Feb. 14.10: Happy Valentine’s Day.

On this holiday about love I hope you’re all with your significant others. For some of us, our lives are made up of many loves, many passions …. and for the readers of this blog, there’s a passion to baseball and the Mets.

What is it about baseball that you love like no other sport? And, what is it that drew you toward the Mets and caused you to never let go? And, never will.

5 thoughts on “Feb. 14.10: Happy Valentine’s Day.

  1. I would have to say it’s the tobacco chewing (and spitting). I like the NBA and NFL, too, but neither of those sports lend themselves to chewing tobacco and, as such, there’s just not a lot of spitting involved. I guess there’s just a purity about watching men spit.

    Other than the spitting, what drew me towards baseball is the role luck plays in the sport. The biggest, strongest and fastest don’t necessarily win in baseball; often, the 400-ft screaming liner is nothing more than a recorded out, while the 42-hop dribbler becomes a hit that plates runs. Like life, there is no justice in baseball. And I really like the idea that the umps can’t control (or sabotage) the game the way refs can in other, more subjective sports; if you think about it, the umps can’t really take points off the board in baseball the way they can in basketball and football.

    And I like watching men spit.

  2. What I love about baseball is the pure one on one of it. When it boils down it’s picher v.s. batter. I got to love the Mets through my Dad. We’d watch games at night out on the porch of the house and we’d go to three or four games a year. Good memories.