Feb. 9.10: What’s your confidence level in the Mets?

I’ve posted a new poll asking your confidence level on the team heading into spring training. Is it hot, with your thinking last year was a fluke because of the injuries and they’ll bounce back? Is it lukewarm, with you not having a handle yet on the team? Or, is it cold because they are bringing back the same rotation that went 70-92 last season?

Vote and post your feelings here. Thanks.

43 thoughts on “Feb. 9.10: What’s your confidence level in the Mets?

  1. Ice cold. As in Antarctica.
    Ownership and management has failed miserably to addressing the team’s greatest need, pitching.
    Several free agent starters and relievers were available and the Mets whiffed on all of them.
    Management and the team’s medical staff continued the trend of mismanaging player injuries — in this case, the team’s best player, Carlos Beltran — to the point where the player justifiably sought diagnosis and treatment outside the team’s medical staff and without first consulting the team.
    As for the other holes on the team — catcher, first base, left field — the Mets markedly improved only in left field by signing Jason Bay. Management appears content to go with mediocrity in the Daniel Murphy-Fernando Tatis platoon at first, an aging, past-his-prime, overpaid, limited range second baseman in Luis Castillo, and Omir Santos, who has never been an everyday starter, behind the plate.
    Pinning hopes on oft-injured Kelvim Escobar and Ryota Igarashi, who has never thrown a pitch in the Major Leagues to bolster a bullpen made up of the erratic Sean Green and the inconsistent Bobby Parnell to set up an unpredictable closer in Frankie Rodriguez, is foolhardy.
    If everything breaks right with the current roster, they could at best finish third in the division with maybe an 82-80 record, in which they’ll lose a lot of games by scores of 9-7, rather than 3-1.

  2. Gil: Who exactly did they “whiff” on for starters? Duncan prodigy Piniero? 4.50 ERA Marquis? Soon to have injury problems Lackey? The great mediocrity of Garland and Doug Davis? Who were these great pitchers that are out there that they whiffed on? Regarding relievers, all the best ones wanted to be closers and guess what? They all got jobs AS CLOSERS!!! Their whiffs are not having the guts to cut Castillo and not improving at 1b.

  3. 2 Hey, Steve O.
    Here are the starters the Mets whiffed on: Justin Duchsherer, John Lackey, Joel Pineiro, Aroldis Chapman, Randy Wolf, Ben Sheets, Brad Penny, Jon Garland.
    Notice I’m not even mentioning Jason Marquis, Erik Bedard or Chien-Ming Wang.
    I’m not saying any of these guys are “great,” but they certainly are improvements on what the Mets trotted out to the mound when Johan Santana wasn’t pitching.
    As for releivers…
    Well, let’s see…
    Chan Ho Park was out there and he had a better year than any setup man the Mets had last year, other than Pedro Feliciano…Same thing for Kiko Calero, Joe Biemel, former Met Chad Bradford…

  4. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the team a 6.5.

    I will assume the offense comes back and that Beltran will make it back on the team. That gives them a good attack. The addition of Jose will dramatically improve the D.

    Their pitching sucks. And has been suckish for a few years now. If the above comes to pass, they will be an above 500 team. Say 85 wins, which is about 15 better than last.

    But this team is not going anywhere. Better than last year? Yes.

    Management has issues and the last 2 offseasons is proof of that.

  5. Steve,

    4) All of the above.

    No one is disputing that the free agent pitching staff was something to long for. But for 2 years in a row they failed to improve one of the most glaring problems on the team.

    Any of these pitchers would help the team. Even some guy who has a 4.5 era but can take the ball every 5th game is an improvement. The only pitcher on this staff who can claim to do that is Pelfrey.

    Who here says he has been a player we can be proud of? I like him. But he is young and has not found his way yet. But he is our most consistent pitcher.

    What does that say?

  6. In the silence that happens between football and baseball SI brings you the swimsuit issue.

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  7. 5. Don’t you think Jon Niese, Nelson Figueroa, and Fernando Nieve could give you an ERA of 4.5?

    3. Duscherer has a bad elbow and mental issues. Giving Sheets 10 mil was insane and if not for the Commisioner telling clubs that are tightwads to actually spend their money, I doubt the A’s would have given that much. I’ve already spoken of Piniero and Garland etc. Chapman? He’s not going to help any team this year and there are questions about his makeup and weather he will even be a starter. Take a look at the stats of Joe Beimel and how he is against lefties and you tell me how good he is. Chan Ho? So good that even the Phills didn’t want him back.

