Jan. 26.10: Sheets seems headed to Oakland; the rest of the market.

Ben Sheets appears to be headed to Oakland, yup, as far away from Citi Field as possible. That’s Oakland, a team, that does things on the cheap.

I can’t say how serious the Mets were, but they couldn’t have been that intent on getting.

Who’s left?

Jon Garland, John Smoltz, Jarrod Washburn and Chien-Ming Wang. Garland and Washburn are starters, and could pass as No. 5s, but didn’t we open the offseason thinking the Mets needed a No. 2?

Wang won’t be available until May and Smoltz would go to the pen.

The Mets are also looking at bringing back Fernando Tatis to platoon with Daniel Murphy at first base.

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  1. There are NO #2s left besides Sheets. If we don’t sign him, I’d look to the trade market (Arroyo? Oswalt?), wait to see how Bedard looks when he starts throwing, or just go with what we’ve got (let Niese, Nieve, Figgy, Parnell compete for #5).

    BTW–Has Redding signed anywhere? I wouldn’t guarantee him anything, but I’d offer him a MnL deal, based on the way he looked toward the end of ’09.

    As for Tatis, it wouldn’t necessarily be a platoon, just a back-up after Murph gets a chance to play vs LHPs. Tatis can give a lot of guys a day off here and there, plus PH.

  2. And if the Mets were to invest $8 million on a pitcher whose injury profile kept him out of action in 2009 and limited him to 600 innings over the last five years, you’d be shouting from the rooftops about how this pitcher would be fitting the same pattern as much of their current rotation: Question marks coming off injuries.

    You can’t have it both ways. This, once again, reads like negativity for the sake of negativity.

  3. 2. I am not usually the one to defend Delcos, but you level a false accusation this time. He is only stating facts here and not giving an opinion.

  4. I must be in a good mood today so I will defend the mets too (whoever is in charge) It looks like they have failed to improve the pitching. We all agree they need a top of the rotation pitcher to go with Santana.
    What top pitchers were available. Halladay? Maybe if we were willing to part with Fmart, Ike and Mejia and a truck full of money we could have got him. I dont think anybody here wanted that.
    Then there are the free agents. Lackey was really the only one who fit the bill for what the mets need. There are injury questions about him and he hasnt really been a big winner lately. If we were in the position of the red sox I could see giving him that contract. They know they are going to be competitive next year. The Mets still dont know, and maybe its wiser to wait and see what you have come the trading deadline before making that huge commitment on a pitcher. The rest of the free agent class is/was very mediocre. Maybe keeping a spot open for Niese while signing a journeyman like redding isnt a bad idea for now. Molina wasnt coming off his demand for 2 years guaranteed and the Mets want To keep the spot open in 2011 for Thole. Sheets is a big gamble. Realistically, do the mets need another injury risk? At least they got Bay to cover the gaping hole in LF. Its dissapointing, I know. There will be a lot of talent available in the summer and next winter. I am hoping thats why the mets have been playing it very conservative so far. Time will tell.

  5. 4. If you want to get excited about the trading deadline Sadecki you need to have a new GM. Omar’s late season acquisitions his biggy the giving up his right fielder and # 6 hitter Nady, when he had nobody to take his place for washed up Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez who was sitting in the Pirate minor leagues rotting away because the Pirates had given up on him. Result. No World Series when we had the best team in the NL. Next big deal was getting fan favorite Luis Castillo for two nobody’s Actually improved the team but Omar forgot something. That was the year he needed reliever down the stretch so he improved the offense a bit with Castillo. Next biggie was the great acquisition of Alicia to close in place of Wagner. That aided tremendously in the collapse of ’08. And then in ’09, his best late season, he did nothing but lie about how all the wounded warriors are returning any day now. yeah, we all anxiously await the deadline maneuvering of Omar and the Mets.
    Sheets, Yup a real big risk. The A’s make no sense. The constantly give up their talent and then they get Holliday and then trade him right away. Sheets. Why the A’s? July trade for kids is all i can guess.

  6. Harry’s forecast is exactly right. The A’s signed Sheets for one reason: To trade him before July 31 for a few prospects.
    Who knows from what meager what leftovers the Mets will pick to fill out the starting rotation.

  7. (2) He is actually getting paid $10 mil PLUS incentives according to Heyman. As far as JD’s post, it’s just Delcos being Delcos. JD, if the Mets made an offer for 6 million dollars, does that mean they obviously didn’t want him? Geez, sometimes you are worse than Francessa.

  8. 1 Bill, please don’t mention Tim Redding again. Espcially not with the words “sign” and “Mets” in the same sentence. My stomach turned over and I threw up in my mouth after seeing Redding’s name mentioned.

  9. #1 We need another arm to go in that mix, we need more depth then we have right now, Garland or Washburn would be good for the #4/5 slot and give us a bit more depth when inevitably one of the 3 ??? falls out.

    As for the A’s, they are obviously signing him with the hope that he will be healthy and bring in a nice return during the trade deadline when it comes down to it. Odd move, but they do have some good young pitchers there, so maybe they see him as being a decent mentor and stabilizer for the first half of the season and if he shows he is healthy they could pull a lot of talent back at the deadline (heck quite possibly from the Mets).

    Looking back at this offseason pitching market, the guy that the Mets should have signed was Jason Marquis. He wasn’t super fantastic, but he wanted to play on this team and would have signed for a decent value. We need a guy to eat innings and while I can only assume we thought we could get Piniero, not getting Marquis who is about the same level of pitcher was a mistake.

    I wanted no part of Lackey’s contract, Halladay was never coming here for a huge number of reasons, but Marquis should have been brought in.

