Feb. 4.10: What swagger?

I’ve read in several places where the Mets need a swagger. Sounds nice. Would be a good thing. Where do you get it?

It’s not like there’s a market that sells the stuff. All players have confidence, otherwise they can’t be a professional athlete. But, only a few have that bubbling cockiness, that swagger, that Darryl Strawberry and Ray Knight and Keith Hernandez had with the 86 Mets.

These Mets don’t have an abundance of players with that quality. And, what brings that quality to the surface collectively is winning.

We know the Mets, as a team, don’t have a swagger, and they won’t until they win. It’s great to hear Strawberry talking about the Mets needing a swagger, but it’s all moot until they win.

28 thoughts on “Feb. 4.10: What swagger?

  1. Swagger??!! Is Darryl high again? How about getting to .500 first? What does a fourth place club have to swagger about?

  2. they could always sign the three you mentioned.

    i saw an interview with straw and doc. they challenged each other and supported each other. my sense is this team will support their teammates – up to a point – but they don’t challenge each other because their skin is composed of rice paper.

  3. The same people who say the Mets need swagger are the same people who complain about the only player on the team who HAS swagger in Reyes. Bunch of hypocrites.

  4. Francessa had an interview with Cliff Floyd the other day. You can find it under mikes archives. Floyd is still in contact with some mets players who are telling him the clubhouse is bad. Its one thing to hear this from a writer but to get it from the horses mouth is different. I remember Floyd was very close with David Wright. Omar said Delgado was the leader of the Mets. He of the we got bored quote when they blew the lead in 07. Maybe its good that hes gone. I highly recommend listening to this clip.

  5. Thanks for the link, Dave. The more we see of Omar the more we realize he is a bumbler and a fool. He tells players to keep thier injuries quiet so he can escape blame for his sloppy work habits. He has put together a clubhouse that is divided against itself. His prize minor leaguer is crying he wants to be traded if he doesnt get the starting CF job this year and Heyman is calling the mets the biggest loser in the hot stove league. This has all been in the news the last week. Who says Omar cant multitask?

  6. 9. How can you blame Omar. Chass says the GM wears two hats and Omar’s ain’t one of them.
    As for swagger Delcos. The ’86 Mets had swagger. What if they didn’t have that 9th inning rally in game 6 against Hourston. Would you be saying they had swagger or would you be saying they were a bunch of underachievers who choked in the only games that counted? And what of the ’69 Cubs. They had a lot of swagger and whoops then they were chokers. Swagger is bull. when you finish on top you have it and when you don’t you don’t.

  7. 11. Chiti, Chass also said of all the GMs he interviewed only one said Omar was not the one who was negotiating. btw Floyd also confirmed reports that willie blundered by sending him up to hit a home run in game 7 and said he was even thinking of bunting anyway. At least one bumbler is gone and the other will be gone soon.

  8. 11. He may have negotiated but what since he also said Omar wasn’t running the show I would think its very possible that Jeffy was directing the one at a time ruke and the don’t spend more than jeffy says he’s worth routine. Omar’s fault was always giving too many years, and suddenly he wants to not do that ? I don’t buy uit Sadecki. He can’t change his methodology without a leash or puppet strings attached suddenly. What a twist, I’m defending Omar! And maybe, just maybe, Omar realized right off the bat, that to get a guy to come to the Mets he needed to be overwhelmed.
    And if Jeffy is running the show the next GM will just be his next puppet and you will see no change. Jeffy needs to be sent to Savannah. He is a minor leaguer with no big league potential.

  9. (13) I reached the same conclusion after the since-disgraced Steve Phillips explained the Met hierarchy at the time of the Tony B. incident last season. Phillips’ main premise was that this was a dysfunctional family business in which the owners hire from within and hire only people who are willing to work within the dysfunction (i.e., allow Jeffie to run the show behind the scenes). Once you buy into that premise, then you see Omar — as well as everyone who passed before him and those who will succeed him — as something of a tragic figure rather than as purely incompetent.

    And if you look at how they’ve handled things, from the attack on Adam Rubin to the shenanigans revolving around Beltran’s surgery, they tend to reflect a lack of understanding of how the industry operates. I can’t believe that an industry lifer like Omar didn’t learn the cultural niceties and/or doesn’t care whether he alienates the press, players and agents. It makes absolutely no sense for someone like Omar to string himself out like that, particularly on such nickel-and-dime nonsense as questioning Rubin’s motives and complaining about a high-profile player having off-season surgery. This behavior reeks of petulance, and that’s what leads us back to Jeffie.

