Jan. 30.10: A sad note.

A sad note, former Mets organist Jane Jarvis has passed away. She was a constant at Shea Stadium, with songs for just about every situation. For those growing up at Shea Stadium, she represented happy memories.

The organ at a baseball game is an awesome sound. It’s too bad we don’t hear it much these days.

8 thoughts on “Jan. 30.10: A sad note.

  1. May she rest in peace.

    Jane Jarvis certainly was a big part of the Mets for many years before the canned noise got there. The music she played so well was appropriate and topical.

    A nice memory from the days before baseball itself took a back seat to the stadium and its’ amenities – some needed, some not.

  2. Baseball is supposed to be a pastoral game. Relax and enjoy the setting of a boys game being played on a grass field. Janes music complimented this beautifully. I remember the mexican hat dance to stir the crowd. Now we get THOOM, THOOM, THOOM!! instead. In between innings you get blasted by promotions and commercials. You have to scream to talk to your friend in the next seat. RIP Jane. You are a reminder of simpler, more civilized times. You have been missed for 30 years.

  3. Jane was a true Mets treasure, and deserves a spot in the new Mets HOF!

    And then the Mets should follow the lead of the Yankees and restore organ music to its rightful place during home games.

  4. I remember how excited I was as a teenager in 1980 when the new ownership of the Mets finally got rid of Jane Jarvis and her organ playing in favor of rock music being piped in over the PA system….

    Boy was I a stupid teenager.

    RIP Jane. You were missed!

  5. 7. Unfortunataly, I think Jane got mixed in with mettle the mule and the whole old mets regime. Any change seemed good at that time. Now its time to get rid of the wilpons and the noisy canned music they are associated with.