  8. Dave: You make great points.
    But it’s debatable whether a team that’s a 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best is gonna scratch out 85 wins in a very competitive league.
    A key question to ask about each player the Mets investigated in the free agent market is: Is he better than what we already have?
    So while the free agent pitching market was somewhat lacking, many of the names out there are better than what the Mets currently have.
    And one thing we may all be forgetting here: It’s not just the Phillies the Mets are chasing — it’s also the Braves, Marlins and every other potential Wild Card contender. Other NL clubs have improved themselves.
    Have the Mets?
    Minaya’s strategy of tweaking the roster with minor additions and subtractions and hoping that all the injured players return to form and crossing his fingers that Daniel Murphy will transform into Don Mattingly, Omir Santos becomes Johnny Bench, Luis Castillo reverts to 2003 form, Oliver Perez and John Maine repeat their ’07 seasons and Mike Pelfrey channels a young Tom Seaver is beyond optimistic. It’s ridiculous.
    Minaya’s greatest shortcoming as a GM is formulating plans with his heart and not his head and basing them on optimism rather than realism.

  9. And you guys want the Mets to throw extra money at overrated pitchers with contracts that can hurt the Mets going forward. Is that what you want to do for “innings” and a “4.50 ERA?”

  10. I haven’t been this confident since November 21, 1977 when the Mets signed their first free agent: pitcher Tom Hausman. The next day, the Yankees were forced to retaliate for tabloid back pages by signing Goose Gossage. The Mets went on to win two more games in 1978 than the year before. Meanwhile the Yankees got half a game worse because of their bad front office decision making.
    The Mets front office has identified the problem and lowered the center field fence from 16 feet to 8 feet. Time to start planning the parade.

  11. 7 Steve, when you say Chapman won’t help any team this year, ask yourself if Oliver Perez will help any team this year.
    While Duchsherer has had elbow issues, John Maine has had shoulder issues.
    As for mental issues, which pitchers were bigger last year than Perez’s?
    Adding Joe Biemel certainly would be better than the parade of ineffective lefties who were brought in to shoulder some of the load Pedro Feliciano had last year.
    The Phillies can afford to let Chan Ho go because they have better options in their own ‘pen.
    Do the Mets?
    I’d rather have Chan Ho than Sean Green or Bobby Parnell.

  12. 9 Steve, Minaya already HAS thrown extra money to overrated players: Luis Castillo, Scott Schoeneweis, Moises Alou, Guillermo Mota.
    And sorry to say this, but the entire pay scale for Major League players is inflated far beyond their talent levels. That ship sailed in the ’70s.
    I don’t like it any more than you do, but overpaying for talent is the nature of the beast.
    Where the Wilpons and Minaya have failed is deciding whether to rebuild (my preference) or spend like mad on this year, future consequences be damned. What they’ve been doing is pursuing some nebulous middle ground that accomplishes nothing.

  13. (11) I have asked myself about Ollie and I think he is primed to have a huge bounceback year. Duscherer had severe mental issues. Not like the kind we joke around with Ollie. Scratch the Beimel comment from before, I was thinking about Will Ohman. But it’s not like Beimel is great anyway. He is also still unsigned. Sorry, you can’t sell me on Park. If he was sooo great, the Phills wouldn’t need the other options, they’d simply keep Park.

    (12) That has been a big downfall about Minaya, but you are talking about things that happened in the past. Is Omar supposed to KEEP ON making the same mistakes? Is that what you want him to do?

  14. (10) Funny one Dan! lol. I always thought it was Elliot Maddox who was the first FA signee? Shoot man, looking back at Hausman’s stats, we could use him! lol

  15. 13. The Phillies dropped their negotiations with Park because he decided once again that he wanted to be a starter. So they sad bye bye. But don’t let facts get in the way of convincing yourself that every player in the world that doesn’t wear METS on his shirt, sucks. And it is funny how you find the risk in every non Met, but totally ignore the history and risk of every Met. Afterall, your gut, borrowed from Willie maybe? tells OP will be a star so it must be. No risk in him or the John Maine who provided a 6 week career in ’07 and then has been nothing but mediocre, or head case Pelfrey, etc. They are METs so they will all be perfect and all at the same time. Can hardly wait.

