Jan. 21.10: How about those Jets !!!!

Let's Go Jets

Let's Go Jets

A friend of this blog, Ray Sadecki, suggested opening a Jets site. A good idea is a good idea, so let’s go Jets. A good idea is a good idea, so if you want to say something about the Jets, let’s go for it.

I’m thrilled the Jets are doing so well. They are kindred spirits with the team they once shared Shea Stadium with, and not just because of the housing link.

They also have a history of being disappointed.

I covered the Jets during the Joe Walton Era, and I’ll never forget on 3-18 Mark Gastineau being called for roughing Bernie Kosar. It kept the drive alive and the Browns eventually won in overtime. That was the year the Jets started out 10-1 and limped into the playoffs.

Well, they are rolling now. I hope you’ll add to the link, and if I get comments asking me about blogging the Jets-Colts game on Sunday I’ll do it.

15 thoughts on “Jan. 21.10: How about those Jets !!!!

  1. SADECKI: ….. An official friend of this blog. Hope it didn’t cost too much money for the official friend designation.

  2. has anyone seen the rumor that was on metsblog today that the mets can still have gary matthew jr. for castillo and that smoltz is still an option

    id like to see smoltz on the mets next yr

  3. The Jets are only in the playoffs because the NFL allows 12 teams in. If MLB had followed the NFL then Willie Randolph might still be the Mets manager and 2007 & 2008 might have been great memories.

  4. (6) Why wouldn’t the Angels be willing to deal a Mitchell Report alumnus owed $23 million for the next two years for Castillo?

  5. 7. Exactly. The Angels have only been trying to dump him since his second year there. However, unlike the Mets, who won’t upgrade second base, the Angels had no problem paying out for Torii Hunter while keeping Jr on the bench for years.

  6. 3. Chiti, I am sure I could have made it to “good friend” if I didnt give JD a little static once in a while LOL. I appreciate my current designation however.

  7. 5. Dan, Maybe so, But the Jets have won 2 playoff games on the road and thats no easy task. Nobody thought they would beat the Chargers and now they are one win away from the Super Bowl, baby !!! 😀

  8. (13) Ray: I have two words for you…Dwight Freeney. If the Jets allow him to get unabetted to Sanchez like they did the last game against the Colts, they don’t stand a chance. We just need to pray for the 2002 version of Manning.

  9. 13. Everytime a wild card team wins a couple games people say they don’t belong. Think the Steelers and Giants or their fans cared when their Super Bowl’s came after a wild card berth. I’m not a Jet fan, but 28 teams are home and the Jets aren’t. That’s all that matters.