Feb. 6.10: Random thoughts.

Just some things that have passed through my mind lately:

* If catcher is a position of mostly back-ups, I’d just as soon see what Josh Thole can do, maybe sooner than later.

* If first base is a platoon between Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis, I’d like to see what Murphy can do against left-handed pitching.

* David Wright ended last season stepping into the bucket after he was beaned. I hope he’s over that. Fear can quickly derail a career.

* I just wonder where Carlos Beltran would be had he had surgery in September.

* I’d like to see them sign John Smoltz for the bullpen, but he still wants to start. He’s worth a shot in either role. Hall of Famers deserve one more shot.

5 thoughts on “Feb. 6.10: Random thoughts.

  1. JD

    Your thoughts are very close to the current Mets Mission Statement that hangs in offices of Jeff and Omar.

    “If, ifs and buts were candy and nuts wouldn’t it be a Merry Christmas.”

    The wisdom of Dandy Don lives on.

  2. 1. How about Chuck Thompson’s version:
    “If, ifs and buts were candy and nuts, what a wonderful world this will be.”

    As for Thole, the problem I have with him in the bigs is that he doesn’t seem to have a feel for working with the pitchers. He needs to develop that in the minors, but he will probably do it in Queens and have Jerry the joke, turn on him and go into his dog house and get moved!

  3. There is some question whether Thole will ever develop into a competent big-league receiver. What he needs now, more than spending a year on a big-league bench, is another year of everyday work behind the plate in the minors.

    While I’m confident Thole could produce Lo Duca-like offensive numbers (i.e., those numbers produced without the steroids), the jury is still out as to whether he’ll be a liability on defense.

  4. i think thole needs 2 years in the minors learning to catch. he really has only done it for a year or so.

    for the team currently constituted, i agree murphy should be every day at 1b.

    i forgot about the head injury. david has a few things to work out.

    Beltran should have had the surgery in september if not sooner.

    i dont know about smoltz. he was a brave not a met. i would have him here as a reliever as i am sure he is still better than many on the team.

    i guess we will have one of the hall of famers from last year as our #5 and when someone gets hurt we will sign some guy packing groceries to throw for us on sunday.