Jan. 21.10: One more pitcher off the board.

Joel Pineiro wanted four years and $40 million. He got two years and $16 million, numbers the Mets easily could have matched. But, they didn’t, and I don’t even know how serious they were about getting him.

And, with spring training inside a month away, it doesn’t appear they were that serious about improving their rotation.

Pineiro is a shade over .500 for his career, so it’s not as if they are losing an ace. But, he was coming off a good year and has been consistent, something the rotation could use.

It sounds like the usual group of suspects for the Mets this year. I can hardly contain myself.

18 thoughts on “Jan. 21.10: One more pitcher off the board.

  1. I know I will take abuse for this comment.

    It has been reported the Mets did offer Pineiro a comparable 2 year deal.
    Both offers being equal he chose to pitch for the Angels.

    Why he chose the Angels is a different story.

    If you have proof that the Mets did not make a comparable offer than please say that.
    Otherwise saying they did not match the offer is inaccurate to say the least.

    Now if the Mets had offered 3 years and were turned down that would be a different story.

  2. …and on the eighth day, Delcos returned to his blog and posted about Joel Piniero. And the Lord read Delcos’ post and said it was good.

    Actually, I’m in agreement with Scott in that it _wasn’t_ good. From what I’ve read, the Met offer to Piniero was comparable to the one he accepted from the Angels.

    In addition, there’s the suggestion the Mets weren’t “serious about improving their rotation.” I think what you’ve seen is the Mets be discerning in their offers to free agents; to be sure, if they had signed Piniero for four years and $40 million, you’d be terming it as haphazard spending rather than being “serious about improving their rotation.”

  3. Comparable offers won’t get it done. Apparently, if the Molina numbers are to believed, the better offer is not enough anymore. Overpay or hope guys want to come here. The Yanks get it. They over pay for the big stars and tell the regular type guys here’s what you get if you come. Unfortunately for the Mets, if a guy wants to come to NY its not to come and play for Jeffy and Jerry. The circus in the Bronx usually comes with post season play. The one in Queens doesn’t.

  4. (3) I’m OK with paying whatever it takes, under one condition: We don’t get selective amnesia at a later date and criticize management for overpaying.

  5. 4. If you become GM you have a deal. Omar, unfortunately, is subject to 20/20 hindsite. If he’d get the team a WS flag to fly, I’m sure the criticisms would vanish. Anybody beating on Cashman for not re-signing Matsui or Damon?

  6. #3, is Piniero worth overspending for? No, so therefore a competitive offer is all we can offer. The Angels are a good fit for him and he made the right choice, but we shouldn’t be overspending for a guy like Piniero. And we have overpaid for our stars.

  7. 6. Obviously James, you didn’t read me correctly. Did I say Piniero was a star? NOPE. I just stated the opinion that if you’re gonna guys the same $$ to come to Queens as somebody else does, then they ain’t coming here. And we have overpaid for stars, but we have certainly overpaid for mediocrities as well, in the past, most recently Cora, not once but twice, Castillo, Franco, Perez, Schoeneweis, Mota.

  8. I agree. All things being equal, very few players are coming to the mets. It was lucky they signed Bay before the ricco follies. players talk. they know this is a screwed up organization. The press here is relentless. You have to pay extra for the extra stress that goes with the territory. They are going to have to blow away the competition if they want sheets and probably Garland too. I bet we end up with consolation prize washburn on a marquis type deal just to get him here.

  9. If it makes anyone happy, sleep well knowing that Steve The Original is not shedding a tear for the losses of Piniero and Molina. Losing those guys are probably two of the best offseason Met moves that Omar has made. They didn’t overpay to get a 35 year old overweight, base clogging catcher who is bound to breakdown. And they didn’t overpay to sign a guy coming off one good Duncan year. And maybe he didn’t sign with the Mets because he is not equipped to play in NY and deal with the pressure of being a #2, when in reality he is more of a #4 starter.

  10. 9. Ah, the Original…. Every move is good, whether made or not made. I don’t remember who said what in these debates, but it seemed many, maybe you,maybe not, I was one, who didn’t have a problem with big fat Molina for one year, but not more. The Mets front office was obviously interested, and he did sign for the one year that seemed OK. Not here. Why did the Mets waste their time? I also remember many saying, maybe you, maybe not, Piniero at four years was terrible, but two years would be ok. (I didn’t want him as I was berated for thinking Marquis was an ok guy they should sign for two years). But all these guys are pretty much the same guy. Well he signed for the OK 2 year deal, but not here. Again why did the Mets waste their time? They must know they can’t get a guy if they don’t overpay. They gave a total medicrity like Cora more than twice of what he’d get elsewhere. So the question I have is why do they bother going after guys they can’t get if they don’t want to overpay. Even Omar’s best sign, Beltran, only came here because the Yankees didn’t offer less.

  11. Harry: Do you really think Omar went into the negotiations with Molina and Piniero thinking…”Geez, the only way to get those guys is by overpaying?” I doubt it. In both cases they made fair offers to both guys…neither of whom was worth overpaying for. They didn’t take it…so be it. I can blame Omar for alot of things, but this isn’t one of them. And in case you didn’t know, I haven’t agreed with every move..I thought the Cora signing was riddiculous and I thought it was crazy for them not to attempt to sign LaRoche. But guys who have gotten by…Molina, Marquis, Piniero, etc…are not worth getting into a bidding war for. In my noble opinion of course!

  12. I don’t like wasting money as much as the next person, but as has been pointed out here, the list of suspects is getting exceedingly thin.

    Our rotation is a joke. We need WARM bodies. Those bodies are going elsewhere.

    I can’t wait to the season starts!

  13. (13) I’m ready to throw my hat in the ring Dave. And i’ll work for cheap…$1 mil plus another 10 mil in incentives!

  14. OK, so Joel Pineiro isn’t exactly Tim Lincecum, but compared to what other free agent starting pitchers are on the market, he might as well be. And who can blame him for signing with a playoff team like the Angels rather than a sorry one, like the Mets? Forgive me for not being excited at the prospect of Jon Garland, Jarrod Washburn or a damaged goods Ben Sheets joining the rotation next year.
    I’d urge any and all fans going to Citi Field this year to watch the Mets lose games 10-8 rather than 3-1 to all heartily chant, in the direction of the owners’ box: “SELL THE TEAM!”
    The rotation is a bad joke and the Mets — if everything breaks right — will finish in third place in the NL East.

  15. (15) Gil: Do you really think Piniero is much better than a guy like Jon Garland? The guy at the very least is a real true innings eater and won 18 games for a World Series team in 2005. But I will prepare you all for this eventuality….Garland has been rumored to want to pitch on the West Coast, so don’t be shocked if accepts an offer from another team.

  16. 12. If Omar doesn’t go into negotiations thinking he has to pay more than the Milwaukee Brewers and Detroit Tigers and California Angels then he must think he’s still in Montreal. And ok you wanted LaRoche a guy who I didn’t see one story about the Mets having interest in. Apparently LaRoche was the only FA whom the Mets didn’t express interest in this Winter LOL.