Jan. 25.10: Who’s on first …. besides Murphy.

One scout said Carlos Delgado is acutally limping at first base and showing no range. “I can’t see it,” the scout told reporters when asked about Delgado playing first base for the Mets. Delgado, physically, is resembling a broken down DH. You know, DHs even need to run.

So, who’s it going to be as Murphy’s back-up at first base? Should they bring back Fernando Tatis or sign Ryan Garko. Or, do you have anybody else in mind?

Tatis has the edges in familiarity and versatility. The Mets know he can play both infield and outfield corners and second in a pinch. Garko is strictly a fist baseman, but he does have the power advantage.

12 thoughts on “Jan. 25.10: Who’s on first …. besides Murphy.

  1. If you’re going to support Garkos on something at least do it on something factual. Being fair to Garkos and only using the last two years since Tatis didn’t play in the bigs for awhile before then and, not knowing why Tatis had the power in Montreal, Garkos hit a HR every 31 ABs and Tatis 32. So where is this ficititious power advantage Delcos?
    I think the Met bench is done. they kept Anderson Hernandez on the 40man. Omar got him back after making the smart move and getting rid of him. He’ll be the backup 2B and SS and Cora will be the backup 1B and 2B and jokester.
    My choice. Ty Wigginton just lost his job at 1B and 3B for Baltimore. He’s unhappy. The O’s might pay part of salary and the Mets are, after all, the de facto small market club in NYC. Sounds like a perfect match.

  2. Tatis and Garko have hit fairly similarily the last two years. Garko is younger and I assume he is a better fielding 1B, but he hit horribly for SF after the trade and has less versatility.

    Ty Wiggington of a couple years ago would be fantastic, Tatis is ok, Garko would make more sense if Beltran wasn’t out and we didn’t need a guy like Mathews as a result. If our OF backup was Pagan + Tatis or someone with similar versatility, a guy like Garko would make more sense. But as it is now I think we need Tatis.

  3. I think Tatis is a good fit. I wouldn’t mind seeing Wiggy back and he gives you versatility too. Other than that, no matter what the scouting reports say, i’m sure “one track mind” Minaya will bring back Delgado. And Harry to address your point way below in the Matthews trade, my point was that Sullivan could give you the same production and defense as Matthews could at half the cost. It’s just a fact.

  4. 3. Steve O. It is not a fact. Its an opinion and it is a wrong opinion. Sullivan has a glove but he has never given any production. Matthews ain’t a star and he ain’t even average but he gives you at least twice the production of Sullivan. Sullivan couldn’t even produce anything in the mile high city.

  5. (4) Yes, you are correct. It is an opinion. But look at Matthews last two years. OPS of .675 and .697. Awful. Statistically worse defensively that Jason Bay.(If you’re into those stats) Sullivan at least had an OPS of .720 last year in a decent showing of AB’s. I’m sure he could match whatever output Junior is going to give the Mets.

  6. And Harry..wait a second….are you actually agreeing with a move that Omar made??? The world must be flat!!! lol

  7. garcko- rakes vs. lefties (but thats it)
    wigginton- please no…he has been awful in bmore the last few yrs and is about washed up
    tatis- as much as id like to see new faces, he is the best fit
    3B, 1B, spot RF,LF

    i woulda prefered seeing de rosa (1B,3v,rf,lf,2b) and nsigning a P like Lackey but oh well bay is a big upgrade

    but i think tatis will return

  8. 6. Agreeing; whatever makes you happy… Just because I think he is a bad GM doesn’t mean every move is bad…. You and many others are making a big deal over a trade of backups. The Mets needed another center fielder to take the pressure off of bringing up Martinez too soon again. The one’s he could get all basically suck and by trading for the guy Omar didn’t have to be embarrassed again by a guy going somewhere else for less money. And like I said in a post back a ways, I would have liked the trade better if Green went to LA but Stokes is pretty mediocre himself. Hard thrower with no ovement and no secondary pitches. A Parnell who is older. How many do you need?

  9. Wait, what about that career minor leaguer Omar got for Wagner. He’s the guy. Omar made the deal, he’s gonna prove to everyone he was on top of everything.

  10. (9) While I agree with your points about Matthews being a decent pick-up for the situation (i.e., low-cost back-up centerfielder who buys F-Mart some more time), I would like to suggest that we formally amend the outfielder’s name for all future discussion on this blog to:

    “Gary Matthews, Jr…the right player at the right time.”

    I would ask that if posters find that phrasing too cumbersome, that they instead find a way to weave the “right player at the right time” phrase into any postings about Matthews in the future.

    Thank you in advance.