Feb. 16.10: Open competition at first.

Omar Minaya said first base is wide open, but is it really?

“He’ll compete for the job,” Minaya said of Jacobs, and then of Murphy, added, “I think it’s fair to say that Murphy has proven himself worthy of being considered, but he’s going to have to continue. It’s an open competition.”

Not quite a ringing endorsement. Jacobs is 29, and hit 18 homers last year and with 92 RBI the season before that.

With Carlos Beltran out and Carlos Delgado gone, the Mets are in need of left-handed power. Yesterday I said Murphy had the potential to hit 20 homers. Well, Jacobs has proven he can hit more than that and he’s not learning a new position.

I can see Jacobs winning this thing with Murphy coming off the bench.

Who would you like to see at first?

12 thoughts on “Feb. 16.10: Open competition at first.

  1. Steve (1): And, you’d be right. They obviously have concerns about Murphy. LaRoche would have been a good fit and wouldn’t have broken the bank, either.-JD

  2. (1) Actually, you want a disposable first baseman this spring, with an eye towards Ike Davis taking over as early as July or as late as 2011.

  3. (3) LaRoche signed a one year deal with the D-Backs with a mutual option. He would have been the perfect stop gap for a year. And if Davis proved he was ready, then LaRoche would have become a tradeable commodity. FWIW, the scouting reports on Ike make him out to be no better than a LaRoche type player.

  4. (4) LaRoche got one year and $4.5 million, with a mutual $7.5-million option for 2011. The contract features a $1.5-million buyout, and the 2011 buyout escalates to $9.5 million if he’s traded. In other words, you’re looking at:

    a.) one year and $6 million
    b.) two years and $12 million
    c.) two years and $14 million, if you want to trade him

    As for the comparison between the two, I’ve read that but believe Davis has shown more power at an earlier age than LaRoche did. LaRoche was a 29th-round pick who exceeded expectations; Davis was a premier college performer and first-rounder.

  5. Jacobs wil be given the job. Murphy was Jery’s fair hair boy and he let Jewrry down. He went into the Jerry jerk house. Nobody gets out of that house. Murphy will rot until he is traded for someone of valuse equal to Lance Broadway’s.
    As for LaRoche all of a sudden somebody would have come here for a matching salary. Ha. All you folks who want cheap talent you got it. His name is Jacobs.
    4. We all know that scouting reports are perfect with minor leaguers don’t we?

  6. (5) He was worth one year for 6 mil too!

    (6) That’s why I said “FWIW,” which means if you didn’t know…”For What It’s Worth.” Don’t you think Murphy was Omar’s boy too?

  7. Mike Jacobs: Too lousy to play for the 97 loss Royals but in the mix for a starting job with the Mets.

    Meanwhile the battle for fourth place in the NL East is ramped up a notch as the Gnats sign Chieng Mien Wang.

  8. (7). It doesn’t matter if you are Omar’s boy or not. He’s only there because they gotta pay him either way. He is just following the directives of the twin GMs of the Mets Jeffy and new puppet string boy Rizzo.
    Meanwhile in the latest set of proven lies by the Mets front office, the lies about the importance of defense and handling the pitcher lies that is, the Mets say not ready to catch in the big leagues Thole will fight AAAA catcher Santos for the starting job. Jeffy, do you think all Met fans forget every lie you spew out? We can’t remember them all, there are so many, but we don’t forget them all either.
    (8). You wouldn’t want the Mets to take a chance on a guy now. Afterall they are officially the small market team in the big apple.
    (7). FWIW… For what its worth…No wonder I can’t read text. Who would’ve thunk it. Thanks O. BTW what does O mean? I thought FWIW was the Fort Worth International Warehouse.

  9. 8. Seriously, Wang was a good risk. If he still is bad you lose 2 million, but if he gets back to form he doesn’t become a free agent until after ’11, so they get him for 2 years at their discretion. But we got Figgy on the 40 man roster and Anderson Hernandez and Coste. We be set.

  10. I want a 1b who is not a defensive liability. that is not jacobs and probably not murphy. laroche would have been nice but it wasnt happening.

    so we could have had wang for 2 bills? he could have been our potential #2 guy next year for a small investment.

  11. (9) They’ve been lying about pitching and defense since Omar took over. It’s riddiculous for Thole to even be considered as a starting option at catcher with the little experience he has. Reports by the way have the Mets offering Rod Barajas a deal. Not that he is a great upgrade, but at least he can hit a homer and give good defense behind the plate.

    (10) At $2 mil , Wang would have been a solid pick up for the Mets, no question about it.