Feb. 13.10: Looking at Perez.

The Mets spent a lot of time this offseason with Oliver Perez, visiting him once a month at the Fischer Sports Physical Therapy in Arizona. They also checked in on him at his Mexico home.
Pitching coach Dan Warthen said Perez became lackadaisical and “slipped into cruise mode,” after landing the big contract. He didn’t come into camp in good shape and was set back after the World Baseball Classic.

The Mets are saying Perez has changed, that he’s in good shape and optimistic about this season. You’ll have to excuse me as I’ve heard that refrain before. I wrote the other day of how you could look at Perez and it is true. He’s young, he’s won before, he’s got a great arm – you know, the party line the last three summers.

It’s all true. So to, have been his brain cramps, wildness and inconsistency.

It’s tempting to look at Perez’s shortcomings and think the worst, which I’ve done. I’m not ready to think the best, but I think I’ll look at him this way. If he pitches poorly, which he’s sure to do, I’ll try not to get upset. Instead I’ll try to think, “well, that’s not surprising.”

And, if he pitches well, and that will happen at times, I’ll try to be pleasantly surprised. There should be less anxiety that way.

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  1. This is all true, but you have to admit, last year was much worse than the two before it. If he can be 07/08 Perez we will be a lot better off than we were with 09 Perez. Maybe not saying much, but I am hoping this renewed work ethic leads to at least something.

  2. JamesSC (1): It was, but there was the injury fallback. I have to hope the work ethic will help him. But, there have been adjustments before that seemed to help but he regressed. Have to hope for the best.-JD

  3. I think we tend to forget how dominant Perez was in 2007, when he finished in the top ten in ERA, wins, strikeouts, hits per nine innings and strikeouts per nine innings. A lefty who can accomplish that at age 25 should not be dismissed out of hand.

  4. If Perez gives the Mets 180 innings with a 4.50 ERA I think most Mets fans would be thrilled.

    I hope he does better.

    The one thing no one talks much about is the fact that Perez got married during last years offseason.
    I know we all want to think that all athletes are not bothered by everyday things but this may have had a very big effect on Ollie.

    The fact that he is coming to camp in better shape is a good sign.
    Lets just hope it’s the first of many to come from Ollie this year.

  5. 4. We can make up excuses for anything for any Met can’t we?
    3. Based on the awesome ERA of Figgy in 2009, there should be no worries aout Met pitching, right Sadecki?

  6. Ollie is as Ollie does.

    This is an interesting post.

    I think our host is greatly affected by the guests constantly complaining about his take on the team and players. Excuse me for being blunt but I feel this is not the posting the author would like to write. Therefore, this post makes me want more.

    That said. Ollie is a key to the season. If he has a great season – better than 13 wins – it will be great for the team.

    Whatever he does this year, I do not think he will be worth the money given him a year ago for the term of the contract.

    I hope I am wrong. I hope he becomes the pitcher this late in his career that his supporters claim he is.

    In the few years he has been here, we have seen him make progress only to fall back because he just cannot hold it. No one can seem to fix him and make him the pitcher his talent can make him be.

    There are always those people who have talent, but never fulfill it. I believe Ollie is one of those people.

  7. 4/8

    I do not see Ollie as a 200 inning pitcher. It would be nice and he can pitch that way if he doesn’t get into trouble, but that is not him.

  8. 3. One thing that should not be forgotten about OPs ’07 was his amazing abilty to implode after an error, always with two outs, allowing him to give up the staggering number of 20 unearned runs, more than double of any other of his good bad or ugly seasons. His truly outstanding season with the Pirates when he had an ERA of under 3, he gave up only 6 unearned runs making his numbers very impressive.

  9. (11) Yes and no. Six of those unearned runs occurred when his fielders made errors on two-out plays over the course of four different games — and in only one game did the two-out, run-scoring error lead to additional runs; i.e., in every other case, Perez got out of the inning after the two-out, run-scoring error without more runs scoring.

    The game where additional runs scored after the two-out, run-scoring error is worth scrutiny. With two outs and a runner on first in the fifth inning of a 2-1 game, Met fielders committed back-to-back errors, the second of which allowed a run to score. Perez then served up a three-run dinger, followed by a walk and a single; a reliever came in and promptly served up another three-run dinger, thus leaving Perez with six unearned runs against in that inning alone.

    All this said, it’s not always apparent whether an unearned run is the result of a pitcher losing concentration or just shit happening during the course of a game. In one game, the catcher dropped a called third strike, allowing the batter to reach first, and the next batter doubled him in; that, arguably, could be a loss in concentration. Yet, in another case, the lead-off hitter reached on a three-base error and was driven in on a double by the next batter; does the idea that Perez retired the next three hitters, including a strikeout with a runner on third and one out, suggest there was a concentration lapse?

  10. (4) I would not be satisfied with a 4.50 ERA from Ollie. In his last two healthy seasons he posted ERA’s of 3.5 and 4.2. Why should anyone be satisfied with a 4.5?