Feb. 11.10: Mets’ catching is what it is.

Of all the positions the Mets needed help at – save pitching – they probably could have used a first rate catcher more than anything else.

They didn’t get Bengie Molina, but were wise not to cave on the three years. But when the smoke cleared, surely they could have matched the offer Molina signed for. Rod Barajas is still out there, but is he really an upgrade over Henry Blanco and Omir Santos? Probably not.

Perhaps more than any other position, catching was the thinnest in the free agent market this winter.

It looks like it will be a Blanco-Santos platoon, which is hardly inspiring. Then again, there was always bringing back Brian Schneider, he wrote sarcastically.

21 thoughts on “Feb. 11.10: Mets’ catching is what it is.

  1. They offered Molina more than the Giants did, not only in salary (approximately 10 percent more) but in terms of a second-year option, as well. Typically, though, a ten-percent raise isn’t enough to make someone pack up and uproot their children and move across the country.

  2. 1. Correct, but if you really want guys in NYC you need to do better than match. You need to make offers they can’t refuse. Just ask CC why he’s in the Bronx. It wasn’t because of the neighborhood. That’s the way it That’s why Pedro came here and Beltran left Houston and Wagner and so on.

  3. The correct was for Tiffany. The rest was meant for Delcos’ comment about matching Molina.

  4. I read somewhere that the Mets’ financial issues could be related to the idea that they _made_ money off Madoff and are now facing the possibility of having to return those ill-begotten earnings.

  5. The Mets have been blessed at catcher more than any other position. Grote, Stearns, Carter, Hundley, Piazza. It has spiraled downward since. Loduca, Schnieder, Santos. Its gotten so bad that even Barrajas would be an improvement.

  6. 5. Hey Sadecki; what’s with those names??? You left out CHITI !!!!!!!! And my buddies Ginsberg, Coleman, Cannizaro, Landrith, Pignatano, even Sammy Taylor.. You have hurt all of our feelings.

  7. 6. I only started counting when we had GOOD catchers. I also left out Charlie OBrien, Mackey Sasser and Barry Lyons who filled in between Carter and Hundley because they were just fill ins. Maybe thats what the last 3 have been. I hope so.

  8. 8. You have a real mean streak in you. Wait until you join Chiti in the great beyond. No welcoming party to greet Sadecki!

    PS: Notice that of all those good catchers you mention, only one came from the Mets system. Doesn’t say much to give hope to Thole does it?

  9. “hardly inspiring” is an understatement.
    Santos is terrible.
    Blanco is not much better.
    Catcher is going to be a black hole for a while.

    But I am glad they did not overpay for Molina. SImply put, he isn’t worth the $ and yrs he was looking for per the papers.

  10. I am looking forward to Omir “Short Swing” Santos and Blanco catch Hisanori Takahashi and Ryota Igarashi. I will be sure to be three sheets to the wind.

  11. Im sure tiffany will appreciate this.

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  12. 14. Chiti, never claimed to be. Borrowing heavily from the immortal John Lennon. Just tryin to warn Delcos that if he continues to run his blog like this. It will soon be in trouble. I see too many other ones that are up to date and better than this one. Bloggers like you Chiti Keep me here, but sorry to say, this blog is not keeping up with the competition. I know JD is having health issues, but he needs to get in here more than once in the day to post here or its not gonna be a pretty picture.

  13. 15. I understand you want him here but this blog always has someone pop up the latest signing or front office embarassment and the site just keeps going. It doesn’t seem to matter here who is here including our host. Even last night you started two debates. One about Delcos’ presence and one about your politically incorrect description of our newest crappy pitcher. Its the chaos and warts that make Delcos’ site unique, at least to me.

  14. (5) Wow Sadecki,of the top five you mentioned, only Hundley was home grown. I mean…wow.