  10. (12) Ray: Willie “blundered” by listening to his stupid bench coach. Cliff didn’t have to confirm the obvious.

  11. (14) Ah yes..Jeffy. Rich spoiled boys with their toys. It says wonders when people in the business are saying that it is Wilpon and John Ricco that are in charge, not Omar. See? All this time we’ve been blaming Omar for not being able to handle two things at the same time, it was Barzini all along. Omar is nothing but a pimp.

  12. 13,14 Yes, I agree Jeffy is taking more control, but that doesnt mean Omar is innocent. I really doubt Wilpon sent minaya out there to attack Rubin. It was was omars pal who was under fire and it was Omars clumsy attempt to defend his friend. It was Omars responsibility to have Putz examined. It was Omar who put this team together the last 5 years. Omar is but a symptom of the problem though. Ownership likes to hire lackeys who are not too strong willed and so we can expect Ricco to be the replacement. An unexperienced GM happy just to have a job. The problem truly lies at the top and it looks like Mets fans are voting with thier wallets this year. It worked once. Lets hope it will work again.

  13. 15. The final decision was willies. He gets the blame.
    16. Nice Godfather reference 😀

  14. (18) True. But since I figured his “Stupid bench coach” at the time was Jerry Manuel, I figured it would be appropriate. You can use a Godfather reference for just about anything..lol

  15. (17) Think about it Ray, what GM on this team hasn’t been home grown since 1980? Cashen/Harazin/McIlvaine/Phillips/Duquette/Minaya…all were part of the Met “family.” They need a guy like Scheurholz or Gillick or if you want to remain in the “family,” then Terry Ryan of the Twins to take over. A new voice…a new direction. But if Jeffy is in charge that will never happen. I wish he would do something that would get him suspended from baseball for a few years. It worked for the Yankees who if Steinbrenner had never been suspended might never have become the “dynasty” of the late 90’s and most of the decade.

  16. 20. I know. And none of the GMs got another gm job except for duke who lasted a year with the orioles. One thing is for sure. The writers are sharpening thier knives. I havent seen this much bad press since the seaver deal. Our only hope is wilpons need to sell the team. a few years isnt enough. We make them an offer they cant refuse. Sell the team or we dont come to your ballpark no more.

  17. We are all pretty close to the same page as far as the Wilpons and the front office are concerned. Maybe if Mario Lemioux and his multi billionaire partners can’t buy the Pirates they’ll buy the Mets. They turned the Penguins from bankruptcy to the championship. Salary cap helped but they are also fan friendly and community friendly.
    Willie gets the blame for bad decisions when he was the man, but I’d take him over Jerry. That, of course, isn’t an endorsement of Willie.

  18. (23) According to legend, there was some confusion when the Indians were sold in the early 1970s, I believe, to Stouffer Foods. Apparently, the owners had been negotiating simultaneously with a group headed by a local shipbuilder, who believed he had won out and gotten the team. Not to be kept down, that shipbuilder took his marbles and went 500 miles east to E. 161 Street. Imagine how different things might be today had he succeeded in his attempt to purchase the Indians.

  19. Swagger is like chemistry.
    And like David Lennon said on Hot Stove on SNY last night, he’s never seen a winning team with bad chemistry, or a losing team with good chemistry.

    As for Cliffy, to call him a good leader is a bit of a joke. This is the same guy who said “I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel”.
    That to me is not a leader.
    The media guys love Cliffy because he was good for quotes. That does not mean he is a good leader.
    Oh, he had DW carry his bags. That taught DW to know his role. BS. That’s childish crap. Would anyone call Billy Wagner a leader for making Joe Smith carry a Hellp Kitty backpack? No. Because Big Mouth Billy was not a leader, since he tended to bash his teammates.
    A team can only have swagger when they win. Look at how fans and the media turned on the Jets when they were losing in the middle of the season but still talking.
    How can the Mets have swagger when they are losing? It’s silly.

  20. 25. Actually David Lennon and you are wrong about a winning team not having bad chemistry. The Yankees with Munson/Jackson/Martin had about as bad a chemistry as a team could ever have. They still got the rings.

  21. (27) And I seem to remember Billy North brawling with Reggie on those Championship A’s teams.