  16. Harry: Did the same starting rotation take them to within a game of the playoffs in 2008 despite a suspect bullpen? Uhhh..YES would be the answer. Yeah, you would prefer the Mets throw money at every piece of crap out on the market. That really really makes a great winning formula.

  17. 12. To further illustrate how crazy the pitching salaries have become, check this out. Brandon Webbs salary for 2010 6.5Mil Dan Haren-7.5 mil per yr. These contracts were only done a few years ago. These pitchers are far superior to ANY pitchers in this years market and that includes Lackey IMO. I agree with the original. Figgy and Garland are basically the same pitcher. Only difference is the Salary.

  18. 16. Yes SteveO, those pitchers helped the NYMETS NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. Therefore, standing pat with them while the Philadelphia Phillies who by the way won the pennant in the year you long for so much, and have upgraded their pitching staff since then, is definitely the smart thing to sdo. Good call … You win. The METS remain inferior to the Phillies and that is good?? OK, if you say so. Plus, you really seem to have a reading impairment because you haven’t listened to one thing written. I have said many times you try to get better. The cost of a player is what the market brings not wwaht Steve O says it is. If you think you shouldn’t get better because a hut costs too much in your mind then you have acctepted a losing franchise. Well, you will enjoy going to half empty jeffy field this year, because most fans want to win, the cost is the Wilpons not yours. Thin they are lowering prices because they didn’t up the payroll this year?? Every guy the Mets don’;t get you say suck. If true the Mets should win every year. Something wrong with your eval O.
    17. C’mon Sadecki, nobody will call Garland a star but to say 35 year old career AAAA pitcher Figgy with all of 13 wins and 28 losses under his belt is the same as Garland with 117 wins and only at 30 years old is a really bad comparison one that I would expect to hear from Jeffy Wilpon or one of his puppets.

  19. (18) My evaluations are fine as far as I am concerned. I can read the back of a baseball card. You might want to as well.

  20. steve

    bottom line is it seemed to me we could have improved the pitching for about 6 million on s one year deal.

    yes. we have those guys in the minors. can they be productive for one year? i dont know. do you? besides. we will need them for the inevitable injury replacements.

    bottom line is we have had pitching problems for a long time. more than 5 years. we have not improved our pitching the past 2 years and we should have.

  21. 17 Ray: Figgy and Garland are the SAME pitcher??
    How many times has Figgy pitched a complete game shutout in a League Championship Series? One less time than Garland, who did that in the ’05 ALCS.
    How many times has Figgy ever been an All-Star? One less time than Garland, who did that in ’05.
    How about Cy Young votes? Garland finished in the top 10 back in ’05 also.
    Garland is also five years younger than Figueroa.
    13 Steve O, as far as Minaya continuing to make mistakes? He should’ve been fired after last season for repeating them! Under his watch, the Mets in five years have gone from respectable to World Series contender to a damn joke!

  22. (23) Gil: You’re reaching back into 2005? Is that the best you can come up with? LOL. As far as Minaya goes..Agreed. :-)

  23. (23) It’s all Harry’s fault anyway. He has made me try defend Omar. And I hate that g-d damn Barzini!

  24. 25 Steve: At least with Garland there’s SOMETHING to reach back to, other than Figgy.

  25. 26. Sorry ’bout that! But, you’re not defending Omar, you’re defending Jeffy. When Omar ran the show he made moves and was bold even if one didn’t agree with him. He’s not runnong the show. He doesn’t stand pat. The first time Omar tried to get Benji and benji asked too much, Omar didn’t sleep on it for 2 months, he went out and plucked LoDuca in a flash. This time he said we got Blanco Coste and Santos. No way.

  26. 23. Gil, You should Know as a long time baseball fan that w-L Means nothing for a pitcher. Do you know the diffence between the two pitchers ERA for career is? less than 1 tenth of 1 percent. Garland had one good year 5 years ago. Lets go ahead and give him a big contract. You all know I am not an Omar supporter. My guess is that the wilpons have finally cut off the blank check to idiot minaya at last. Maybe its better this way.

  27. 28. Chiti, well you could call it bold or you could call it gambles. in 2006 most of his gambles won. Its like somebody who wins big at the casino the first time. they think they can do it again and again until they are declaring bankruptcy. Omars credit is no good. Stupid wilpons should just cut him off now instead of showing the world that he is only a brainless puppet.

