Jan. 26.10: Sheets off the board; Smoltz still available.

Ben Sheets apparently wasn’t worth the gamble, so he signed with Oakland for $10 million. I’m not even sure the Mets made an offer.

I understand the Mets’ reasoning and can’t fault them here. Sheets was a DL trip waiting to happen, and the Mets have too many of those already.

On Jan. 23, I wrote, “But, it’s better than remaining stagnant,’’ regarding Sheets which was a lukewarm endorsement.


• Johan Santana and Oliver Perez threw in Port St. Lucie without pain.
• The Mets are still contemplating signing John Smoltz.
• The Cubs signed former Mets outfielder Xavier Nady.

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23 thoughts on “Jan. 26.10: Sheets off the board; Smoltz still available.

  1. JD: Is there anyway to incorporate this into the other thread about Sheets? It gets pretty redundant.

  2. And the Padres sign Jon Garland. Well it looks like Santana/Pelfrey/Perez/Maine/Nieve/Niese/Figueroa is going to be the pitching death…errr..I mean depth. oops.

  3. There’s a rumor out there that Charlie Hough can still pitch. Hope Omar jumps on that action.

  4. i hope smoltz is to replace stokes.

    i hear pedro is still available.

    i understand he is a reliable pitcher with an era under 5 who can give us 200 innings.

  5. 7 Steve O: Have to take exception with your take that we should be thankful we’re not in the Torre years. In the summer of 1980, when we had Pacella and Glynn, we had a brilliant GM in Frank Cashen, who had savvy and vision. He drafted Darryl Strawberry that summer and already had future championship pieces like Wally Backman and Mookie Wilson in the system. There was hope and a new vision. Today we have a GM without vision, much less a plan, who has gradually steered the Mets backwards.

  6. I saw this on the AP wire (it’s not Charlie Hough, but…)

    With nearly the entire market for free-agent starters signed, sealed and delivered to other teams, New York Mets General Manager Omar Minaya has finally made his move, signing free-agent righthander Bartolo Colon to a two-year contract, pending the outcome of a physical scheduled for Thursday in New York.

    The financial terms of the deal have not been released, but it is believed Colon’s deal will be similar to ones recently signed by starting pitchers Ben Sheets and Brad Penny, both of whom landed new deals this winter. According to a source who requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the topic, Colon’s contract will contain a player option for a third season, which would vest if the pitcher made 25 starts in either 2010 or 2011.

    Colon, 36, has posted a 153-103 mark over 13 years, including stints with the Indians, Expos, Angels, Red Sox and two tours of duty with the White Sox. A two-time All-Star, Colon won the American League Cy Young Award in 2005 when he went 21-8 for the Angels. Recently, though, Colon has been hampered by arm problems. He went 3-6 over 62 injury-plagued innings with the White Sox in 2009 and hasn’t pitched a full season since his Cy Young campaign of 2005.

  7. 9) Gil

    In September of 1983 the Mets were still going nowhere and no one had any idea that 1984 was going to be the great turn around season.
    In fact the Mets screwed up big time when they lost Seaver that winter.
    This is not a defense of Omar and Cashen was a great GM, but you could have drafted Strawberry with the 1st pick overall.
    Also remember Cashen also drafted Shawn Abner with the 1st pick overall in 84.

    All GM’s make dumb moves even the best.

    This sounds illogical but sometimes it’s hard to see change until after it happens.

  8. I just saw an interview with jerry talking about ollie.

    i am already tired of his spiel and the pitchers have not reported yet.

    it will be a long year until jerry and omar are fired.

  9. 11 Scott, I profoundly disagree. In 1983, there were at least five signs that brighter days lay immediately ahead.
    1. Darryl Strawberry won the NL Rookie of the Year award that season.
    2. Keith Hernandez was acquired (stolen, really, from the Cardinals)in the summer of 1983 and showed brilliance in the field, clutch hitting at the plate and leadership in the clubhouse.
    3. Jesse Orosco finished in the top five in the NL Cy Young Award voting and showed himself to be a top-notch closer.
    4. Ron Darling had a solid year at AAA and got his first taste of the bigs.
    5. An 18-year-old named Dwight Gooden was busy at the Mets’ Class A affiliate in Lynchburg, striking out more than 300 (yes, that’s 300) hitters.

  10. 11 Yes, Scott, it was terrible that the Mets had foolishly lost Tom Seaver.
    But by June, with Gooden packing Shea and striking out hitters left and right, the fans forgave Cashen.
    In fact, the Mets drew 1.8 million fans in ’84 — a 700,000 increase from the ’83 NL-worst total of 1.1 million when Seaver was on the team.
    After ’83, Cashen brought in Davey Johnson to manage and he’d been a winner everywhere else before and made ’84 no different.
    Davey always believed in Wally Backman and he made him the starting second baseman and trusted rookie Mike Fitzgerald to be the starting catcher. With Fitz’s solid season and Hubie Brooks’s breakthrough, they were good enough to help Cashen land Gary Carter from the Expos for the ’85 season.
    My biggest regrets about losing Seaver were 1) He should’ve won career victory No. 300 as a Met in 1984; and 2)With his influence and mentoring, he might’ve kept Gooden away from the booze and drugs which helped sandbag what should’ve been a Hall of Fame career.

  11. (11) That 2004 draft was an interesting one. Outside of Mark McGwire, who was selected 10th, the rest of the first round were either marginal big leaguers or busts. Yet, you go to the second round and the names jump out at you: Maddux, Glavine, Leiter.

    (15) Regarding Seaver and the mentoring, do they think Davey would have been able to put his swashbuckling imprint on those teams had Seaver been around?

  12. (12) Omar’s quote on the signing was:

    “Obviously, he [Colon] had some injury problems, so that’s why we’re interested. For him to be healthy, we think we have a good chance to win in 2010.”

  13. (15) I loved Tom Terrific and was upset to see him go at the end of the 83 season again, but the LAST thing he was was a mentor. There have been many reports over the years that he was unnaproachable.

    (9) The “Torre Years” also included 1977, 1978, and 1979. Before Cashen and the darkest times in Metland as far as this fan is concerned. Though the way this front office works, it’s getting that way again.

    (10) I don’t get the “Colon” posts

  14. (19) Do you remember when they signed free agents Tom Hausman and Elliot Maddox? It was a true indication of the de Roulet family’s commitment to putting a competitive product on the field.

  15. (20) I was a Kevin Kobel man myself. lol. They also brought on the immortal Frank Taveras as well. Ah, those were the days. The blossoming of the Ed Kranepool pinch hitting machine, Willie Montanez walking..literally walking to 1b after a walk, and Lenny Randle who the Mets took on after he punched out his manager in Texas.

  16. 20. You must forgive the Eliot Maddox deal. They really thought they were getting Garry.