Jan. 20.10: Should Mets pursue Sheets?

SHEETS: Worth the risk?

SHEETS: Worth the risk?

Ben Sheets might be the best pitcher out there, but he’s damaged goods. Sheets, who missed all of last season following elbow surgery, worked out before league scouts and was given a hearty “thumbs up.”

One scout told the MLB Network: “Good mechanics. Great shape. Is way ahead of where he’d be velocity wise at [the beginning of a] normal spring.”

The Mets, in need of rotation help, will compete with the Cubs, Rangers, Seattle and St. Louis, who are also said to be interested.

Initially, Sheets was after a one-year deal worth $12 million, but reportedly the market is at one year for $8 million and loaded with incentives.

For $8 million, is he worth the gamble? The Mets rotation is Johan Santana and four question marks. If Sheets is healthy and productive, what can the Mets expect? Twelve, 13 wins? Sheets had a strong 2008 with 198 innings and 13 victories after three straight down years in which he didn’t make more than 23 starts.

Sheets is 86-83 lifetime, so it’s not like the Mets are thinking about signing Don Drysdale. Sheets, when healthy, has been reliable and consistent, but not spectacular.

The Mets could use spectacular, but for now I’ll settle for reliable.

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  1. Marty Noble reports that the mets will go into the yr with Santos as the primary catcher?

    How can a team with a payroll from 120 mil-130 mil have Omir Santos be the starter?
    I was worried about Molina’s hideous OBP and Santos is right there with him. Santos is not an evveryday player. EVERY team knows this except the mets considering he was a minor leaguer until last yr.
    Having him and his .305 OBP is not an asset to this team on a daily basis.

  2. If they are ready to give Piniero or Garland 2yrs 15m. They should roll the dice on sheets for 8m with incentives. They just saved 6m on molina. Sheets if healthy would give us the best 1-2 in the league.

  3. (1) I happened to hear the beguiling voice of one John Delcos during this interview today. I’m thinking, though, that an impostor or stunt double must have been doing in a stand-in, because the voice claiming to be Delcos did his best Branch Rickey imitation, saying the Mets finished in fourth place without Jason Bay and they’ll likely finish in fourth place with him.

    In 2009, used nine guys in left field who, cumulatively, hit 12 homers, drove in 76 runs and hit .270 with an OBP of .345 and a SLG of .414. (And those numbers are largely by driven by Sheffield; take him out of the mix and it’s a series of punch-and-judy performances for a corner OF spot.)

    In nearly 100 _fewer_ ABs than the Mets’ nine-headed monster, Bay hit 24 more homers and drove in 43 more runs. He also drew 24 more walks, reflected in an OBP that was 40 points higher. He slugged a whopping 123 points higher.

    According to Baseball Reference, the production of the Mets’ left fielders were right around league-average for _all_ hitters. Bay, in contrast, was approximately 34% more productive than a league-average hitter.

    Offensively speaking, Jason Bay is very much like David Wright back when the latter was hitting home runs. Wright hits for a higher average, Bay draws more walks and the two slug pretty much the same. I can’t see how adding 36 homers and a 134 OPS+ bat to a lineup that generated a league-low 95 homers isn’t going to result in an improvement. They can run the same lousy pitchers out there, and they’d likely do better just by virtue of the added offense; any improvement in the pitching will likely enhance the contribution offered by Bay.

  4. Doug Davis signed with the Brewers for one year @ 5.25 mil. That should be the going price for Garland as well. If he has any interest in coming to the east coast, the Mets would be wise to offer him the same deal.

  5. (5) Piniero is now off the market, having signed with the Angels, as is Delcos favorite Cory Sullivan — yet Delcos is nowhere to be found. Must be living large at Coco Bongo’s or something.

  6. wow. that was a lengthy link.

    too bad you cannot just go to the part you are interested in I liked hearing bud harrelson.


    i thought you sounded good. you gave some forceful opinions some of which i did not agree with. as you probably guessed i am against mcguire getting into the hall.

    i disagree with dh’s being in, altho since the other league has that stupid rule you can legitimately say they are ‘players’.

  7. for the topic of the day, yes.

    if he is as good as is reported. an 8mil guy even with this injury history is someone we should go after. however, we will need to get a dependable pitcher too. cant get too much pitching. esp this team.

  8. Well, now that the Angels signed Joel Pineiro, what other choice do the Mets have than to go hard after Sheets?

  9. Our Pro team is great because we still follow the lead of our former GM

    Cashen noted that neither Doc nor Darryl, each a National League Rookie of the Year Award winner, had played on a losing team as they moved through the Mets’ system.

    “You don’t learn to win in the big leagues,” the former general manager said. “You learn before that.”

  10. Hey, Pedros still out there. Omar is going to have to overspend now. things are getting desperate.

  11. 13. Sadecki, Would you sign a deal with the Mets if somebody else offered you anything remotely close to what the Mets offered? Would you want your team holding press conferences to publicly try to embarrass you, or would you want to play for Jerry Manuel and have to listen to him sell you out after a loss?
    Geez, even the Pirates signed somebody (Dotel) today!!

  12. The other thing to consider with Molina is that the Mets’ offer was about 10 percent more than the Giants’ — and most people would not move their family across the country for an additional ten percent. Not saying the Mets should have offered more, just pointing out why Molina might have been motivated to take less from the Giants.

  13. Sheets has not been spectacular? Really? That is what you are going to go with now? When he is healthy Sheets is an ace. Sure he lost a bunch of games for some of the worst teams to ever take the field when he was in his early 20s, but to say Sheets if he was healthy wouldn’t be worth his money is just insane.

    Now, the health issues and all the rest make the contract a risk and it might not be worth doing. But if it wasn’t for the risks about injury and we just were talking about Sheets as a healthy pitcher, he is most certainly “spectacular”. Not HoF stuff, but definitley quality 1-2 starter and top 25 in baseball type pitcher.