Feb. 3.10: Straw not pleased.

Even the alumni are unhappy with what the Mets did over the winter. Darryl Strawberry, speaking at the 30th Annual Thurman Munson Awards dinner last winter, wasn’t pleased with GM Omar Minaya’s work.

“I’ll put it like this: It could’ve been better,” Strawberry said. “You could’ve put a couple more pieces into that puzzle for them. I know they signed Jason Bay, but the big loss was the (Carlos) Beltran (injury) situation.”

The Mets, believing they’ll get Beltran back sooner than later once the season starts, just used patching.

Strawberry also said the Mets needed more pitching. Minaya did nothing to upgrade their starting rotation. There’s little, if any, quality left on the pitching market. Kind of like the last scraps at a buffet table.

7 thoughts on “Feb. 3.10: Straw not pleased.

  1. John –

    I’m not surprised that Darryl is speaking out about the Mets organization’s lack of improving the team to any real extent over the winter.

    He’s written a book “Finding My Way” which is a very realistic account of how Darryl has changed his own way of life and taken responsibilities for family, etc.

    I hope the Mets management will pay some attention to those who were in the Mets organization, have played the game and are offering them some good advice.

    Thanks Darryl.

  2. Believe you are 100% wrong Annie. The Met management may be inept, but they need to do the work in developing a plan and sticking to it and living and dying with it. Darryl is just another fan on this one, like you me and all the other people saying what they should do. But only the GM and the staff and Jeffy the real GM, can make the decisions and they already probably have too many people “helping” make the decisions.

  3. They are saying they dont have the money to outbid the pads for a pne year deal on torrealba. Maybe we will be rid of the wilpons soon.

  4. 4. John, No not unless you feel comfortable with Santos being your opening day starter. The key is the mets saying they dont have the money for him. I think chiti was on to something the other day. Ticket sales must really be way down.

  5. I am sure ticket sales are down. 3 seasons each worse than the other culminating in a 70 win season will lose those big money tickets they are selling.

    after all, they are the other baseball team to the one that just won the world series.

    the only way to make money is to spend it or at least spend wisely. when the mets can start going deep into the playoffs they will draw 3 million fans into the new digs.

    they could always do what the pirates do and just cut way back and collect steinbrenner money.