Jan. 28.10: Around the horn.

PEREZ: Yawn ... says he feels good.

PEREZ: Yawn ... says he feels good.

Oliver Perez closed mini-camp with a strong side session and said he’s comfortable with his mechanics. Pitching coach Dan Warthen is trying to get him to make a longer stride with his lead leg which will help him drive toward the plate. Theoretically, that’s supposed to help with his control. But, I’ve lost track of all of Perez’s mechanical adjustments designed to help his command. We shall see.

* All indications are the Mets are about to bring back Fernando Tatis. For a role player, Tatis has done pretty good for himself as he’s about to get his third year in the majors after leaving the game. Tatis’ primary asset is his versatility that enables him to play the infield and outfield corners and second base in a pinch. Tatis will be used primarily to platoon with Daniel Murphy at first base.

* John Smoltz said he’s interested in signing with the Mets. He’s being recruited by former Braves teammate Jeff Francoeur.

* Manager Jerry Manuel said Bobby Parnell won’t compete for the fifth starter job in spring training but to compete for the set-up role. Kelvim Escobar is also a candidate for that job. Of course, if Smoltz were signed for the bullpen it would bump everybody down a notch.

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  1. Realy bad news for all the Met fans worried about GM Jeffy starving. Tim Redding signed a monor league deal with the Rocks. Thank gfoodness we didn’t offer him all that minor league money. lol.
    Good news; Omar has new puppet strings attached for Jeffy to pull.

  2. The pen has the potential to be the worst part of this team this year. K-Rod was awful last year, Parnell is iffy, Escobar is a chance, Green’s name is Schoengreenman, Feliciano’s arm can fall off at any time, and who knows what the Japanese pitcher will bring. I think there are more question marks here than in the starting rotation and the offense. Omar better bring in a few more arms to compete.

  3. 3)Steve
    In 2006 Bradford, Oliver and Feliciano were also very questionable.
    Bradford was hurt for part of 2005 and only pitched 23 innings, Oliver was out of baseball
    and Feliciano pitched in Japan.

    So the 2010 bullpen has question marks.
    How is this different from 2006.

  4. (4) What does it matter? It has nothing at all to do with the bullpen as it stands in 2010.

  5. 6. How’s this for spicing up the name of your site Delcos: “Delcos’ Mets Report: Home of the Smallest Market Baseball Team in the Biggest Market City”:

  6. (6) Personally, I prefer “Delcos’ Mets Report: Where Garry Matthews, Jr. is the Right Player at the Right Time.”

  7. By the way, Harry, there’s posting up today on the blog of one of the Phillies’ beat reporters that discusses the team’s finances. (I’m guessing he’s been reading this blog for story ideas.)

    Anyway, the Phils currently have 22 players under contract for 2010 with a total expenditure of $134 million. That doesn’t include league-minimum guys and a few buyouts which should bring their total up to around $138 million. And that figure represents an all-time high for the organization.

    What’s more concerning, though, is they have $131 million committed to 2011 — but only spread over 15 players. And that doesn’t include Werth.

  8. 8. I saw that post. Amaro Jr, as opposed to our Jr, has already said that the chances of signing Werth are almost zero. But the Phillies, while their market is smaller than Jeffy’s, has a bigger ball park and they drink more beer per person in that park then anywhere else in the world ouside of Newfoundland. They also put mustard on their pretzels, which accounts for nothing of importance.
    7. I think Delcos needs to have a poll about this subject. Unless the Mets make a big trade like when the got Ishii right before the season, its gonna be a long next couple of months.

  9. (9) Do you think the New York market is twice the size of Philly? If not, then Jeffie (I prefer the “ie” spelling) has a tougher sell than Rubie because he has competition in his market.

    And to be fair, Rubie doesn’t have a Manny Sanguillen’s in his ballpark.

  10. 9. I would say the New York market is probably 4 times the Philly market.
    Did Delcos put up the new poll yet?

  11. Awwwwwww….it’s so sweet to see the love between Tiffany and Harry. Now all we need is for Ray to get involved to finish the threesome. I think i’m going to cry!!!!! (Or throw up….one of the two) :-)

  12. 13. What’s a matter O? Don’t you have a slogan for this site? Do you want to argue the merits of signing John Smoltz or not? Or argue that we missed the boat on Timo Perez or not? How about statues? Are there any outside of Citystadium? The Buccos are going to erect one of Bill Mazeroski. That should bring joy to Met fans!

  13. Thank goodness Tim Redding is headed to another club. As for Ollie, if only he could accrue wins for good side sessions…

  14. Harry:

    Welcome to the Negative New York Mets Report
    (A.K.A.) Delcos being Delcos

    How does that sound?

  15. (14) Gil: I don’t know how far back you go with the Mets, but in the 80’s Sid Fernandez used to come into camp in tremendous shape, only to balloon up again. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to Ollie, but he still ends up pitching as well as El Sid did.

  16. (15) I was thinking we need to incorporate slippers, a bathrobe and a cup of cold coffee into the title.

  17. 15. Ooooh… Mean to the host. Be kind, didn’t he grow up by the mistake by the lake?
    16. El Sid in shape? Soemhow El Sid being in shape escaped me. OP’s problem isn’t his weight, try his 104 different deliveries in a 105 pitch outing.

  18. This is for Sadecki” You said there was interest in Bay from teams other than the the Mets. This is from Gammons: “The Mets were the only team in on Jason, which is unfortunate because he played his heart out for that team (Boston). He’s a great guy but there were serious physical concerns that were there, and Dr. Gill thought it was a tremendous risk to giving him a four-year contract without any questions. John Lackey went with [a contract with conditions] and JD Drew went with it.”

  19. (18) Yep, almost every spring training Sid used to come in in shape only to baloon during the season. It was kind of like Jeff Torborg saying…”I can’t wait till you guys see Bill Pecota play, you’ll love him!” lol

  20. 16 Steve O: I go back to the early ’70s with the Mets. I wish Ollie could be as good as El Sid was, back in the day. El Sid wasn’t nearly as wild and was far more consistent in racking up strikeouts — and contents of dessert carts. I don’t remember Sid ever having quite so many mental lapses as Ollie seems to have. Ollie also has the uncanny knack of completely unraveling after errors are made behind him.
    And El Sid’s finest hour as a Met is hard to top: Completely changing the momentum of 1986 WS Game 7 by completely shutting down the Red Sox for 2.1 marvelous innings, which bought the Mets the needed time to figure out Bruce Hurst.

  21. Bud Harrelson used to come to come all beefed up and wilt during the summer months. Teams must not have been able to afford a buffet table back then.

    “Mehanical adjustments” is the new phrase to describe “He’s lousy, expensive and ours for the next two years”.

  22. ollie is as ollie does.

    he can pitch a shutdown game and then the next be taken out in the second.

    the same thing inning to inning.

    i cannot predict what kind of season he will have.

    he can win 15 and he can win 3. no one knows. not even ollie.

  23. i caught omar on sny.

    the host was actually pretty tough on him. the pitching staff, if they did enough, injuries, etc.

    omar continues to say his staff is good. i guess he has to say that.

    he also changed his story on beltran. that beltran did everything right, that he talked to him and he knew when the surgery was.

    i take this to mean he and jeffy had a mix up. jeffy got pissed and had his boy do the press conference. i guess it means jeffy may have forced omar to do the press conference last year when he fired his friend, the idiot who ran the minors.

    and we wonder why no one wants to come to the team.

    we win 70 games
    the owners are stupid and spiteful.

    yes. please sign me up!