  10. (6) I think the untold (or at least, _seldom_ told) story of the Nady trade was how Milledge flopped when given the RF job after the deal. In about 10 days, he went 3-22, and his average dropped to .213. This probably prompted Omar to deal for Shawn Green (who, by the way, you forgot to mention above). If Milledge had held his own that August, it might have been a different story.

    Also, regarding Roberto Hernandez: He wasn’t the same pitcher he had been the year before when he handled 8th-inning duty for the Mets, but he had been pitching well for the Pirates (2.93 ERA) at the time of the deal. My real problem is how they (specifically, Willie Randolph) utilized Hernandez during that pennant stretch: As something of a long reliever. Seven of his 20 Met appearances that year came _before_ the 7th inning. And here’s my point: If you’re going to trade your starting rightfielder, you don’t do it for a fifth- and sixth-inning reliever.

    Hernandez gave up runs in six of his 20 Met appearances that year, but, oddly, wasn’t charged with any blown saves. To me, that’s an indictment of how he was used much more so than how he performed.

  11. #8, on redding I could see bringing him back for a minor league contract and let him sit in AAA to be an arm to call up for depth.

  12. 11 I could see bringing Redding back to the Mets, too — as a men’s room attendant at Citi Field. He could help monitor the depth o the toilets. Excuse me…I just mentioned the words “Redding” and “Mets” in the same sentence. Gulp! Gotta go pray to the porcelain god statue in my bathroom.

  13. 10. If you menat 5 vice 6 yes indeed I forgot the Green deal. The first of multiple deals by Omar to see if he could be the GM known best for trading for every Sean/Shawn/Shawon/Shon Green in baseball. The ’06 Green deal was excellent. By getting Green a hat two sizes too small Omar was able to convince himself and Jeffy that Green must cover a lot of ground because his hat came off every time he trotted for a pop up. Now Omar wants to be the GM of an NFL team because we hear there are Shon Green’s in the NFL now and no more of them to trade for in the MLB.
    But on a more serious note, you are very correct in that they didn’t need Roberto Hernandez in ’06. Bradford/Feliciano locked down the 7th and Heilman was Ok in the 8th. It was a really bad deadline deal. Omar did much better in ’09.

  14. 5. Chiti, You forgot that perez was included in the Nady deal. After he won 15 the next year Omar was looking like a genius. There is going to be a lot of better pitchers on the market this summer. If the mets are in contention they will have the flexibiltiy to get a top pitcher for the stretch run. Maine came over on a summer trade and so did el duque.

  15. (15) His hat came off his head with just about every pitch he threw. Do I win a prize? :-)

  16. Extra credit for the first person to get this question correct:

    What Met pitcher was nicknamed the “Flushing Flash?’

  17. (20, 21) Wrong and Wrong. Think back to the John Pacella days (although you might not want to. lol)

  18. 19 That would be lefty Ed Glynn who was “the Flushing Flash,” as nicknamed by then-Mets announcer Steve Albert.
    14 John Pacella was a righty whose hat used to come off his head after about every pitch he threw.

  19. Everyone wonders why Joe Torre suddenly became a better manager once he left the Mets, and I think the answer might rest in the talent he had in Queens. Among the better ones:

    John Pacella — Steve Albert actually used to count how many times Pacella lost his hat when delivering a pitch;

    Ed Glynn — nicknamed the “Flushing Flash,” his claim to fame was that he had been a hot dog vendor at Shea during his youth;

    Mike Bruhert — was from Jamaica, Queens. He couldn’t get big-league hitters out, but was from Jamaica, Queens. (Did I mention Bruhert was from Jamaica, Queens?)

  20. (23) DING DING DING We Have a winner!!!! By the way, notice to all older Met fans…when we worry about this team, think of the Torre years and you’ll feel much much better!

  21. Mike Bruhert gave me his autograph on Met Photo Book day. As did Paul Seibert and Bobby V!

  22. i would get garland or anyone guaranteed to go out there every 5 days and throw. since many here are convinced our offense will be great that would be a great low cost signing.

    everywhere i have read that sheets was such a low risk high reward guy we should have signed. i have been saying all along get one of wang/sheets and then someone to plug into the rotation. that way if they blow up you still have something and if not you have a much better rotation.

    we still need to get a pitcher to throw out there and it may be garland.

    you cannot count on niese cause he blew out his leg. does that mean you can count on him come opening day?

    we need to improve the rotation. even if it is baby steps we need to crawl before walking or running.

    a few here are talking about the free agents who will be available next year. of the past 3 years what free agent did we get that would help the team pitching wise? that would be santana. i see krod as replacing wags so that is a wash.

    dont count your chickens, etc. start now. who knows about next year.

    and what do we have to trade at the trading deadline?

  23. 17. Read my 5 again. I did not forget OP.
    Maine did not come over in a Summer trade. He was an off season trade. ElDuque was trade for in May. Hardly close to a deadline deal even in the day of the June deadline.
    26. Show off all you want but I have a ball signed by Takahashi and a hat signed by everyone’s favorite GM and ESPN commentator Steve Phillips.

  24. 24. Did Pacela wear a little hat to make people think he threw fast?
    25. Big difference in the Torre years, Steve O. Back then the big East Coast rich boys couldn’t just go out and buy their team. This team can’t develop a playoff team and they’re the only NYC team that can’t buy one either. (Well, if you only count baseball). Remember the day when guys like Brett and Quisenberry stayed in Kansas City?

  25. 32. For real, when are we getting the Steve O what a smart move by Omar not to spend 18 bucks on the guy post!!!! Just kidding you SteveO.