Jan. 31.10: Loose Threads.



I hope this finds everybody doing well today. Quiet on the baseball front, so let’s open it up to what’s on your mind.

I’m still waiting for the Mets to add a pitcher. I hate to say this, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Pedro Martinez is brought back. To think the Mets will look at what Martinez did with the Phillies and to think he might duplicate it this summer might be a reach. Afterall, part of his success has to be attributed to playing half a season and being strong down the stretch. More indicative would be his second World Series start.

I saw where the Royals are willing to trade Gil Meche and Brian Bannister. Meche is a lot of money for somebody who is now merely average.

I’ll have something on the remaining FA pitchers on the market this week as well as something on David Wright.

Today, for me, I’ll watch the Celtics and Lakers this afternoon. One of the great sports rivalries. Rooting interest? Celtics.

Enjoy the day.

22 thoughts on “Jan. 31.10: Loose Threads.

  1. John –

    Thanks for mentioning Pedro – hope the Mets do get him for another couple of years. He adds a lot to a team.

  2. Celtics vs Lakers? Both deserve to lose 80 games a year for a century (although I have a soft spot for Phil Jackson from his days as a Knick). Of course NBC is giving us Penguins vs Red Wings. With TV networks, there are only 5 or 6 teams in any league worth showing.

  3. 2. Agree about those two teams.
    Mario Lemioux, and his partners are trying to buy the Pirates. One of the guys is a billionaire several times over. They bought the Penguins and brought them from bankruptcy to the Stanley Cup championship. If they succeed they want to combine marketing and sales programs and start their own sports networks in Pittsburgh.

    1. Maybe the Mets should make Pedro a coach. As a player anymore, no thanks.

  4. Harry (3)

    Pedro as a coach would be a great idea – he certainly has enough experience on the mound to teach young pitchers a few things.

  5. I will wholeheartedly disagree with Annie. Pedro adds absolutely nothing to this team, IMO. I’d sign Wang…you know he is a good low risk high reward pitcher. (That one was for Harry. :-) )

  6. 5. Dave, excellent article by Sherman. In typical wilpon fashion, they hire the shmucks to run the team and treat the smart guy like crap. Never mind the wilpons, this goes all the way back to picking yogi to be manager when Gil died bypassing Herzog who spent long years developing the talent. He was pissed, and never forgot it.

  7. 6. Original, I dont know, Wang is more of a risk than pedro right now. At least pedro showed he could pitch. Didnt he toss a shutout against our team last year? Why not give him the 5m with incentives? If he goes down midseason you got your moneys worth. Niese goes to AAA to perfect his craft and is a ready replacement.

  8. In other news, Putz told a chicago paper that he was never examined by mets doctors before the trade and didnt see one till spring training. To make matters worse, he was told by management not to discuss his injury to reporters. Blaming the doctors is the wrong target. Obviously this is omars doing. How this guy still has a job, i dont know.

  9. (8) I don’t want to see Pedro. He proved last year that he is a 5 inning pitcher at best, and seems to be at his best when he has 10 days off between starts. He is not an arm the Mets need. I’d rather give 5 mil to Smoltz if you’re going to go down that route.

    (9) Obviously Omar didn’t follow the correct “protocol” when you acquire a player via trade. :-)

  10. Read that bit about the Mets JJ Putz coverup on Comcast Sports. Omar should be fired for that. How can you acquire a player with significant injuries and not make him take a physical first? Wonder how common that is, for front offices to tell players to lie about their health?
    Sad to read about the death of Jane Jarvis.
    Heard her beautiful music many times at Shea as a kid.

  11. (12) The next time Onley is right about anything will be his first time. But I guess there is always a first time. lol

  12. 12. So if the Mets are out of money it seems they went broke the bank on Fogg and Catalanatto (LOL) or they or they playd a totally fake game of chasing all these pitchers to mae the fanbase think they were trying to upgrade, when theire wasn’t any effort to do so. I really hope this is false or the entire organization deserves a very empty stadium this year.

  13. Former Mets prospect Gaby Hernandez — who Omar Minaya traded years ago to the Marlins for Paul LoDuca — has been DFA’d by the Mariners. He was once a top-20 prospect and now doesn’t even rate among the Mariners’ top 30. Guess that makes him ripe for the picking in Minaya’s eyes.
    It’s gonna be a looooooooooooooooooooooooong season…

  14. harry

    Omar’s latest statements are the team likes what they have. their rotation is as good as anyone’s and when healthy they are a competitive team.

  15. 17. Do you know of any GM that doesn;t say that before the season starts? Oh, did anyone tell Omar they are not starting the season healthy. Maybe he thinks Pagan is the centerfielder and Beltran is the sub?

  16. 18

    the offseason consisted of going after bay and sitting on their hands.

    the rotation has been terrible for years.

    you yourself posted some time ago about incremental steps to improve the team.

    we have not done that.

  17. (15) Have you ever negotiated with someone who wasn’t truly interested? They tend to go through the motions before finding some seemingly irrelevant reason for backing out, much the way the Mets appeared to approach many free agents this winter.

    That said, maybe they did put on a show for the fans, perhaps because they were tapped out financially and perhaps because none of the free agents were actually worth it.

    The JJ Putz story, if accurate, is very instructive of how the front office operates. Rather than blasting Omar for incompetence, I think he was instead calculating — I think he wanted to get one year out of Putz, knowing that the reliever wouldn’t re-sign as a set-up man, and let the next team deal with the elbow problem. The telltale sign of the organization, though, was in their apparent instruction that Putz lie to the media about his elbow. This is, in a word, rotten. And the more of these stories that come out of the woodwork, the worse it’s going to be for this organization, especially in terms of free agents.

  18. 20. Agree about your Putz evaluation.
    As for part one, I’ve been reading elsewhere that how can the Mets be out of mney when they made offers to players. Except for Milina the offers were probably as you stated. The Molina offer I believe was real since they seemed to target him all along. however, it appears that season ticket sales are way down. Computing the loss of attendance and the loss of additional revenue from food, drink and souvenirs plus the loss of money up front from the season ticket holders could very well have changed the financial ability to buy players.

  19. 20

    those tactics work once or twice. then they know you and you will have to way over pay for them to talk to you or they just use you as a chip.

    wait a minute. that has been true for years.