Feb. 9.10: Mets need a full Reyes.

I’ve been looking at the Mets position players with this thought: Whose season might be the most important for them to reach contending status. That is, of course, under the assumption the rotation pitches well.

REYES: Mets need his spark.

REYES: Mets need his spark.

My first thought was David Wright, but I’m inclined to give the benefit of doubt and believe last season was an aberration, that he’ll be closer to normal this year. Then I thought Daniel Murphy, as with Carlos Beltran out at the start that the Mets would need an infusion of power someplace. But, Murphy is what he is, and he’s not – at least in this stage of his career – a power hitter.

Then it became obvious: The keys to the Mets offense has always been Jose Reyes. When he’s running, stealing bases, legging out triples and beating out bunts, and going into the hole for the ball, that’s when the Mets are at their best.

Of all the position players, he’s the one who needs to be at his best if the Mets are to prove last year was an injury-riddled fluke. If Reyes is on his game, the Mets go from being a listless team to a dangerous one.

The reports so far have been positive on his rebab, but he’s not tested them under baseball conditions. When he does, we might gain a greater insight as to where this season will go.

Pitchers and catchers less than two weeks.

7 thoughts on “Feb. 9.10: Mets need a full Reyes.

  1. I hope your critics don’t think you’re being too negative on this post. LOL.
    As for Wright, have the stat heads done their research? Has anyone ever had the power dropoff he had without injury and came back to his pre drop off levels?

  2. I think you are right.

    If Jose comes back with the speed and aggressiveness that he has played with in the past it changes things dramatically. If healthy I hope this team can hit behind him and score him.

    However, to win you need pitching which we do not have. By win I mean do what we did in 06 or come close to it. We might have a plus 500 record, but this team with all its offensive potential still needs pitching.

  3. dave (2): You won’t get an argument from me on that. They were 70-92 last season and plan on going into this year with the same rotation. How encouraging is that?-JD

  4. (5) Because in 2008 the same rotation would have gotten the Mets to the playoffs with a better bullpen? And this year you’ll (hopefully) have a healthy Santana, Perez, and Maine and a better Pelfrey.

  5. steve


    santana was hurt ( again ) this year and was essentially done by the half.

    Maine has a hard time staying healthy and well Ollie has never proved to be reliable from year to year let alone game to game.

    Pelfrey has yet to put together one consistent year.

    Ignoring that we do not have a #5 on the staff let alone a #2/3, how can you say it would have gotten us to the playoffs last year?

    We have been out of the money for 3 years straight and do not have a solid pen.

    I just do not understand the optimism of many on this board when results prove otherwise.

    Just a note. I have been a strong defender of the GM and the team in years past. Last year was fence year for me. They proved in their offseason actions the past 2 years and their performance the last 3 that this team does not deserve my or your optimism that God will lend his hand and take this team to the promised land. For it will not happen this year.

    This team has been getting worse each of the last 3 years.

    While I do not expect them to be as bad as last, I do not consider this to be a winning team.