Feb. 3.10: Reyes talkin’ it up.

Mets shortstop Jose Reyes, who appeared in only 36 games last season, has been running sprints at a Long Island training facility and said he’s ready for spring training. And, SNY was there to record the moment for posterity.

“I’ll be ready in 2010,” Reyes said. “I can do everything I did before on the field … I can’t wait to hit a triple.”

Reyes, however, still needs to test his right calf and torn torn right hamstring tendon with baseball drills on both sides of the ball.

“Last year I came back too quickly,” Reyes said. “Everything is in the past. I don’t want to think about it. Now there is no pain. That’s the key. There is nothing to worry about. Everything’s perfect.”

5 thoughts on “Feb. 3.10: Reyes talkin’ it up.

  1. I can’t believe that a story about Jose Reyes on the mend has trumped the Mets’ re-signing of 31-year-old Minor League first baseman, Val Pascucci.
    As Dan Patrick used to say back in the day on ESPN: “You can’t stop Val Pascucci. You can only hope to contain him.”
    Mets players better get their ring fingers sized now. A World Series win is inevitable.

  2. Sounds great. But 15-18 years ago we used to hear all kinds of spring training stories on how Doc Gooden’s fastball was back..catcher’s gloves were popping, bats were shattering. Then he’d go out and give up three home runs to Tuffy Rhodes on Opening Day.

  3. 2. Dan, you have a good memory. Tuffy Rhodes. That was his alloted 15 minutes, I guess.

  4. running full sprints with no pain should mean his leg is good.

    it is not the stop and start of baseball, but if there is a problem i would think you would feel it.