  28. 29. Good one Sadecki…. We’ll put your new ace Figgy in the Hall of Fame. W-L mean nothing but ERA is the thee all and end all. You know that baloney. Figgy pitching in games out of hand one way or the other has a lot of meaning as guys are swinging quick to get out of the park. I guess the fact that when the Mets DFAd him last year and nobody bit on him and he refuesd minor league assignment and nobody still picked him up was an indication that despite the fact he was an above average pitcher, the baseball world had a conspiracy to force him back to Buffalo. give us a break. He is AAAA material and everyone knows it including you. Things are slow and you’re taking my role to start some activity. And saying Garland was good several years ago. That’ was more recently than your new ace since Figgy was never any good, except maybe in the Korean League.
    31. Funny hoew all you guys who want him gone suddenly also praisde the fact the Mets didn’t get better in the offseason. Pick one out.

  29. Chiti, Maybe your right. Figgy is AAAA material. So what does that make Garland. And Im sure you know the best indication of a pitchers effectivness is ERA. Check out who the ERA champ was in the NL in 1978 and tell me thier won loss record. You say figgy is my ace. good. that only shows you are arguing just to make an argument. Defending your good friend Gil, no less.

  30. 29 W-L means, nothing, Ray?
    Guess then the Basbeall Writers Association of America should completely reevaluate Hall of Fame credentials for pitchers.
    If it’s all about ERA, then you’re saying that right now Barry Zito, Mike Timlin and Derek Lowe are among the top pitchers in baseball. According to mlb.com those three pitchers are among the top 25 active pithcers in ERA.
    Zito is the most overpaid pitcher in baseball who peaked years ago when he won the Cy Young, Timlin is barely hanging on and Lowe? Well, the Mets should’ve signed him last year instead of Oliver Perez.
    You’re right that winning games isn’t the only measure of a great pitcher, but it sure as hell goes a long way.
    If Hall of Fame credentials for pitchers were based only on ERA, Ray, then why aren’t Tommy Bond and Big Ed Reulbach (numbers seven and 10 respectively on the All-Time ERA leaders list) not in the Hall of Fame?

  31. 33. wow, Sadecki digs thru the annals oif baseball to try to prove the crappy Nelson is major league material. 1978. Swan, he tells us look at his wins. Only 9. Of course Sadecki, suddenly the stat head that he is, chooses to ignore the fact that Swan despite being on a team that was horrible, to be nice, had a winning % of 600. He also ignores the fact that on the opposite end of the wins spectrum you have the future Hall of Famer Nelson Figgy who has a winning % of less than .333. Nelson has lost more than 67% of the time. In addition playing on a team that was bad like Swan did in 78, the great Nelson with his CAREER year of an ERA just over 4, managed to be so freakin bad in the few games he pitched that were close or that he started that he unlike Swan, had a winning % even worse than the hapless 09 Mets had, demonstrating that Nelson is indeed a minor league player, who can only find a job on a terrible team with a hideous front office. You should stop pounding Mionaya Sadecki. You should want him to be GM for life. Afterall, he was smart enough to bring back Figgy over and over again, while every other GM turned away from this very under appreciated HoF talent.

  32. Ah, Chiti, just like old times. My point is not that figgy is good. Its that Garland is no better. Its also that era is a much better way to judge a pitcher than wins. Here is another example for you. On that same 1978 team was Jerry Koosman who went 3-15 with a 3.7 era. Next year he was traded to the twins. His era in 79 was 3.4, only slightly better than the year before yet he won 20 games that year. The difference wasnt the pitcher it was the team. Comprende?

  33. 37. You are making a terrible case for your point. You use Koosman and Figgy in the same argument. You lose. If you would have used a Maine/Garland pitch maybe you can save face to to compare Figgy to anybody except maybe the shadow of Lima you lose automatically.

  34. No, Chiti. You lose. All you can do is twist things and change the point of the argument. you must be a lawyer or even worse a politician of some sort.

  35. 40. Yes Sadecki, i was indeed a lawyer, put a lot fof a holes away. But you really need to give up on your pathetic attempt to make figgy a star. If he makes the team its another indication of the team returning to another long dark period. Even if Figgy had talent, he doesn’t know how to win. guys like Marquis and all the oter guys the Mets fans are happy aren’t here, know how to win. That’s why they have winning carer records. Figgy is a loser and his 13-28 record clearly demonstrates that.

  36. No sense in continuing this argument. If I want to go in circles I would go on a carousel ride. It would be more fun and just as productive.