Jan. 22.10: Mets still looking for pitching.

Published reports have the Met serious about pitching, and have contacted Ben Sheets. They also have interest in former Yankee Chien-Ming Wang, who is coming off shoulder surgery and won’t be available until May 1. The team is also reported to be interested in John Smoltz and Jon Garland.

The word is very encouraging about Wang, who has been throwing pain free for seven weeks. Because of the abundance of off-days in April, the Mets can afford to wait until Wang is ready.

Sheets, who missed all of last season following surgery, is also throwing without difficulty. Reports are he could go for $8 million for one year.

I like the idea of Smoltz for the bullpen and buying time for Wang.

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Elsewhere, the Mets are considering adding the often-injured Chad Tracy as well as bringing back Fernando Tatis. The Mets are also looking at bringing back Carlos Delgado, who has played winter ball mostly as a DH, which doesn’t answer the basic question about his durability.

6 thoughts on “Jan. 22.10: Mets still looking for pitching.

  1. Cerrone on Metsblog says that the Mets are up to “something.” It might involve them trading Maine to the Brewers so Peterson can fix him in 15 minutes and turn him back into a 15 game winner. Which I truly believe that if Peterson has Maine again..He will accomplish that with him. By the way the other day in the Dominican Republic, Fernando Martinez went 5 for 6 with a double, homer, and 5 RBI.

  2. And it looks like Gary Matthews, Jr is the one that is coming…wow…i’m sooooo excited. :-(

  3. So so far the Angels are paying 20 of the 24 million that Matthews, Jr is owed…or otherwise known as the Mets wasting 4 million dollars on an awful ballplayer.

  4. It means that they are a smart organization. Like Harry I think said below, giving him that crazy contract didn’t stop the Angels from signing Torri Hunter. But it’s too much trouble for the Mets to eat Castillo’s contract.