Feb. 10.10: Around the Horn.

Responding to some news items:

REPORT: Mets out of money?

REPORT: Mets out of money?

* Fox Sports.com says the Mets are out of money, which is preventing them from signing Rob Barajas, and kept them from Joel Pineiro.

Considering nobody has access to the Mets’ finances outside the team, I don’t know how they could report that and be totally accurate. Maybe the Mets just don’t want to spend the money. A team out of money doesn’t spent $66 million on Jason Bay.

I think the Mets looked at the FA landscape, saw they couldn’t win without breaking the bank and opted just to be competitive instead. Competitive keeps the fans coming all summer.

* I do think, however, it is a mistake not to take a look at Chien-Ming Wang. Reports have been good on his shoulder and would be worth the gamble. Certainly, he would have come for less than Ben Sheets, another injury gamble.

* I was pleased to see Keith Hernandez working with Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans. I always knew he would if he were asked. Not to use a valuable resource like that is foolish.

In a conference call, Hernandez said: “For Dan last year, in midseason, to have to move over to first base and basically learn on the job at the major-league level, that’s a lot to ask; and I just thought that he really did admirably. I was surprised at how he played first base. It was much better than I expected.’’

* ESPN is reporting the Mets are close to re-signing first baseman Mike Jacobs.

16 thoughts on “Feb. 10.10: Around the Horn.

  1. Out of money. This isn’t first report. I stick to my theory that Jeffy was shocked that the Bay deal didn’t get the season tickets renewal going and he said no sales, no new players. Its easy to make offers that you know won’t be accepted and say we tried.
    Jacobs: Interesting. Has Jerry totally given up on Murphy? Is he going back to catcher? Is he going to take ABs away from Davis in Buffalo? Maybe Jerry has a strategy for a lefty/lefty platoon at first. That’ll trick the other guys Jerry. Well, maybe he’ll show DWright how to hit a HR.
    Keith should be running the club. Jerry would never compliment a player like that. Keith understands how to treat people.

  2. Hmmmm…So, Mr. Wilpon, your financial losses in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme had no effect on the financial operation of the Mets, huh? I smell a rat.

  3. As I said the other day, this could be a good thing. Maybe we could get new ownership that has a clue. Getting Jacobs makes no sense to me. How many first basemen do you need? Murphy and Tatis are the combo for this year. You still have Evans and the guy they got for Wagner. Then theres Ike. We need pitchers and catchers, not another first baseman.

  4. 3. Well, at leasat we agree about Jacobs. Can’t wait for the Steve O pep talk on this one!

  5. harry may be right on the money thing.

    why is it that this team spends a million here and a million there on really crap players and then pleads poverty?

  6. “I think the Mets looked at the FA landscape, saw they couldn’t win without breaking the bank and opted just to be competitive instead. Competitive keeps the fans coming all summer.”

    isn’t that what the team does every year? when i hear the gm or the other gm’s/owners speak i never hear them say the goal is to win the world series. they always talk about being competitive.

    you can say what you want about bill parcells but he built his teams to win. they may flame out and not get there and be in a financial mess when he leaves, but he tries.

    i can’t really say that about the mets.

    no better example can be had than last year. the mets were the only team with the money and the needs to clean up with no real competition. they could have revamped their rotation, gotten good OF’s , bench and whatever. all at a huge discount to recent prices.

    what did they do? they got their closer, a damaged 8th inning guy that they knew about ( zambrano anyone ?) and they paid ollie a huge contract he did not deserve. so the ended up getting a closer to replace the one they lost and returned the rotation that has failed every year and said let’s go.

    that year was worst than this. at least this year you can say with a straight face that no one was worth the money you would have to pay them.

    what was the excuse last year? we got our guy ( a replacement for the other guy ) and sat on their hands.

    they did that this year too. they got their guy ( a replacement for the other guy – delgado ) and sat on their hands.

    sound familiar?

  7. So now its official. Mets get Jacobs back for 900k guaranteed plus 1.1 mil in incentives. He is to compete with Murphy for the first base job. My question is where does the loser end up? There is no room on the bench or in AAA. Next question is why didnt they use the money to get Barrajas who is at least a proven major league catcher?

  8. 11. Well there are many more possibilities for this team now Delcos. Option one is give the first baseman job to Jacobs so that the Mets can put Murphy on second based on his few games in the Arizona League it would give Manuel another chance to publicly belittle Murphy for not playing good defense, or better yet, now Jerry can make a first base platoon of Jacobs/Tatis and add a third base platoon of Murphy/Wright!!
    More seriously, hopefully, someone wants Murphy and he will be traded in a package for some pitching or a major league catcher. Jacobs or Murphy at first. More power versues higher average. Probably a wash.
    PS: I saw the Jake catch when he was in Bingy. He was really bad. His main problem was he couldn’t catch a breaking ball. Maybe that’s why he can’t hit one either!

  9. (4) Harry: Low cost high reward player. Great defensively and knows how to get on base!!!! Jacobs for President!!! In all seriousness, Omar has now officially wasted 4.4 mil on Cora, Matthews Jr, and Jacobs. All which could have gone to getting one of those mediocre pitchers you wanted the Mets to get. lol

  10. 13. One of those mediocre pitchers O who would have made the team a wee bit better a concept obviously that Omar and his band of wishful thinking followers have never grasped!!!! LOL

  11. (14)Are you kidding? I’d rather have gone for the mediocre pitcher than those three any day!!!