Jan. 24.10: Jets take centerstage vs. real Colts.



Two good football games are on this afternoon: Jets vs. Colts and Vikings vs. Saints.

It’s fashionable to call the Jets a Cinderella, but when you have the No. 1 defense and No. 1 rushing game you’re no fluke. And, as long as they balance the offense enough to keep the Colts’ pass rushers off Mark Sanchez, they should be in decent shape. I’d want to see Sanchez throw more on first down to stay out of third-and-long.

The key, as it was in beating San Diego, is to play virtually error free and hold onto the ball to keep Peyton Manning off the field. But, Manning is so good, and he can score so quickly, that time-of-possession doesn’t always work against him.

As they did against the Chargers, the Jets need to keep this as low scoring a game as possible. The other game, however, I expect to be more wide open with both teams in the high 20s if not the 30s.

I wouldn’t be too quick to downplay Week 15 in this one either. The Colts are miffed at losing, but also teed off at the Jets’ yapping later about wanting “credit” for the win. They were given a gift, they should have kept quiet about it and moved on.

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  1. how is the colt’s line?

    if the o line is very good they should have a shot ti kill the jets. sorry. i have seen virtually no football this year other than a game or two of watching the gmen choke.

    a win by the jets would be good for the city even tho the closes city is newark.

    a superbowl win would cause a few million dollars in sanitation cleanup and salaries and a temorary feel good for the city trying to recover.

  2. Dave (14) I guess Mets fans don’t want anyone but themselves here – didn’t even want the World Series.

  3. rain is good. it means that you play d and run. the elements should be part of any sport. pristine days should only be in video games.

  4. 32

    that is the half time show? they should get some younger talent in there for the crowd under 60


  5. Dave – here’s the list they had for the Haiti show:
    performances by Wyclef Jean, Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Shakira, and Sting in New York City; Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift and a group performance by Keith Urban, Kid Rock, and Sheryl Crow in Los Angeles; and Coldplay, and a group performance by Bono, The Edge, Jay-Z, and Rihanna in a newly added London location

  6. John (44) I heard close to 44 million. Very well produced no intros, all very appropriate songs – most were very poignant. Here’s the complete article with music:

    ‘Hope For Haiti Now’ Performances: A Track-By-Track List – News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News

  7. 48

    i wasnt talking about our govt, i was talking about theirs. it would be 90% off the top.

  8. They are putting enough promos for The Who halftime show at the Super Bowl. Amazing sport, football. After the Super Bowl all they ever talk about was what commercials were good or bad and how the half time entertainment was. Game, what game?

  9. John, this is true. I guess teams have learned how to prepare with two weeks off.

    Not that I really care who wins (I do own a Jets ice scraper because that’s what King Kullen had when I needed one a few winters ago) but I am dismayed over the Colts not going for a 16-0 season a few weeks ago. You should strive for sports imortality when it gives you a chance.

  10. Dan/John – I agree – there seem to be a lot of people around who really don’t understand why the games are played.

  11. jd- btw the jets arent playing the real colts….the real colts left here in 1983, those are the impostors

  12. Peyton Manning wouldn’t come out and become a Jet because if he stayed in college a year, the salary cap went up.

    Archie Manning wouldn’t sign with the Mets to play SS because he felt more comfortable being a blocking tackle in New Orleans.

  13. Jim (69) How nice to see you here – If Peyton isn’t the greatest, he’s at least in the top five.

  14. #71 Jim, I feel for your loss (as a former resident of Glen Burnie, MD). And I feel for the folks in Cleveland.

  15. he is an offensive coordinator and Qb, unreal

    same to you annie….how do you like the mets offseason so far

  16. jd- haaha now we ravens fans are rooting for the impostor browns…at least the browns kept their name, never understood why bmore couldnt get the same and keep the colt name

  17. jim (80): There was such an outrage when Modell moved the Browns. He did it during the regular season and it was a lingering story every week. Plus, there was a lawsuit threatened. The Colts left in the offseason.-JD

  18. #80 I guess nowadays teams trademark the name and make money off it. Wasn’t there a thing a few years ago when Montreal moved to DC and the Texas Rangers said they could not use the old “Senators” name since they owned it despite moving away after 1972? I think the uproar out of Cleveland was so great even Rozelle couldn’t ignore it.

  19. Jim (77) I’m not sure, but I think the Mets are not doing everything they could to improve the team.

  20. couldnt agree more annie, if youre not going to go all out to fix this team’s problems

    shoulda waited for next yrs big free agent class…carl crawford in LF, carlos pena (if no ike davis) at 1b woulda been nice to see

    but as always, pitching is key and the metsies have sooo many question marks there…bullpen and rotation

  21. Peyton certainly made the difference here – are we now moving on to New Orleans, John?

  22. JD- for some reason, (mayeb talked into after hearing about ollie working out all winter) i think ollie comes back and has decent yr…same with maine

    pelf concerns me but i have hope…if they had 1 more frontline pitcher id be happy, lackey woulda been nice
    not 100% sold on bay but he is a big upgrade

  23. i liked the colts to win, now i like the saints

    colts saints super bowl would be intriguing

    off to eat dinner, speak with u all soon

    take care
    GO METS!

  24. John (100!) Do you want the Saints to win, or just think they will – I’m going to cheer for the Vikings, obviously.

  25. I can breathe now, don’t really have a favorite in this next game, but would like to see a Peyton/Bret matchup in the Super Bowl.

