say we have to wait 5 or more years before they are a few years away from helping.

    i would rather draft and wait. by this time if we had done that 5 years ago we would have a bunch of young, cheap, talented players that we control for some time which can be supplemented by fa or trades.

    instead we have santana and carlos and jose and david and now bay. we have no rotation and many more holes on the team than we should. 2 of these players were from a previous regime. the only home grown player with some potential is pelf and perhaps murph.

  14. (13) In the case of a closer, I’d guess that most of those inherited runners would be in the eighth inning; as such, what would be an interesting to stat to look at is how they performed in the ninth, after stranding the runners in the eighth.