Jan. 23.10: Liking Garko over Tatis at first.

GARKO: Would help at first.

GARKO: Would help at first.

While the Mets are waiting to improve their pitching, it wouldn’t hurt to take a diversion and continue to add to their bench. There’s still a matter of the Daniel Murphy platoon at first base.

With Carlos Delgado not showing in winter ball he’s capable of the defensive end of it, why not go with Ryan Garko at first over Fernando Tatis?

Garko hit a combined .268 with 13 homers and 51 RBI last season for Cleveland and San Francisco. Tatis, who has been serviceable the last two seasons with the Mets, doesn’t have that power. Instead, he’ll be remembered for grounding into 13 double plays last year.

Garko won’t come at a high price, has some pop and plays first base by trade. I’d go with him over Tatis.

8 thoughts on “Jan. 23.10: Liking Garko over Tatis at first.

  1. Once again, the grass is always greener. Delcos and many others on this board complain about current mets players and want to find replacements for them.
    Reasons why Tatis is a better fit:
    1. Versatality- Tatis plays first, third, LF and RF even 2B in a pinch.
    Garko plays first base.
    2. Speed. Tatis can steal a base for you. The leadfooted Garko has no career steals.
    3. Run production- last year garko had 51 Rbi in 354 ABs Tatis had 48 in 340 ABs.
    The big argument is that Garko is such a slugger, but Tatis production was just about the same. Garko Hit a few more HR, Tatis hit for a higher avg. I cant find the stat but I remember reading Tatis was among the leaders for RISP the last 2 years.
    4 Everybody wants to remember the 13 Dps. So what? Torre into 4 in one game. I guess he was a bum too. That is just hitting the ball hard into bad luck, but lets focus on the one negative and forget all the positives Tatis brings.

  2. id prefer garcko to tatis
    new blood on this team is needed and garcko mashes lefties so would fit into a platoon with murphy
    now that we have matthews and pagan, tatis ability to play LF and Rf is not needed and we all know jerry never gave wright a day off, so his ability to play 3b is negated too (he was a joke a 2nd)…cora for 2 mil looks dumber and dumber, a better utility man that could play all infield positions well would have been nice but now i think we are looking at cora being wrights backup too
    im tired of tatis and his long swing..his bat speed appeared to slow even further last yr

    ill take the green grass of a new face then staring at the same dead yellow grass on this roster…mix it up, ive seen enough of tatis

  3. josh willingham available again from the nats. i know he played LF but maybe use him as a platoon partner for murphy

    bottom line, i see the mets bringing back tatis

  4. 3. Jerry the jenius Manuel would hate Willingham. The guy has streaks of deep slumps and very hot hitting. Since Manuel can’t take a guy having a bad game, Willingham would never come off the bench once he went into his first slump. And there have been so many stories about him being on the market and not, who knows if he’s out there or not anyway.
    1/2. What are you looking for. If you want a first baseman you want Garko. If you want a guy who can play a little all over the place you should want Tatis, Wigginton etc. The bench only has one opening when Beltran is activated. Pagan, Matthews, back up catcher, and Cora and one more. You probably want a guy who can play more than one position. Cora for 2B SS and 3B by himself doesn’t seem good.

  5. 1) Ray
    I think Torre still blames Millan for him hitting into those four double plays.

    Harry and Ray nailed it.
    Garko might be a better alternative if Murphy has a bad spring but Tatis gives you flexibility.

    Omar wants to know why you still have not accepted his spring training invite.
    He said if you don’t let him know soon he will have to call Canizzaro or Choo Choo.

  6. Ray nailed it and gave all the right reasons why Tatis is the better fit. Garko had 60 more AB, with 5 more HR, in better HR parks. And that’s the ONLY category in which he supposedly has the advantage.

  7. I would go with Tatis for his versatility to starting 1B and Murphy will either be getting a majority of the at bats or needing a replacement so a strict platoon partner doesn’t make sense to me. Tatis can sub for both corners and the OF which makes him a better fit at this time.