  26. 62. Annie I dont watch the game at home thats why I wasnt on the blog. Its nice to missed though.

  27. Jets played them tough, but Manning is a machine and his recievers dont drop passes. The turning point came when Greene had to come out. Jones needs to hang em up. Very impressed with Sanchez today. Gives hope for the future and a great year by Rex as well.

  28. Ray (105) As I recall John cited your request for a football blog today. It’s good to be back doing play by play so to speak instead of pontificating.

  29. 107. I said start a jets thread. that was over a week ago. When he asked if he should blog this game I didnt answer because I knew I wouldnt be participating. I see there was a good response without me anyway.

  30. (106) Ray: Jones was playing with braces on BOTH of his knees. As soon as Greene went out, Rex should have opened up the playbook a bit more and let Sanchez open it up a bit, especially since he showed he was up to the task. It’s also hard to let Jones go when you don’t really know how Leon will do coming off his major surgery. All in all it was a real good season and for the first time as a Jet fan (for over 35 years,) I feel that this team will be reckoned with for the next 5 years at least. They need another shutdown corner and more importantly IMO, a pass rusher. It’s hard to beat a QB of Peyton’s calliber relying strictly on the blitz to get pressure.

  31. I’m happy you Jet fans aren’t whining like I’m sure Brett the crybaby is. Your team overachieved. Making the final 4 with a rookie QB isn’t too common, although I guess the Ravens did it last year as well. Lets see if you take the next step or stall like they did.
    Steve O. 5 years in the NFL is several eternities. Just like with your over optimism with the Mets’ almost every move, you are setting yourself up for certain dissapointment with your 5 year confidence statememt.

  32. (111) Harry: Gotta hang my hope on something with this team. I think they finally got over the “Same ol Jets” moniker. The core is young, no reason why they can’t improve upon it and keep it together. Sanchez showed me alot yesterday. If he had a pedestrian type of game, I wouldn’t be this optimistic for the future. Let’s put it this way…I never liked Richard Todd and never had much confidence in him. O’Brien was good but he didn’t seem all that tough to me. There was a small window with Testaverde. I loved Chad, but was not a big Herm fan. I just like the Sanchez/Ryan combo and i’m confident in them.

  33. (111) Now to address your Met comment…you hate Omar…I get it. I’m not enamored with him either and want him to be fired. Having said that…I still agree with most of his moves this offseason. What can I say? I think passing on Molina, Piniero, Marquis is wise. I hate the Cora signing and I think the Matthews trade was unnecessary. I liked the Bay and Escobar signings. I just think there was not alot out there that would improve the team this offseason. Which is not over yet, in case you haven’t looked at the calendar.

  34. steve (113)- i think your observations on the offseason are spot on…i dont live the bay signing and seeing the class of free agents next yr, i may have waited
    i would have like them to maybe sign de rosa and a pitcher instead of bay but he is a big upgrade

  35. 114. How can a GM who is on the hot seat with a job on the line publicly admitted to by the guy himself wait until next year?

    113. Thinking Omar is a crummy GM has nothing to do with hating the guy. He’s a crummy GM. I don’t hate him. I just wish he could be Frank Cashen. You an like the Met moves if you wish. how anybody can be excited about signing a guy who has basically not pitched for 2 years, and a foriegn guy who TJ surgery is beyond me. But whatever. And you are wrong about Pineiro and Molina. Its not that Omar passed. That would’ve been OK. He spent the Winter not getting them. That’s a failure for a NY team. Whether we like a guy or not, if you are the GM in NY with all your resources, you better get your man. Lots of crummy catchers, but all better than what we have were signed while he wasted his time dining with Bengie.

  36. harry- he cant….which is why the mets should have looked in another direction
    ya know the one that involves solid decision making and maybe valuing speed and defense with a big ballpark like citi

  37. 116. I’m with you but it was the Mets that kept him. I don’t think he’s the GM anymore anyway. I think he’s following Jeffy’s edicts. Omar, no matter what anyone thinks of his trades, knows better than to blast a star player over whether or not he should have sought a third opinion before surgery. Jeffy, on the other hand would like to show his iron fist over player and agent. Well, we lose as fans. How long did Yankee fans suffer until Steinbrenner stepped back? Or Snyder in DC. Redskin fans still suffering. I believe we are in that game and the GM wouldn’t matter.

  38. 117. Molina wanted 2 yrs guaranteed. We both agreed that was too much. cant really jump on the mets when they agreed with our assessment, can we?

  39. 118. What I was ripping Omar for was spending the Winter playing with this guy. If you want the guy so badly get him. If you want him for XYZ only then he should have moved on like he did the last time Bengie was on the market. That’s why I said he ain’t the GM anymore. Jeffy is the GM.

  40. 120. Why did he spent 3 month kissing his you know what if he didn’t want him? This is what big market GMs do with a guy like Bengie. Benjie we’d kind of like to have you. Looking at you we can tell good food is one of your hobbies. Nobody can beat our food, and if you get popular here, maybe David Wright will let you do a commercial with him; Jeter wouldn’t do that for you. But you be kinda old Benjie and out of shape so here’s the deal. I got this kid who’s gonna be ready in a year, just like the Giants do. 1 year, 5 mil take it or leave it. 48 hours and I sign you or I find a catcher in shape. Not 3 freakin months later.