Feb. 8.10: Let’s not get carried away.

The Mets got some positive news when 21–year-old outfield prospect Fernando Martinez was named MVP of the Caribbean Series. They should, however, resist the temptation to say he’s ready because it was a 23-at-bat sampling in which he hit .348 with two home runs. The Mets have rushed prospects before and I don’t want to see them toy with Martinez’s confidence.

Assuming the best on Carlos Beltran, I’m sure center field will be safe with Angel Pagan and Gary Matthews Jr., in the interim, which should be a couple of months. Martinez wouldn’t get regular at-bats and would only be sent down once Beltran is ready.

I’m still thinking the prudent decision would be for him to get regular playing time in Triple-A and then make an evaluation around the All-Star break whether he should be promoted for the second half.

12 thoughts on “Feb. 8.10: Let’s not get carried away.

  1. I want to see FMart play one full season someplace. He needs a lot of work.

    he is not mlb ready.

    i hear there is a 30 cf in AAA we can bring up. he does not have the stick, but he is a CF and presumably has more experience.

    as you say we also have pagan and mathess.

    not thrilled with them as a permanent solution, but it is what it is.

  2. dave (1): I’ve seen the Mets to this before with prospects. They rush them into situations where they can’t excel and their confidence takes a beating. The Mets don’t have that many prospects to begin with and to rush the ones they have is folly.-JD

  3. Anybody remember Benny Ayala? He had a good Caribbean World Series in 1974, hit something like .477. Coming off a World Series loss, there was a lot of speculation he might help the team. He couldn’t make the squad but resurfaced in the summer to become the first Met to homer in his first at bat. Other than that, he did very little as a Met although five years later he resurfaced in Baltimore where Earl Weaver knew how to get the best out of his ability as a platoon hitter/DH.
    I hope that besides not rushing F Mart back, the Mets impress upon him the need to hustle all the time. That stunt he pulled in not running out a pop fly early in his career will stick until he does enough to make people forget it.

  4. The only way F Mart makes this team in Spring Training is if he does something special to earn his way into the starting roll in that CF fill in (unlikely) or Pagan is injured (much more likely).

  5. (2) I don’t know, Wright and Reyes did pretty well for themselves and you could say that they were rushed. The player you are referring to I am sure is Parnell, but what you don’t realize is that he wasn’t that good to begin with. And of course why should any Met fan get excited about anything. After all, it wouldn’t be your blog if we were able to be happy for a minute.

    (3) Dan: I remember Benny Ayala quite well. As a matter of fact he went on to have a nice World Series in 1979 with the Orioles if i’m not mistaken.

  6. 5. Big difference between Wright/Reyes and FMART is that when the former were broguht up they were allowed to play and develop by managers who knew the situation and let them grow. FMART has an a-hole for a manager, one who played the last month of a 70 win season as if he were fighting for a playoff spot. FMART under this guy would be very bad unless he starts out on fire and stays that way until the jerk is fired. Even if he were on fire, he’d end up in the dog house for some reason and end up rotting on the bench.

  7. 5/6

    also no one had expectations for the team.

    everyone in mgmt is saying they can compete.

    very different

  8. (6) You mean that mastermind Art Howe? They were allowed to play and grow because the Mets were lousy in 2003/2004. If the Mets were supposed to contend then, who knows how that would have changed. Look, I by no means am saying that F-Mart should be up in the bigs. He needs a full healthy season IMO unless he is ripping the cover off the ball the first 3 or 4 months or so of the season. But not every player who gets pushed thru the system quickly ends up busting.

  9. Not getting carried away but this has been such a lousy offseason I will take some positive news for a change.

  10. (9) Me too Ray. But the “Negative Delcos New York Mets Report Blog,” won’t allow it! :-)

  11. 8. Art Howe was boring, and managed baseball with as little creativity as possible, but he didn’t go in front of the cameras and sell out his players after every loss, he wasn’t such a moron that he played old has beens like Tatis instead of kids in September and he wouldn’t have suddenly made Schneider the personal catcher for Pelfrey and take bats and experience away from Thole. Your current a-hole manager had a team going down the drain and still had his kids rotting away. At least Art Howe was smart enough to play them.
    10. You think every non signing is positive news, oops except for Laroche, excuse the booboo. Delcos is as positive as Jeffy and Jerry and new puppet Ricco deserve.

  12. (10) It’s because not wasting a second year on Molina, not overpaying for Marquis and Piniero WERE GOOD MOVES.